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Health Tips 5 Articles Free Report .pdf

Original filename: Health Tips 5 Articles Free Report.pdf
Title: Health Tips-Free Report
Author: James du Plessis

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5 Articles Free Report
Presented by

Mentor 4 Your Health

Mentor 4 Your Health 1

Article 1

Benefits of Using a Vibration Exercise Machine
By: By Niharika Arya
Strengthening and toning muscles is one of the many benefits derived from
a vibration exercise machine. It has a number of other benefits too, which
can help a person improve his health and remain fit. Find out more about
this machine, in this Buzzle article.
Vibration exercise machine benefits
Did You Know?
Manufacturers of the vibration exercise machine claim that 10 minutes of
exercise on a vibration plate is equivalent to 1 hour of gym workout.
Vibration machine is the latest exercise equipment to take the fitness world
by storm.
The manufacturers of these machines promise a huge list of advantages with
which a person can improve his health and get a toned body. This machine
has a vibration plate which helps to burn more than 170 calories in just five
minutes. The person has to stand on the vibration plate and has to perform
a series of standing poses.
Due to the vibration there is an increase in the muscle contraction which
improves balance and muscle strength. It also improves blood circulation,
which can help prevent other health complications like heart problems, etc.
Benefits of the Vibration Machine
This whole body vibration (WBV) machine has been accepted around the
world, and is approved by the FDA. Manufacturers of these machines have
claimed some of these purported benefits, which will help you understand
the effectiveness of this machine.
Strengthens Bones and Muscles
As compared to the normal forms of exercise, the vibration plate generates
30 to 50 times more muscle contraction. It also works on 90% of the muscle
fibers, which result in strong muscles and bones. It also increases muscle
and bone density.
Stimulates HGH
The vibration machine stimulates the production of HGH (human growth
hormone), which helps in the regeneration and repair of damaged tissue and

Mentor 4 Your Health 2

bones. It also increases the production of serotonin which is responsible for
triggering a feeling of happiness.
Improves Immune System
Muscle contraction during the vibration exercises stimulates the lymph
glands, and increases the flow of lymph in your body. This increases your
strength to fight diseases and infections.
Improves Blood Circulation
As the muscles repeatedly expand and contract, the blood starts circulating
faster, which improves blood circulation. This results in increased level of
oxygen in the body which improves skin tone, and keeps the body healthy.
Increases Metabolism
Like any normal exercises, the vibration exercise machine increases the
metabolism of the body. This encourages the body to burn fat to release
energy, which further leads to weight loss.
Firms and Tones the body
There is a considerable amount of weight loss when you perform exercises
on a vibration machine. But weight loss is accompanied with improved
muscle tone and strengthening of the muscles. This results in a firm and
toned body.
Reduces Cellulite
3 proper sessions a week can help you reduce cellulite from your thighs and
buttocks. If a proper workout of cardio exercises is accompanied with this
vibration exercise machine, then the reduction in cellulite can be even more.
Some people even believe that if these exercises are performed correctly
and under medical supervision, it can also help in relieving back pain and
reducing bone loss. The whole body vibration machine is safe and approved
by the FDA. But you should still consult your health care professional to
reduce the risk of injury and complications.
Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only. Always consult a
physician before starting any physical fitness program in order to reduce the
risk of injury.
By Niharika Arya
Published: September 30, 2013
Read more at Buzzle: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/benefits-of-using-avibration-exercise-machine.html
Article 2
Mentor 4 Your Health 3

