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Sons of Italy


President’s Message


ear Brothers and Sisters,
I am excited to announce
that Dr. Anthony Adili,
Chief of Surgery at St. Joseph’s
Healthcare Hamilton, will be the
guest speaker at our upcoming
general meeting on Tuesday,
February 11th. The February
meeting is our annual Member
Parent Child Night. I strongly
encourage you to bring your
children, and/or grandchildren to
the February meeting so that they may benefit from Dr. Adili’s
presentation. Dr. Adili is a leading practitioner of robotic
assisted surgery, and will discuss, amongst other things, his use
of the da Vinci Surgical Robotic System. Robots and surgery
are not only fascinating, but if you’ll pardon the expression,
just plain cool! It’s a topic that both young and old are sure
to enjoy. A quick reminder that admittance and dinner is free
this evening for member’s children and grandchildren up to 25
years of age (those 18 to 25 years of age must be students). A
profile of Dr. Adili and St. Joseph’s Healthcare is enclosed within
this newsletter. It’s a rare opportunity for our children to hear
and see firsthand a distinguished medical and scientific leader
from our community.
In the most recent January newsletter, I detailed some of the
Trieste Lodge’s achievements and milestones. The article
was well received. Several members commented on how it
was important to pay tribute to our history. In keeping with
this sentiment, I thought I would take a moment to remind
members of the principles upon which our order is based. As
can be seen in our logo, and in my signature at the end of the
President’s message, our Order is based upon the principles
of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. If you’ll indulge me for a
moment, I’ll detail our conception of Liberty as described in our
initiation ceremony, and further discuss Equality and Fraternity
in upcoming issues. This is our conception of Liberty:




“We want a free country: we want freedom of assembly, of
speech, of opportunity – and above all – economic freedom.
We want that freedom which uplifts the common man and
affirms his rights as a worker in every field of human endeavour.
To assist man in proper understanding of those rights and of
his duties to the State and his fellow men, there being no right
without a corresponding duty. We want schools and institutions
of learning to be forever free. We want individual freedom of
thought, of conscience, and of religion. We believe that Liberty
is the most essential and precious prerogative of man; that if
we give it up in order to obtain temporary safety, we will have
neither Liberty nor Safety. This is the conception we have of
Our annual Briscola Tournament was held on Friday, January
31st, and was well received with over 130 card players in
attendance. Thank you to event Chair Frank Merolli for an
enjoyable evening and his continued dedication in running this
annual event for the Trieste Lodge.
And finally, I also wish to express my gratitude to our media
committee, comprised of Anthony Chiarelli and Andrew
Monachino, for their hard work in not only producing
our newsletter, but also in maintaining our website, and
spearheading our social media efforts (Facebook and Twitter).
Our website can be viewed at,
with corresponding links to our social media sites. Have a look.
They welcome your feedback.
I look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming general meeting
on Tuesday, February 11th at 6:30 p.m. It is our annual Member
Parent Child Night. Please don’t forget to bring your children
or grandchildren to come and see Dr. Adili’s presentation.
Fraternally Yours,
Guido Di Cesare, President
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

R E M I N D E R : P L E A S E P A Y Y O U R Y E A R LY M E M B E R S H I P D U E S

NEXT GENERAL MEETING: Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 at 6:30 pm



Sons of Italy
Choir Update
ce Service
Christmas Remembran

Citizen of the Year
Nominations are Open


f you know someone that you believe displays the values of our lodge and goes
above and beyond for our community, please submit a nomination for the Sons
of Italy Citizen of the Year. All nominations can be submitted to Br. Robert Skaljin.

Wine Tasting Contest


he Sons Of Italy annual wine tasting contest of homemade wines, for members
only, will take place at our March 11th General Meeting with the following


he Sons of Italy Choir wishes
all Sons of Italy members
a very happy, healthy and
prosperous New Year. This year
the Sons of Italy Choir celebrates
its 25th Anniversary. To celebrate
this very special occasion, The SOI
Choir is proud to celebrate with the
recording of the Sons of Italy Choir
Silver Anniversary Christmas CD.
The CD will contain some of the
most beautiful Italian and English
Christmas songs.

