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Let Sleeping Dragons Lie.
All great warriors need great weapons. There are tales of a trove of treasure in a mountain nearby.
The problem? There is a dragon sleeping on it! Mustering your courage you enter the lair of the beast in
search of treasure. It seems that other adventurers in the area have had the same idea. You see torch light
and hear mutterings as you enter the cave, perhaps you can get them to do the dirty work for you?
This scenario is played with your Campaign Character only.
The Battlefield
For 5 or more players: Set up a 2x4 table out of two Realm of Battle tiles. The cave entrance is the
short edge of one side and the dragon and his horde in the center of the other tile. The short edge closest to
the dragons horde, and the long edges are impassible. Roll off to see who gets first turn. The player that rolls
the highest may make one move up to 24” into the cave. Players then take turns going clockwise around the
For 4 or less players, same as above but use a 2x2 tile with the treasure and dragon deployed within
4” of on corner, and the cave entrance is anywhere within 4” of the opposite corner, all other edges are
Victory Conditions / Game Length
The player who collects the most treasure and escapes with it will be the winner. The game will last
until we get bored. Or all the treasure is looted.
Scenario Special Rules
Here be Dragons The dragon begins the game asleep on the treasure. Roll a dice at the start of each game
turn, If the roll on the dice is equal to or less then the number of characters within 6” of the dragon, he wakes
up. If awoken the dragon will immediately move 2D6” towards the closest model. If more then one model
are equal distance from the dragon, randomize his target. If the Dragon begins a turn awake, He will charge
2D6” towards any character that moves. If his initial charge is unsuccessful, he will charge the next player to
move, until he has succeeded or failed each charge attempt. If nobody moves the dragon will return to his
nest of treasure and go back to sleep. If all the wounds are removed from the dragon, or it loses combat and
fails a break test, it will retreat to its nest and return to sleep. The dragon regains all its lost wounds when it
is asleep.
Treasure! The dragons nest is made up of lots and lots of treasure. To get treasure you must be alive and
within 6” of the dragons nest at the end of the turn. You will get one Token for each turn you are within 6”
of the nest. Tokens MUST be rolled for when you get them and placed on your character. They may be
equipped immediately, or put in your bag. You can take treasure out of the cave to give to your army and
still return to get more. Treasure “stored” in this way may not be used when you return to the cave. The
same loot may not be rolled twice.
You Fink yer Tuff eh?! There appear to be other adventurers in here! And they're trying to take your
treasure!! You can engage other players as normal and if you kill them you get half the treasure they carry,
determined randomly. The rest remains on the player. You may not engage the same player twice in a row.
If you defeat a player and take their treasure you are immediately counted out of combat and may take a free
reform. You may choose to move away from combat in your movement phase.
We are awesome. We are bad-ass mofos. On our way to reign supreme. We can see 360 degrees and just
wont die. If we lose all our wounds (and some treasure dammit!) we will get up in the next movement phase
with D3 wounds back. Players cannot move in a turn they get up, but they can loot and shoot as normal.
The Dragon


















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