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GBU Mountain News
November 23, 2013 XXXIV

6th Grade El Tejon School Badger
Volleyball Team
Text by Charles Stewart & Photo by Michelle Penner

in which they went 2-1 winning the consolation title, and
the 5th grade team went to Rio Bravo-Greeley School in
Bakersfield to compete in a 5th grade tournament. The
tournaments are held on Saturdays and are one day
events where the teams play approximately 4-6 games to
25 points or so.
For a large number of the girls, this is the first time they
have played volleyball, so to have such a large turnout
for the two grade levels is a great start towards getting
our El Tejon sports program back on it's feet at the
elementary school level and restocking the junior high
program with players with experience for down the road.
More importantly, it gives these student-athletes of El
Tejon school a positive activity in order to represent their
school and community and to engage in sports and learn
teamwork. Thanks to Michelle Penner, Sara Haflich,
Christopher Han, and Chuck Mullen for their help at
various times throughout the year.

“Bullying is a real Threat” – The
Fruitvale School Bus Incident

Back row Left to Right as follow: Rosa Meza, Lacey Sexton,
Willow Johnson, Araylah Mulliniks, Yamilett Alvarez
Front Row L-R Vanessa Escalante, Rachel Lebaron, Olga Meza,
Alex Penner, Betsy Olvera.

These 10 girls are just some of the 27 total girls that were
in the 5th-6th El Tejon School team volleyball program
this year. Not pictured or at a different tournament on
the same day were: Stori Haflich, Emily Hon, Barbara
Johnston, Mazzie Leos, Sadie Thomason, Kelsy Zuniga,
Marcillina Kinjang, Jasmine Hernandez, Kalynn Kailey,
Kayla Stewart, Gwen Smith, McKenzie Pohlert, Katlyn
Moser, Sarah Hon, Andrea Calderon, Angela Stegeman,
and Emma Abell.
We had 2 teams throughout the year at El Tejon School
for the elementary level and they played in a total of 5
tournaments. Two of the tournaments were held up here
at Frazier Mountain High, one at Lincoln Jr. High in
Taft, one at Liberty High in Bakersfield, and then one on
the last weekend of the season, where the 6th grade team
hosted the league tournament at Frazier Mountain High

The Fruitvale School District is located in northwest
Bakersfield. The district was founded in 1895, and,
according to its Website, enrollment has grown
exponentially in the last 15 years to currently 3,200
students. The District encompasses four Elementary
Schools and one Junior High School.
On October 22, a 13-yearold student was bullied /
assaulted on a District’s
School Bus. According to
her parents the attack,
allegedly committed by at
least three boys, lasted for
17 minutes. The girl’s
parents saw recently parts
of a video that captured
the attack via a School Bus camera. According to them,
four boys surrounded their daughter and began pulling on
the hood of her sweatshirt choking her. They also put
their hands around her throat and choked her. The 13year-old girl was groped on her breasts and had her head
forced into the crotch of another boy. The boys are also
accused of verbally assaulting the girl with a long list of
sexual references.
Obviously neither the bus driver nor any of the other
students intervened. According an attorney that now
represents the attacked girl “the assault was only the