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GBU Mountain News

GBU Mountain News

January 13, 2014 XLII

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January 13, 2014 XLII

The Flu –
A Deadly Disease?
On Tuesday (Jan 7) the Kern County Public Health
Services announced the county's first flu-related deaths.
A 30 year-old and a 62 year-old female, both hospitalized
with Influenza like symptoms, had perished. In one case

the H1N1 virus was confirmed. Several deaths have
already been reported throughout Southern California
and at least 30 people have been hospitalized due to an
influenza infection in Kern County alone. Each year in
the US, nearly 20,000 children under age 5 are
hospitalized due to flu-related complications.
In order to prevent getting the flu, it is important to
understand what causes the flu. The Flu, a.k.a. influenza
is caused by a variety of viruses. Types A and B viruses