1. All bottles may be left at the Trieste Lodge Hall between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to
the attention of Joe Mongiardi on Monday March 10th.
2. Entry fee is $5.00 per bottle (white, red, and *red for past winners category*).
3. Eligible are wines that have not won in the past.
4. New Category: *LAST 4 YEARS PAST WINNERS’ CATEGORY* - Anyone that has
won a trophy, in the red category, in the last 4 years (2010 to 2013) will have to enter
their red wine(s) in this category.
If you have any questions please call Livio Di Nello: 905-389-6930.

Also the Sons of Italy Choir is looking
forward to a very exiting year with
new songs and dates. Please pencil in
your calendar, Saturday June 7, 2014,
the date of our “Spring Concert
Dinner and Dance”. Rehearsals will
restart on Wednesday Feb. 19, 7:15
pm. New members are welcome to
join us. For more information call
Angelo Venditti (905)388-0872 or
contact any Choir members.
We appreciate and thank you for
your past and continued support.
One James St. South, 4th floor
Hamilton, ON, Canada L8P 4R5
p. 905-527-6877 f. 905-527-6843

Francis A. DeSantis
Ian P. Newcombe
Charles P. Criminisi
Vanda A. Santini
David A. Elliot
Z. S. Pete Volaric
Kathryn A. McKague
Jeffrey E. Naganobu
Julian R.G. Thomas

Nina L. Di Pietro
Jennifer L. Somerville
Paul H. Philp
M. Edward Key
D. Dean Obradovic
James H. Aire
Sabatina N. Vassalli
Devon M. Ryerse
Andrea S. Griese

David J. Henderson
Andrew L. Keesmaat
Christopher P. Klinowski
Kelly A. Dunn
Louis A. Grilli
Jeffrey R. Goit
Jason A. Pilgrim
Monika S. Korona
Bradley M. Remigis

Charles P. Criminisi, LL.B.

Direct Line: (905) 527-6877, ext. 411
Direct Fax: (905) 527-6169 | Email:

Spotlight on Innovation in Surgical Care
at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
of St. Joseph’s Surgical Centre, the
creation of a new mental health and
medical care facility and by providing
funding for groundbreaking research.

Dr. Anthony Adili


or over 123 years St. Joseph’s
Healthcare Hamilton has been
renowned for the compassionate
care provided to over 2 million people
across Hamilton, Niagara, Burlington,
Brantford and into Haldimand and
Norfolk counties. Today, St. Joseph’s is
also known for innovative services and
research across many fields of excellence:
mental health care, minimally invasive
surgery, eye medicine, thoracic care and
respiratory health issues. St. Joseph’s is
home to many world-leading physicians,
staff and researchers who are shaping the
future of healthcare across the Hamilton
community and beyond.
St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation is
devoted to raising and stewarding funds
for the exceptional programs, services,
research and educational opportunities
at St. Joseph’s Healthcare.
Currently the Foundation is raising
funds for the Timeless Care, Tomorrow’s
Discoveries Campaign that is improving
patient care through the redevelopment

Opened in 2011, St. Joseph’s new
Surgical Centre has doubled in size
and increased its services to include
a Minor Procedures Unit, 12 stateof-the-art operating rooms, a PostAnesthesia Care Unit and a da Vinci
Surgical Robotic System. The da Vinci
System exemplifies St. Joseph’s drive
for innovation as it allows surgeons to
make smaller incisions, leaving patients
with improved healing, less pain and
the ability to return home sooner. St.
Joseph’s is home to the only da Vinci
System in South Central Ontario and
one of only 13 in Canada.
St. Joseph’s prides itself on its many
world-renowned surgeons who embody
the Hospital’s values of dignity, respect,
responsibility and service. One of
these surgeons is Dr. Anthony Adili,
a long-time resident of the Hamilton
area. Dr. Adili is Chief of Surgery at St.
Joseph’s as well as the Hospital’s Head
of Orthopedics and the Director of the
Clinical Teaching Unit. Dr. Adili is also
an Associate Professor of Surgery at
McMaster University and an Associate
Member of McMaster’s Department of
Mechanical Engineering, showcasing
his diverse skill set.
At St. Joseph’s, Dr. Adili is a doctor,
a researcher, a department chief and
a true innovator. Together, his many
roles have enabled him to bring
St. Joseph’s surgical program to




Barristers, Solicitors and Trade Mark Agents

James A. Scarfone (P.C.), B.A., LL.B.

