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m a g a z i n e

please take one
volume 1

issue 1

JAN 2014


exclusive interview with


Host of

Another perspective on the drug-war


Director of SE

Wisconsin NORML


Essays, Articles, Columns, and Reports on:
• the 2nd amendment: what is the true intentof
our right to bear arms?
• Entertainment: Is it destroying our culture?
• Wars: What are the actual motives behind our
involvement in the middle-east?
• And much more!

Listen Live at 11pm CST on
Truth Broadcast Network


The U.S. Bill of Rights
Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the
right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Amendment III

No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants
shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Amendment V

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the
land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in
jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of
law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Amendment VI

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have
been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the
witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.

Amendment VII

In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be
otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

Amendment VIII

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Amendment IX

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment X

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

State of Wisconsin
Declaration of Rights
SECTION I Equality; inherent rights. All people are born equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights; among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; to secure these
rights, governments are instituted, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.
SECTION II Slavery prohibited. There shall be neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude in this state, otherwise than for the punishment of crime, whereof the party shall have been duly
SECTION III Free speech; libel. Every person may freely speak, write and publish his sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right, and no laws shall be passed to restrain or abridge the liberty of speech or of the press. In all criminal prosecutions or indictments for libel, the truth may be given in evidence, and if it shall appear to the jury that the matter charged
as libelous be true, and was published with good motives and for justifiable ends, the party shall be acquitted; and the jury shall have the right to determine the law and the fact.
SECTION IV Right to assemble and petition. The right of the people peaceably to assemble, to consult for the common good, and to petition the government, or any department thereof, shall
never be abridged.
SECTION V Trial by jury; verdict in civil cases. The right of trial by jury shall remain inviolate, and shall extend to all cases at law without regard to the amount in controversy; but a jury
trial may be waived by the parties in all cases in the manner prescribed by law. Provided, however, that the legislature may, from time to time, by statute provide that a valid verdict, in civil cases, may
be based on the votes of a specified number of the jury, not less than five-sixths thereof.
SECTION VI Excessive bail; cruel punishments. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor shall excessive fines be imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
SECTION VII Rights of accused. In all criminal prosecutions the accused shall enjoy the right to be heard by himself and counsel; to demand the nature and cause of the accusation against him; to
meet the witnesses face to face; to have compulsory process to compel the attendance of witnesses in his behalf; and in prosecutions by indictment, or information, to a speedy public trial by an impartial
jury of the county or district wherein the offense shall have been committed; which county or district shall have been previously ascertained by law.
SECTION VIII Prosecutions; double jeopardy; self−incrimination; bail; habeas corpus. (1) No person may be held to answer for a criminal offense without due process of law, and no
person for the same offense may be put twice in jeopardy of punishment, nor may be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself or herself. (2) All persons, before conviction, shall be
eligible for release under reasonable conditions designed to assure their appearance in court, protect members of the community from serious bodily harm or prevent the intimidation of witnesses. Monetary
conditions of release may be imposed at or after the initial appearance only upon a finding that there is a reasonable basis to believe that the conditions are necessary to assure appearance in court. The
legislature may authorize, by law, courts to revoke a person’s release for a violation of a condition of release. (3) The legislature may by law authorize, but may not require, circuit courts to deny release
for a period not to exceed 10 days prior to the hearing required under this subsection to a person who is accused of committing a murder punishable by life imprisonment or a sexual assault punishable by
a maximum imprisonment of 20 years, or who is accused of committing or attempting to commit a felony involving serious bodily harm to another or the threat of serious bodily harm to another and who
has a previous conviction for committing or attempting to commit a felony involving serious bodily harm to another or the threat of serious bodily harm to another. The legislature may authorize by
law, but may not require, circuit courts to continue to deny release to those accused persons for an additional period not to exceed 60 days following the hearing required under this subsection, if there is a
requirement that there be a finding by the court based on clear and convincing evidence presented at a hearing that the accused committed the felony and a requirement that there be a finding by the
