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The Leopard’s Hill Football League (LHFL) has been run for fifteen years as the “Saturday Soccer League”
(SSL). All games take place on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the American School of Lusaka on
Leopard’s Hill Road. This is an independently sponsored league that is organized in partnership with AISL,
with participants from all over Lusaka.
Registered players will be organized into teams by LHFL staff and coaches based on age and ability. The goal
of our community league program is to provide all participants with a rewarding, enjoyable football
experience, regardless of their age and skill level. This is a recreational league, where we emphasize fair play,
positive attitude, sportsmanship, team spirit, personal development and leadership skills, communication and
equality. Teams are mixed with both boys and girls, and divided into the following age categories: 5-7 year
olds, 8-10 year olds, 11-13 year olds, 14-15 year olds and 16-17 year olds. The LHFL is committed to
supporting our Outreach Programme, which accounts for up to twenty-five percent of our total participants in
each age group.

This year, the programme will be run by an organizing committee separate from the American School of
Lusaka. While the fun spirit and core programmes values will be carried forward, a few changes have taken
place. Clear policies and guidelines have been established and will be available in the form of a handbook for
all players, parents, coaches, and referees that outline our commitment to equality, fair play and sportsmanship.
Some of the programme changes include: All ages of participants will receive professional instruction for two
sessions of practice before league matches begin. All volunteer coaches will also attend a professional
training/idea sharing session which will be run by the organizer, Mr. Aditya Devalia, who is an internationally
certified coach at the start of the season to refresh their skills. There will be EMS present at all practices and
games. At no extra cost to participants, there will be an Awards Picnic following the last afternoon of league
matches. There will be a PA system to announce scores and play music. Also, periodically throughout the
season, local media will be covering the league’s progress and any highlights. Every participant will receive a
certificate and overall winning teams will receive a trophy.

With such a short season, every effort will be made to continue games on their scheduled date. However, since
the season begins during the rainy season, provisional alternate dates have been established should rain-outs
occur. Players will be contacted by email to confirm their alternate game time/date.

The cost of registration is K 300 per participant for the duration of the league (to be paid in cash). This covers
two practice sessions and ten league games. All participants (players and coaches) receive team jerseys,
water/beverages (distributed in bulk - participants are expected to bring their own bottles to fill), and are
invited to attend the league-end awards picnic. All participants are expected to wear their team uniform (t-shirt
provided by LHFL) to all practices and games. Shin guards and cleated shoes are also expected to be worn for
players’ safety. Strictly no jewellery may be worn.