Partner, Trial Lawyer, Mediator
Certified Specialist Civil Litigation

One James St. S., 14th Flr.
P.O. Box 926, Depot 1
Hamilton ON L8N 3P9

Bus: (905) 523-1333
Direct Dial: (905) 526-4376
Fax: (905) 523-5878
Cell: (905) 308-4992

the cutting-edge of care and increase
surgical research capabilities across all
disciplines. Under his leadership, St.
Joseph’s conducts over 20,000 surgeries
each year.
Dr. Adili is also a large part of why St.
Joseph’s is a leader in minimally-invasive
surgery. Seeing the potential that existed
with a da Vinci Surgical Robotic System,
Dr. Adili led the charge to acquire this
innovative piece of equipment and
helped to make St. Joseph’s the leader
it is today. Since the da Vinci System
arrived at St. Joseph’s, it has conducted
over 200 prostatectomies, a procedure
in which the Hospital excels. St. Joseph’s
also conducts the 2nd highest number
of kidney transplants in Ontario, 6th
highest in Canada. Hospitals across
Ontario are now turning to St. Joseph’s
as a training centre for minimallyinvasive techniques and for research
collaborations. St. Joseph’s continues to
grow its role as a site for innovation in
surgical care, research and education.
If you have any questions about St.
Joseph’s, please contact Dana Visocchi
Rice, Vice-President, Development at

An Invitation to an

By Bob Savelli
CIBC World Markets Inc.
21 King Street West
Suite 600, Hamilton
ON L8P 4W7

Guido Di Cesare, H.B.A., CFP
Investment Advisor

Tel.: (905) 523-2360
Fax: (905) 526-4716
Toll Free: 1-800-263-0914

CIBC Wood Gundy is a division of CIBC World Markets Inc.

Expertise that’s one to one.

An Invitation to an Italian Village
“Who studies beforehand, travels abundantly” – Chi prima studia, viaggia in ricchezza


ow do you visit an Italian
village of your family, of your
ancestors? By doing a bit of
reading beforehand and by having at the
ready an itinerary and a few questions
before you drive through the mediaeval
gates. When you visit with curiosity and
wonder and respect you’ll connect with
that village’s history, customs and spirits
and know there are spirits to encounter
verily and truly.
Well then, first of all, head for the central
piazza and visit the church, ask about
the patron saint, look for the famous art
above the altar and the architecture of
its campanile. Cortona, Tuscany, one of
the oldest towns in Italy has two piazzas
at different levels where you can see the
art of Luca Signorelli and look south to
Lake Trasimene, site of one of the worst
defeats of a Roman army by Hannibal.
San Gimignano, Tuscany with its towers
will talk to you about its mediaeval
history and the Etruscans.
Find out about that castle on high
and the “Rocca” or its ruins. My
grandparents and my mother were born
in Nerola Sabina, Lazio, the Castello
Orsini, overlooking their one room
hovel dates from the Middle Ages; it’s
now a “Beauty Farm” patronized by the
rich from Rome. The law has changed
but there are “ricordi del passato”
(memories of the past). From the church
or the piazza or the castle make sure you
read the memorials, the plaques and
the cenotaph to appreciate the village’s

