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The project takes point of departure in an open architecture competition of designing a church center
for the new parish of Hatlehol in the community of
Ålesund on the West coast of Norway. For a long
time the community of Hatlehol in Ålesund, Norway,
have been wishing for their own church. A place that
can be part of the everyday life for the population for
religious, cultural and social gathering and create an
identity for the area. By that the building must provide possibilities for the community and recreational
activities - also in the future. That requires a building
that is ready to accommodate new users demands.
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not many Norwegians go to church regularly*. By
that it is assumed that also less people are going to
become religious in the future.
ill. 1.6 Allegory of the cave


* according to the statistics, appendix 1

If the architecture must provide community and recreational activities in the future there is a need of a
church that can both enlighten the Christian evangelical Lutheran religion and in the same time be a
space for enlightenment and contemplation without
that goes back a long way before the religion - in the
allegory of the cave presented by the greek philosopher Plato. Here the enlightenment is found in the
cave between the earthbound and the heavenly. *
*appendix 2

where enlightenment and contemplation is in focus,
and a space that can accommodate new users demands in the future.