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Pet practice tests plus 1.pdf

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PAPER 1 Reading and Writing

PAPER 2 Listening

(1 hour 30 minutes)

(about 30 minutes)

Reading Parts 1- 5
Part 1

Five short texts (signs, notes, messages, e-mails,
notes, postcards, etc.) each with a three-option
multiple-choice question.
Part 2

Five short texts which describe a person or group
of people to match to eight short texts.
Part 3

One longer factual text with ten correct/incorrect
Part 4

One longer text giving opinions or attitudes with
five four-option multiple-choice questions.
Part 5

One factual or narrative cloze text with ten
four-option multiple-choice questions.

Part 1

Seven short monologues or dialogues each with
a three-option multiple-choice question based on
Part 2

One longer monologue or interview with six
three-option multiple-choice questions.
Part 3

One longer monologue with six questions completing
gaps in notes.
Part 4

One longer informal dialogue with six correct/incorrect

PAPER 3 Speaking
(10-12 minutes for two candidates together)
Part 1

Writing Parts 1- 3
Part 1

Five sentence transformations all related to a
common theme.
Part 2

One short communicative message, e.g. postcard,
e-mail, note, etc. of 35-45 words.

The examiner asks each candidate questions in turn
about personal information, present situation, past
experiences and future plans. (2-3 minutes)
Part 2

The candidates discuss pictures together, using
language to make and respond to suggestions,
make recommendations, and agree or disagree.
(2-3 minutes)
Part 3

Part 3

Either an informal letter or a story of about 100 words.

Each candidate talks on his/her own about one of a
pair of photographs for up to one minute. (3 minutes)
Part 4

The candidates and the examiner discuss a subject
related to Part 3. (3 minutes)