Quality Nutritional Supplements to Meet Individual
Health Needs by Reach Forlife
Most of the health care professionals suggest following a perfect lifestyle and
food habit that meets the nutritious needs of body. You can gain back your
normal health rhythm through quality ingredient nutritional supplements.
This article discusses the benefits of consuming health supplements and
points that should be cross checked before selecting such health product.
You might have heard this wise saying, â€Å"Health is wealth―,
isn’t it? If we have a physically and mentally fit body, then we can
achieve anything in our life through our hard work and passion. However in
this hectic busy life, people often neglect the importance of following a
proper health regime.
Consumption of fast junk foods, skipping meals and increased work pressure
would often end up in nutritional deficiencies. Our body requires standard
amount of energy to carry out its normal functioning. It is similar to an
automobile, if there is no fuel, how the engine would work? Without
nutritious food consumption our body slowly loses the energy and power.
Once you come across such problems, it would be difficult to regain your
health back.
Nutritional supplements and health supplements have been a popular sought
after option nowadays. It works with natural body functions to attain optimal
health and boost the immune levels of a person. Those who are following
sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits can analyze their needs to
pick the right nutritional supplement. Junk foods would often lack protein,
fiber, vitamins and such essential elements that are vital for the body
Growing concerns over processed food and fast foods can be sorted out by
consuming the quality health supplement products. Make sure to consult a
physician or dietician before taking such supplements. After analyzing the
needs and age group features, they would recommend the dosage to meet
your health needs.
You might know the role of vitamins and minerals in controlling our immune
system. If vitamins are essential for body growth and energy metabolism
activities, minerals are important for proper consumption of body fluids. Fat
soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K are stored in the body tissues and water
soluble vitamins like B and C must be regularly consumed. At the same time,
Mentor 4 Your Health 4

minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, sodium etc are vital
for maintaining muscle and nerve functioning.
Magnesium supplements are important for regulating blood sugar levels,
protein synthesis, and bone health, kidney and gallstone prevention.
Magnesium supplements are typically taken by women, youngsters and elder
Nutritional supplements are even used to get relieved from stress and
anxiety. Used as sleep aids, health supplements should be consumed only
under proper guidance and advice. Basic vitamins and minerals from these
nutritional supplements is good for digestive tract, women ’s health,
heart, hearing and overall immunity.
Whenever you are selecting a health supplement, make sure they come
from quality manufacturers and brand. Don ’t go behind cheap
prices and offers as it is the matter of your health.
Even a simple mistake can cost much in life since there are so many side
effects associated with these products. May be it is magnesium supplement,
vitamin or mineral supplement; take it in the dose exactly as recommended.
You can also take colloidal minerals, mineral supplement, colloidal silver and
other supplement products as directed by a certified physician.
Best Health and Nutritional Supplements Suppliers in Australia. Visit us for
Magnesium Supplements, vitamins and minerals, Colloidal Minerals, Colloidal
Silver and any kind of mineral supplement at
About the Author
Best Health and Nutritional Supplements Suppliers in Australia. Visit us for
Magnesium Supplements, vitamins and minerals, Colloidal Minerals, Colloidal
Silver and any kind of mineral supplement at

Mentor 4 Your Health 5

Article 3

Does Your Wealth Determine Your Health?
by Sandra Essex
Wealth doesn't necessary bring good health. But there's an obvious
correlation, and maybe you've noticed it. While it's true that most successful
persons tend to show greater concern for their health than those who are
further down the economic ladder, we do have numerous evidences around
us proving that there are exceptions.
But the good news is that you can achieve both--health, wealth and all the
happiness that come with having both. Indeed, true satisfaction in life only
comes when we have a reasonably fat bank account and the good health to
enjoy it, don't you agree?
I'll use this short article to point out several simple, easy-to-do changes we
can all make in our daily routine to help us achieve good health and
reasonable wealth. And it won't be the things you're used to hearing!
The first thing to note is that it makes financial sense to take good care of
your health. The moment you start making deliberate efforts to look after
your body, you'll soon begin to feel better with yourself. That feeling in turn
energizes you and affects all areas of your life. People who eat healthier
diets surely have healthier bodies and mind.
In turn, a healthier mind is better able to concentrate on important things-including your business or finances. Isn't it true that we find it hard to think
straight when we are bugged down by nagging ailments? At such times,
your health becomes your major focus. And how do you suppose it affects
your approach to business matters? They take the back seat, and your
finances suffer!
That's on the one hand. On the other hand, unhealthy diets also affect your
finances in other ways. Typically you spend extra bucks each day on junk
foods and super-size helpings, which only pile up excess calories and lots of
lost income in the course of several decades.
If only people could' have saved those six to ten bucks spent on junk foods
each day and invested them at 5% interest per annum! They'll be richer at
retirement, and what is more, they'll have leaner bodies and fatter bank
Mentor 4 Your Health 6