BusinessCards.indd 2

history of war and conflict whose spirits
will inform you.
Then it will be lunchtime and you’ll
turn to that favourite topic for all
Italians: food! Ask about the local
pastas – lasagne, pappardelle, orecchietti
and strozza prete; there are almost an
infinite number of varieties of pasta –
shapes, colours, widths and sizes – each
marvellous, shaped by talented hands
and fingers –simple and nourishing. And
then you’ll be led on to appreciate local
olive oil, that golden green liquid, fruit
of the ancient trees, the glory and pride
of every “cucina” – in fact without olive
oil how can there be a cucina? Some of
the finest olive oil comes from Tuscany,
from Puglia – did you know that Puglia
has 30 million oilive trees? – and from
Sabina in Lazio. My cousin Ettore’s olive
grove has 130 trees for years he works by
hand to produce his prized oil which he
sells in Rome.
Don’t forget to taste the local cheese:
the “parmigano reggiano” the “pecorino
romano” the “mozzarella” and the
“formaggio stagionato alla fossa” –
cheese age in the trench. What shall we
say of the wines whose local production
is always the best! Try the local regional
wine – “locale e fatti in casa”: after
two glasses with your meal you’ll sing
its praises. Don’t miss a local Veneto
“prosecco” especially mid-morning
in a mountain village in Friuli. Is
there a better white than the Frascati
from the Castelli Romani south of

Joe Caruso

Account Manager,
Business Voice & Data Solutions


141 Hester Street
Hamilton, ON L9A 2N9

2/23/09 12:38:19 PM

Rome? A Chianti or a Brunello from
Tuscany or even Giovanni’s earthly
homemade red made from his trattoria
in Castelgandolfo, Lazio. Wine making is
Italy’s second oldest profession.
Behold! Ask the locals to take you out
in the “compagna” to see the oldest
living tree – you’ll see an olive tree
of impossible knarls and knobs so
aged and ancient and full-trunked
that six man can hardly embrace its
knotty circumference each with arms
outstretched, Imagine yourself cheek to
bark with a fruit-bearing tree of some
two to three centuries – an experience
which will help you to define your time
and its time.
“A tavola” you’ll have to taste last year’s
Nero d’Avola and Primitivo from
Sicily. How can I tell you about my
cousin Ruggiero’s “prosciutto crudo”
from San Lorenzo in Campe, Marche
– home seasoned and aged in a drawer
in the kitchen according to traditional
timetable. “Allora basta cosi” – but just
let me mention the Vin Santo made by
nonno best sipped with “ossi di morti”
or “cantucci biscotti” – they’re memorymakers.
Finally try to find time to taste Sicilian
bread with a plate “alla norma” in
Racalmuto, Agrigento. There are
legions of Racalmutese in Hamilton,
its twinned municipality – each from
humble beginings now leaders in our

An Invitation to an Italian Village…cont’d
Do visit the local trattoria for “panzo”.
Ask the “anziani” (old folks) sitting on
the benches in the sun where you can
eat- “Dove possiano mangiare bene e
pagare poco?” They’ll direct you to the
trattoria which may not have a menu
and unless you have an allergy let the
kitchen prepare a meal “casa reccio”
(home cooking). Remember to ask
how long the family’s been serving
food. Italians love to share, they take
enormous pride in their specialities and
care passionately about their traditions.
Your “complimenti alla cucina” will
make their day. Much will you be loved
if you ask for seconds and inquire about
the recipes.
Spend “un’oretta” in the cemetery, the
“campo santo” there to see the undying
care and respect for the dead; admire the
flowers and decorations which the living
show unfailingly to the memories of
their ancestors. Appreciate how closely
we are all still connected. There will you
encounter spirits of the dead who live
cherished in the hearts of the living.
Watch the villagers picking, bending,
and gathering in the manner of their
forefathers, what nature offers freely and
abundantly from the soil: “cicoria” in the
spring, “tartufi” white or black, “funghi”,
mushrooms of many types and shapes
and “castagni, chestnuts to savour hot
and rich from the circular ovens at the
Do you have time to take a mountain
walk? The views and trails are spectacular

“municipio” in Racalmuto or Siculiano;
ask to see the mayor and offer “saluti”
from your town.
Take time to have espresso at the nearby
bar where you can ask about the local
soccer team; after all you’ve visited the
church, the cemetery and the meadows
thereabouts so how could you neglect
their animated stories about soccer –
another aspect of the local religion?
Do you have enough energy left to
visit the local museum? That place
which houses the collections the locals
have lovingly and carefully placed in
repositories of honour – articles from
their past to help define who they are.

