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Sponsorship Information Form
The Leopard’s Hill Football League (LHFL) relies on the generosity of businesses from within our community
to help support this league. We are looking for several sponsors to help alleviate the financial burden of this
program and continue to make it accessible to all young players within our community.
The value of sponsoring the LHFL for community businesses lies in visibility. With over 400 participants, it is
a sure way to make a difference within our community and increase awareness for potential customers. For
more details, please contact the league Technical Director, Aditya Devalia (
Sponsorship Categories and visibility:
Team Sponsor – this category requires one sponsor per participating team. The sponsored team will be
named after the supporting business. The name will appear on the front of the shirt of all players and coaches
for this team. Sponsors receive a framed photo of their team. The sponsorship helps to pay for the cost of
uniforms for the sponsored team. Sponsorship value: K 900 per team.
Field Sponsor – this category requires a total of 5 sponsors – one for each of the playing fields. The
sponsored field will be named after the supporting business and will appear as such in the match schedule, and
be referred to as such for the duration of the league. Sponsors have the opportunity to place advertisements
around the outside of the field (set up to be assisted by AISL facility staff). This sponsorship helps to pay for
the cost of field lining and equipment purchases/repairs.
Sponsorship value K 2000 per field for the season.
Referee Sponsor – this category requires one sponsor (possibility of multiple sponsors to share visibility). All
LHFL referee uniforms will bear the name of the supporting business. This sponsorship helps to pay the
referees’ salary. Sponsorship value: K7,500.
Outreach Transportation Sponsor – this item can be assumed by one or multiple sponsors. The LHFL is
committed to allocating one quarter of participation to children of lesser means. In order to enable their
participation, they must be bussed in to and from the field every week. Sponsorship value: K 18,000.
Water/Sporting Beverages Sponsor – one or multiple sponsors. Providing water/beverages every week for
participants - preferably in large format dispensers for participants to fill their own bottles. Sponsorship value:
Trophies – one or multiple sponsors. One floating trophy for winner of each age group (5 total) and medals
for each participant of the winning team (up to 70 total) and an additional 10 medals for referees. Sponsorship
value: TBD.
Certificates – one or multiple sponsors. One certificate to be issued to each participant, volunteer, staff, and
referees at the end of the league. Sponsorship value: TBD.
Professional Photography – one or multiple sponsors. Photographer to be onsite periodically throughout the
season to take team photographs and capture important game memories. Sponsorship value: TBD.
Media Sponsor – One or multiple sponsors. For periodic coverage of the season. Sponsorship value: TBD.
Balls Sponsor – One or multiple sponsors. For both practice sessions, one ball will be required per player. A
total of 120 size 4 and 5 balls will be required for the first two training sessions. Donated balls will be
distributed to community outreach programs. Sponsorship value: TBD.