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title page
Architecture & Design
Aalborg University
Project period: 21.10.13 - 18.12.12
Main Supervisor: Mogens Fill Christensten
Technical supervisor: Poul Henning Kirkegaard
Number of pages: 79
Apendix: 11
Print run: 9


The semester theme: “Tectonic Design: Structure
and Construction”, implies a project approach that
deals with a tectonic and nordic design of a church
in the new Parish of Hatlehol in Ålesund, on the west
coast of Norway. Developed upon requirements from
the competition brief and initial thoughts of the projects potential, initiating the report, the vision and
concept form the basis for the design of a Nordic
church where the interplay between the constructive,
the structural, the functional and the architectural is
integrated as one unit. Concluding the report will,
with focus on detailing, present how the spirit of the
Nordic- and the poetic of the tectonic tradition, has
been materialized.

Brice Desportes

Andrea Manfredini

Line Toft Jensen

Cristóbal Moreno Carral

Julie Skovgaard Klok

Zsolt Varadi