Did we mention the extra medical costs that accompany unhealthy eating
habits? Let's not even get started. There is overwhelming evidence that
overweight individuals and all those who don't take health and wellness
seriously tend to have more doctor visits, take longer to recover from illness,
and naturally pay more medical bills.
You surely know that overweight and obese people cannot get inexpensive
life insurance coverage, don't you?
You can change a lot about your health and finances by adopting a sensible
nutrition and wellness goal. It could be as simple as drinking 6-8 glasses of
water each day to ensure you stay hydrated and guarantee your liver and
kidneys have enough fluid to aid filtration of impurities.
Also, eat smaller portions but several meals each day. Select most of your
snacks from fresh fruits and nuts, vegetables too. Weave in fitness routine
throughout the day, such as by starting your day with brisk 10-minute
workout, or press-ups, or power walk.
Studies show that larger people generally make less money than their
trimmer peers. And the reasons are many. Taking care of your body now will
lead very soon to better finances. So, even if money were your only reason
for caring about health and wellness, then I hope this article motivates you
to take action now.
Having less money due to health issues you could have prevented just
doesn't make any sense. Plus, when you do achieve financial success, it's
sweeter when you're healthy!
Diet is a very important factor for the survival of a People. A good diet is
based upon the organic elements that give and sustain life. Daily Nutritional
Cleansing is the key to your good health.
Many people take the human body and its functions lightly. They do not
consider what they consume as having a direct and permanent effect on the
quality of their overall health. Remember you are what you eat.
About the Author
Sandra Essex is a 16 -year Breast and Lung cancer survivor. She enjoys
sharing information that can help people improve their health. One GREAT
way to improve Your health is to improve your diet. Learn how you can
START to Improve Your Health TODAY!!

Mentor 4 Your Health 7

Article 4

5 Dimensions of Health
Good health is vital to every individual, but there is much more to good
health than just good dietary habits. There are five dimensions to good
health. Explore them for a better and happier life.
Read more at Buzzle:
Overall good health and wellness are inter-dependent on five dimensions,
namely - physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual. These good
health parameters were set by the World Health Organization (WHO) in
1948. Our body and mind are tuned to send us signals for any nonfunctional
activity, generally called symptoms. It's important to read and understand
them in time to ensure balance of mind, spirit, and body.

Physical: Physical health refers to the state of the body - its compositions,
development, functions, and maintenance. Following are a few ways to
ensure good physical health.
Eat nutritious food to keep the body and mind energized.
Never skip meals or overeat.
Water is essential for cleansing the body.
Fitness through exercise will increase immunity and endurance levels of the
Mentor 4 Your Health 8

Regular medical checkups can help in arresting illnesses in their early
Sleep at least for 7 uninterrupted hours daily.
Avoid addictive substances.
Intellectual: This is a cognitive ability to develop skills and knowledge to
enhance one's life. Our intellectual capacity helps to stimulate our creativity
and improve our decision-making ability.
Setting realistic goals will go a long way in life planning.
Explore every opportunity with an open mind.
Be aware of the demands and expectations others have from you.
A positive outlook is important, especially when dealing with conflicts.
Emotional: Our ability to accept and cope with our own and others feelings
is defined as emotional well-being. Emotions contribute to almost all aspects
of our life, at times, even setting course of actions. Symptoms of emotional
problems, such as hopelessness, depression, anxiety, and even suicidal
tendencies are not always easily detectable but can lead to dire
Awareness and acceptance of our strength and shortcomings is essential for
our emotional well-being.
The ability we have to handle stress and seek help if needed. Build strong
communication networks among family, friends, and peers.
Social: Building and maintaining satisfying relationships comes naturally to
us as we are social animals. Being socially accepted is also connected to our
emotional well-being.
We should increase our ability to interact with people and be receptive to
their ideas with an open mind.
Accept and understand diverse cultural norms.
Build networks among different kinds of people.
Adopt a positive self-image.
Enhance interpersonal communication skills.
Spiritual: Our good health is incomplete without being spiritually healthy.
To seek meaning and purpose of life is being spiritual. Spiritual health refers
to our personal beliefs and values. There are no prescribed ways to attain
spiritual well-being. It's more a matter of looking inwards at our own depth
of understanding of our existence.