court that available conditions of release will not adequately protect members of the community from serious bodily harm or prevent intimidation of witnesses. Any law enacted under this subsection shall
be specific, limited and reasonable. In determining the 10−day and 60−day periods, the court shall omit any period of time found by the court to result from a delay caused by the defendant or a
continuance granted which was initiated by the defendant. (4) The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended unless, in cases of rebellion or invasion, the public safety requires it.
SECTION IX Remedy for wrongs. Every person is entitled to a certain remedy in the laws for all injuries, or wrongs which he may receive in his person, property, or character; he ought to obtain
justice freely, and without being obliged to purchase it, completely and without denial, promptly and without delay, conformably to the laws.
SECTION IX(m) Victims of crime. [As created April 1993] This state shall treat crime victims, as defined by law, with fairness, dignity and respect for their privacy. This state shall
ensure that crime victims have all of the following privileges and protections as provided by law: timely disposition of the case; the opportunity to attend court proceedings unless the trial court finds
sequestration is necessary to a fair trial for the defendant; reasonable protection from the accused throughout the criminal justice process; notification of court proceedings; the opportunity to confer with
the prosecution; the opportunity to make a statement to the court at disposition; restitution; compensation; and information about the outcome of the case and the release of the accused. The legislature
shall provide remedies for the violation of this section. Nothing in this section, or in any statute enacted pursuant to this section, shall limit any right of the accused which may be provided by law.
SECTION X Treason. Treason against the state shall consist only in levying war against the same, or in adhering to its enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of
treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.
SECTION XI Searches and seizures. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated; and no
warrant shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.
SECTION XII Attainder; ex post facto; contracts. No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, nor any law impairing the obligation of contracts, shall ever be passed, and no conviction shall work
corruption of blood or forfeiture of estate.
SECTION XIII Private property for public use. The property of no person shall be taken for public use without just compensation therefor.
SECTION XIV Feudal tenures; leases; alienation. All lands within the state are declared to be allodial, and feudal tenures are prohibited. Leases and grants of agricultural land for a longer
term than fifteen years in which rent or service of any kind shall be reserved, and all fines and like restraints upon alienation reserved in any grant of land, hereafter made, are declared to be void.
SECTION XV Equal property rights for aliens and citizens. No distinction shall ever be made by law between resident aliens and citizens, in reference to the possession, enjoyment or descent of
SECTION XVI Imprisonment for debt. No person shall be imprisoned for debt arising out of or founded on a contract, expressed or implied.
SECTION XVII Exemption of property of debtors. The privilege of the debtor to enjoy the necessary comforts of life shall be recognized by wholesome laws, exempting a reasonable amount of
property from seizure or sale for the payment of any debt or liability hereafter contracted.
SECTION XVIII Freedom of worship; liberty of conscience; state religion; public funds. The right of every person to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of conscience shall
never be infringed; nor shall any person be compelled to attend, erect or support any place of worship, or to maintain any ministry, without consent; nor shall any control of, or interference with, the rights
of conscience be permitted, or any preference be given by law to any religious establishments or modes of worship; nor shall any money be drawn from the treasury for the benefit of religious societies, or
religious or theological seminaries.
SECTION XIX Religious tests prohibited. No religious tests shall ever be required as a qualification for any office of public trust under the state, and no person shall be rendered incompetent to
give evidence in any court of law or equity in consequence of his opinions on the subject of religion.
SECTION XX Military subordinate to civil power. The military shall be in strict subordination to the civil power.
SECTION XXI Rights of suitors. (1) Writs of error shall never be prohibited, and shall be issued by such courts as the legislature designates by law. (2) In any court of this state, any suitor
may prosecute or defend his suit either in his own proper person or by an attorney of the suitor’s choice.
SECTION XXII Maintenance of free government. The blessings of a free government can only be maintained by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality and virtue, and
by frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.
SECTION XXIII Transportation of school children. Nothing in this constitution shall prohibit the legislature from providing for the safety and welfare of children by providing for the transportation of children to and from any parochial or private school or institution of learning.
SECTION XXIV Use of school buildings. Nothing in this constitution shall prohibit the legislature from authorizing, by law, the use of public school buildings by civic, religious or charitable
organizations during nonschool hours upon payment by the organization to the school district of reasonable compensation for such use.
SECTION XXV Right to keep and bear arms. The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security, defense, hunting, recreation or any other lawful purpose.
SECTION XXVI Right to fish, hunt, trap, and take game. The people have the right to fish, hunt, trap, and take game subject only to reasonable restrictions as prescribed by law.