and the time for rest will come when you
get back home. “Camina avanti”.
Visit Aquila in Abruzzo, capital of 99
fountains. Speak to the Abruzzi, the
bravest and most talented; in their quiet
way they will tell you of earthquakes and
perseverance and recovery. They put you
in touch with the nymphs and spirits
of the earth, trees and water. Through
the dark mountain paths you’ll sense
the presence of St. Francis toward the
Umbrian woods.
During the afternoon you can ask where
the “scuola maternal” and the “casa di
riposa” can be found. There you’ll see
how the villagers care for their very
young and very old. And drop in to the

After your super in the village as the
sun sets over the ancient walls take the
customary walk- a passeggiata and
have a gelato – savour the richness and
abundance of your sojourn in the village
(or city). You’ll leave with a depth of
feeling with an engagement and respect
for the life and history of it inhabitants.
You’ll be pleased you read a guide book
of the region, leafed through a picture
book and a cook book - each a resource
to prepare you for your visit.
Travel fully – no one knows what he can
do until he tries.

From travel notes of Bob Savelli

R a l p h O l i v i e r i , B rok e r O w n e r
Cel l 9 0 5 5 1 5 7 7 7 1 | ral ph@ m l it r u p a r t n e r s .c a
C a r m i n e C a l v i s e , CAI B , CR M , B r o k e r O w n e r
cel l 9 0 5 5 1 7 3 0 4 0 | carm i ne@ mlit r u p a r t n e r s .c a

271 Queenston Road, Hamilton, Ontario L8K 1G9
T. 2 8 9 6 6 7 0 0 2 5 | F. 9 0 5 5 4 5 8 1 1 9

w w w. m l i t r u p a r t n er s . ca

Photo Gallery
Annual Briscola Tournament
The Annual Briscola Tournament was held Friday January 31st at the Sons of Italy Hall. Congratulations to the winners,
Brs. Joe Mongiardi and Leo Leoni on winning first place. Thank you to all who attended, Br. Frank Merolli for organizing
the event, and Joe Mongiardi and his team for the excellent food and service.

Event Calendar

For those wishing to help with the following events, please see your Executive.
Briscola Card Night
– at our Hall

Friday, January 31st, 2014

February General Meeting
– Parent/Child Night

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

March General Meeting
– Wine Contest

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

April General Meeting
– New Member Initiations

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Spaghetti Supper Night
– at our Hall

May 7th, 2014

May General Meeting

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

June General Meeting
– Lodge Elections

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Soppressata Fund Raiser Dinner
– at our Hall

Thursday, June 12th

Sons of Italy Golf Tournament

Thursday June19th, 2014

Rent the Sons of Italy Trieste Hall Lodge
Available for a variety of social events.
For rental Inquiries please contact DMS Property Management
at 905-524-2985.

Chartered Accountants, LL.P.
Joseph Monachino, CA
Peter Bartens, CA
Sam CipolLa, CA

Sons of Italy
Executive 2012/2013
Guido Di Cesare
Res. 627-5220
Bus. 523-2360
Past President
Robert Skaljin
Res. 574-9067

Bus. 416-419-0764

Vice President
Luigi Filice
Res. 643-0594

Bus. 388-5251 x23

Loris Pilot

Cell. 905-518-1779

Adm. Secretary
Joe Mongiardi

Res. 385-7845

Recording Secretary
Lewis Merolli
Res. 930-8762
Bus. 664-5088
Livio Di Nello

Res. 389-6930

Tony Giardino
Res. 289-389-2917 Bus. 389-6760
Joseph Grimaldi
Res. 388-5064
Lucas Costanzo
Cell: 905-517-9043

Head Office
99 Hwy. #8, Stoney Creek
Ontario L8G 1C1
Tel: (905) 664-2266
Fax: (905) 664-3169
Commercial Direct Line: 1-800-461-5083

Ralph Vitello
Burlington • Stoney Creek

TELEPHONE: (905) 528-7534
FAX: (905) 528-5275
L8N 1G9

Joe Baiardo

Res. 905-679-8285

Eugene Catania
Bus. 905-777-1225 x 107
Anthony Chiarelli
Res. 905-388-8957 Cell 905-517-8957
Andrew Monachino
Res. 905-383-1903 Cell 905-902-1483

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