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There has lately been much speculation amongst Christian and secular groups
alike for some time as to what an appropriate timeline for an Earth end of life
scenario would be. Unfortunately, they have all proved wrong as evidenced by
our continued existence. For entertainment purposes, I add to the speculation,
however, unlike most presenters I do not purport to instill fear into the recipients
of my message. In fact, the entire message I want to convey is one of love,
peace, and embrace for Jesus Christ who I believe with all my heart is the LORD
and will return to this Earth to save us from the evil, death, and destruction that
has been plaguing the Earth since the dawn of man. Reception of this
presentation may be critical, however, ridicule is an understood consequence for
expression of controversial viewpoints. Please keep in mind the aforementioned
though, I do not present this timeline as developed out of any serious scientific
consideration (although some research was involved), but for entertainment
ONLY. Hence, it would be inappropriate in my view to complain as to its contents.
Now we will begin exploring my timeline.