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 There are four levels if scanning on AVG Free 2014, Dynamic, Basic, Medium and

Fast. Each level will affect the resources of your computer differently. A setting
recommended by AVG is Dynamic due to the fact the scan speed varies due to the
amount of available resources.

 Dynamic: Scans speed can vary as it runs off of available resources. This mode will

not affect the speed of your processes and services.

 Basic: Scans slower to avoid using a large amount of system resources.

Recommended if you want to freely use your computer whilst the scan is running.

 Medium: Scans may be faster due to the amount of resources it uses. Medium will

allow you to still use your computer without many problems but may slow down
applications and web browsing.

 Fast: Quickest mode but also uses the most resources. This not recommended if you

intend on using your computer whilst the scan is running. Applications and services
will have a hard time running without freezing whilst the scan is operating.