W a k i n g

U p

Tim O’Keefe
Doug O’Keefe

Tom Schwellenbach
Writing Staff:
Tim O’Keefe
Doug O’Keefe
Tom Schwellenbach
Bilal Musaddiq
Matt Schutz
Kayla Conner
Brittany O’Keefe

Contributing Writers:
Jay Blaze
Kristan T. Harris
Gregory M. Kreuger
“The Concerned Atheist”
Keith LaVelle
“Uncle Dan”

Lead Editor:
Tom Schwellenbach
Associate Editors:
Tim O’Keefe
Doug O’Keefe
Public Relations Director:
Bilal Musaddiq
Social Media Director:
Brittany O’Keefe

Tom Schwellenbach

Cover Art:
Patti “Jamfox” Rock
Additional Artwork:
Vincent Dombrowski
Magazine Layout:
Doug O’Keefe
Associate Producers:
Ryan Chelf
Linda Schwellenbach
Laura Derler
Rick Corduan

The materials presented in this
magazine represent the personal
views of individual contributors
and do not necessarily
represent the opinions of
Waking Up Wisconsin,
or it’s members.

W i s c o n s i n

Table of Contents:
A Note from the Founder - Tim O’Keefe - 6
Biological Androids - Tom Schwellenbach - 8
Profit Margins - Matt Schutz - 10
Rooted in Corruption: ...Hemp Prohibition - Jay Blaze - 12
The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution - Gregory M. Kreuger - 14
Interview with Mike Paczesny - Tim O’Keefe & Tom Schwellenbach - 16
A Toast to Wisconsin - Kayla Conner - 20
Wars - Doug O’Keefe - 21
Threats to Liberty - Keith LaVelle - 22
Cancer: A Secret Cure - Kayla Conner - 24
Wisconsin’s Most Stupidest Laws - 26
Wisconsin is Spelled Wrong - Tim O’Keefe - 28
A Wake-Up Rant from Uncle Dan - 29
Nazi Money Talks: ...Bilderberg Group... - Kristan Harris - 30
Poverty and Christian Duty: ...Church v. Est. - The Concerned Atheist - 32
A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste - Bilal Musaddiq - 34
10 Things You Should Know (but probably don’t) - Brittany O’Keefe - 35
Mission Statement - 37
Special Thanks and Acknowledgements - 38

A Note From the Founder:
WAKING UP - And What That Means To Me
By: Tim O’Keefe

“All the forces in the world are not as powerful
as an idea whose time has come.” -Victor Hugo
On a typical day in mid-2011, while sitting at my computer
desk and skimming through online news articles, an idea
popped into my head. Within moments, this idea morphed
from a simple thought to an epiphany, and, before long,
it had grown into a deafening call to action. In the past
two years, this idea provided the fuel which has propelled
the hard work that was necessary to create the magazine
that you now hold in your hands. With so many exciting
developments, deciding where to begin is a difficult task,
but, before I go further, I will set the stage by briefly
commenting on what was happening in the World at that
moment and how these events influenced me to create
2011 was a tumultuous and tireless year filled with massive earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural disasters.
This included an enormous tsunami that crashed into
Japan unexpectedly, leaving a death toll of around 16,000
people in its wake. The tsunami also created a global nuclear crisis as result of the destruction of the Fukushima
Daiichi nuclear power station, exposing the world populace
to a tremendous amount of highly-toxic radiation. Meanwhile, America was experiencing record setting floods and
blizzards, along with a nationwide summer drought.

voters and Ron Paul supporters watched intently as
the establishment politicians and mainstream media combined efforts to team-up against Dr. Paul,
cheating him out of the race and, thereby, validating
a growing suspicion by some, that our democratic
elections had become a sham.
In seemingly every avenue of our society, things
were changing at a rapid pace. Tensions were high
and everybody could sense that our world was
quickly approaching something big, indescribable and
life-altering. Whether by entertainment and social
conditioning, or historic relevance, we were greatly
influenced by the ancient Mayan calendar and Prophecy regarding the so called ‘incredible events’ we
were to encounter on Dec. 21, 2012. Although the
date wasn’t even set to occur until the very end of
the next year, by the last quarter of 2011, possibly
in reaction to the boisterous nature of the preceding
year, the panic of apocalypse was already setting
into the anxious imaginations of the general public.

This brings me back to where we began. While sitting in front of my computer that day, I found myself
frustrated by all the negative news, as it seemed I
was helpless to change anything by merit of my own
ability. Yet, motivated by conviction, and compelled
by an unusual impression of urgency, I had an inadThe political climate in 2011 was intense, if not absolutely
vertent moment of clarity and visualized a simple
bonkers. All over the world, heads of state were being
way that I could contribute to the bigger picture. I
overthrown and driven to exile, and America was becom- whimsically decided to print out some of the articles
ing unprecedentedly polarized between the left and right
I found most concerning, figuring I could pass them
wing. The media was busy demonizing the Tea Party, and
out amongst friends and family. Unhappy with the
was abuzz with coverage of the Occupy Wall Street uprisappearance of the small stack of pages, I opted to
ing, the Arab Spring, the alleged assassination of Osama reformat the articles together and present them in a
Bin Laden, and the Jerry Sandusky trial, to name a small three-paged packet, stapled in the corner. It couldn’t
few. In preparation for the 2012 elections, the airwaves
have been easier. I literally copied articles from
were thick with debates and speeches as Republican
DRUDGEREPORT.COM and INFOWARS.COM (includPresidential hopefuls were gearing-up their respective
ing the author, of course) and pasted them onto
campaigns. Moreover, a whole generation of first-time