Mentor 4 Your Health 9

Life as we know is a puzzle; health dimensions are like separate pieces that
need to be fitted together to make meaning. Though we all seek a
harmonious balance between the mind, body, and spirit to lead an optimal
fulfilled life, it's rarely attained in totality.
Our own feelings of weakness and non-acceptance of life's events causes
much distress in our daily life. Little understanding of the roles these
dimensions play will perhaps lead us to what we seek the most - health and
Read more at Buzzle:

Mentor 4 Your Health 10

Article 5

Nutrition - Significance and Benefits
By: Harry S Taylor
Nutrition aids a body in performing all the functions properly. We eat a
variety of food items daily. Each food item is enriched with nutrients which
when enter into our body, enable us to carry out our daily routine tasks
properly. When nutrient intake is done perfectly, our body becomes able to
protect us from the attack of various viruses and bacteria which make us ill.
When we take in necessary food items, we intake nutrients like vitamins,
minerals, iron, proteins and carbohydrates which are considered essential for
our body growth and development. When these nutrients are broken down,
they get transferred to various cells of the body. We all know that every cell
of our body has some specific function to be performed and without getting
these essential nutrients, cells are unable to perform their functions
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Optimum supply of nutrients makes our body work out perfectly for us. A
perfect intake of food enriched with essential nutrients protects us from all
kinds of dangerous and damaging diseases. We all are aware of the fact that
nutrition is very important; however, this article contains some more
information about its significance.
Why is Nutrition Important?
According to medical science, a body heavily relies on nutrition for all the
development processes. When food is ingested, it breaks down through the
process called catabolism, which then gets transferred to various cells of the
body. These nutrients also help in the production of new cells and also aid in
the repair of damaged cells and tissues. This process is called anabolism.
The body of a pregnant woman also relies completely on nutrients. From
fetal development to delivery, the baby is developed with the help of
nutrients that the mother intakes during pregnancy. In short, all the human
bodies totally rely on nutrients for development and growth because they
provide energy and sustenance to the body.
Nutrients are classified as macro and micro nutrients. Here's some brief
details how these macro and micro nutrients work and how they are
beneficial to our body systems.
Mentor 4 Your Health 11

Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibre and water are considered macronutrients.
Proteins play a vital role in protecting your body from various dangerous
diseases by repairing the damaged cells and tissues. This nutrient plays a
very significant role in maintaining the immune system of a human body.
When your body will have lower protein intake, it would not be able to
provide you with the desired level of immunity to different diseases. Your
body will have lower resistance to diseases and it will be prone to several
During illness, you must take in greater amounts of proteins are they help in
the repair of damaged cells and tissues and prevent you by activating the
immune system of the body.
Besides the importance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates are considered
essential because they provide energy to your body. You must consume
required amounts of fats and carbohydrates depending upon your size, age
and the extent of physical activity which you perform in a day.
Fibre constitutes greater amounts of carbohydrates in it. However, its intake
is required in a very limited amount by the body. Water helps in maintaining
the hydration system of the body. In case you consume less water, you get
prone to diseases like diarrhea, vomiting and other such health issues.
Micronutrients mainly comprise of mineral and vitamins. Both of these
nutrients are considered essential because they aid in the growth and
development of your body.
Potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are considered the most
prominent minerals. Besides minerals, vitamins are also required to be
consumed by the body in smaller amounts and they also contribute their
share to the daily activities of the body.
By understanding the actions performed by all the important nutrients, we
can get to know the importance of nutrition to our body. As every nutrient
has got some specific function to perform, it is important that we take in
healthy diet to maintain our body system.

Mentor 4 Your Health 12

When we will consume sufficient amount of nutrients, we will be able to
protect ourselves from various dangerous diseases. Based on their functions,
each nutrient plays a very vital role in our bodily health and nutrition.
By: Harry S Taylor
Article Directory:
There are healthy eating options provided by many restaurants too, for
example, you can get your pizza delivery online with healthy toppings. So
follow these tips and be healthy!

Mentor 4 Your Health 13

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