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Carpentaria Disability Services

Early Intervention
Provides therapy to children aged 0-6 years with moderate to
significant development delays and their families using a relationship
based approach.

Adult Accommodation
Provides support to adults with disability to enable them to live in a
shared accommodation arrangement, providing personal care and
support in maintaining quality lifestyle.

Adult Day Program
Provides support for adults with disability to enable them to participate
in community life and develop a broad range of life experiences
through recreation, work alternatives and developing independent
living skills.

Provides regular short breaks for families of children and adults with
disabilities and high support needs.

CDS focuses on the needs
of the individual and is
committed to a philosophy
that respects each person’s
rights to make informed
choices about their lives
and to receive the necessary
support and encouragement
enabling them and their
families to have increased
opportunities to participate
in all aspects of community life.

37 Henbury Ave., Tiwi 0810 t. 8945 4977 e.