Microsoft Word, before changing the text-font and
size to fit a uniformed image. On some articles,
I took the liberty to add my own comments as a
As I held that “packet” in my hands, a great sense
of accomplishment washed over me, because I
knew I was at least attempting to do something
meaningful and selfless. I read through the pages
with pride before it became clear that one thing
was missing: a cover page. I needed a title; a
name. I hardly approached three minutes of brainstorming before the words Waking Up Wisconsin
flashed before my mind. Bingo! I had already taken
to accusing our society of being ‘asleep’- socially
apathetic and mentally exhausted - and, so,
Waking Up Wisconsin was an instant fit. That day
I created the true first-issue of my newsletter,
three pages long and printed in my living room.
After roughly two years of creating and circulating the makeshift info-packets around my local
area, Waking Up Wisconsin had finally blossomed
into a concept more beautiful than anything I had
previously envisioned. Whereas my initial goal was
to share my ideas and information with the community, the new goal would be to accept submitted views from within the community, to promote
throughout the State.
We all have something to say. Many of us would
have a message to share with the world if the
opportunity was presented, and I was committed to create a platform to make this possible. A
publication that could cater to those who think for
themselves and a sanctuary for true information
that falls outside the lines of mainstream-media
With the help of a close-knit group of friends,
the idea started to really take-off. We began to

meet on Fridays over dinner and beer to share ideas,
create strategies and to grow the organization. Then
we started writing our own essays, articles and personal manifestos. Soon after, we created a website
(, which enabled us to accept
submissions from the general public. Eventually we had
acquired enough material to publish our first real magazine, which we are pleased to finally present!
Before I sign off, I would like to leave you with a final
statement. Something to keep in mind as you read
through the profound and inspirational content you will
discover in this magazine.
Remember this – YOU are significant. YOU are valuable. YOUR feelings matter and YOUR opinions are
Sometimes these simple truths can be easy to forget,
especially in a society that holds ‘fitting in’ with higher
regard than standing for one’s personal convictions. In
Waking Up Wisconsin, we respect your ideas, opinions
and beliefs. We exist to promote your views. Please
take advantage of our system. Visit our website to
submit your own ideas – and allow us to put it into
the hands of people who would have otherwise never
considered things from your unique perspective. This is
not just an introduction, but an invitation. If you enjoy
and appreciate this magazine, please show your support
by pitching in, because somebody needs to hear what
only you have to say.

Until they drag me away...

Tim O’Keefe

Waking Up Wisconsin



By: Tom Schwellenbach
all for freedom and doing what you need to be happy, but
life is also about being responsible and treating others how
you would like to be treated. Miley’s actions are revered by
impressionable, hormonal, innocent children. However, she
is the opposite of a role model. Little girls should not aspire
to be a whore, let alone be exposed to that type of performance or behavior. It is also quite common for Disney stars
to show irrational or unacceptable behavior such as Lindsey
Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens, Amanda Bynes, Christina Aguilera, and the wonderful Britney Spears. If the powers that be
are willing to program the population, then they are more
than capable of crafting a young child to appeal to children
and then turn said child into a sex kitten for them to worship.

As a culture, we would rather experience other people’s
artificial lives vicariously through a box than live our own.
Most of the “civilized” populace is incapable or ineffective
when it comes to establishing an original thought, or emotion, in general due to the spoon-fed nature of television and
other media. Our outlook on life has been predetermined
from the time we were toddlers, and most of this has come
from entertainment, or programming, as it is commonly
known. The fact that television is even called “programming”
is almost too blatant. Everywhere we go throughout the day
there are swarms of conversations about what primetime
show was on last night. That discussion usually consists of
people’s opinions of the characters and how well the plot was
executed, followed by what shows they will be indulging in
later on. And there is no problem with enjoying entertainment in general, but we have come to a point where most
people are speaking of television as if it is actually reality. It
is almost as if nobody cares to even consider the fact that all
of the actors and actresses that envelop one’s life are just that:
actors. I would argue the majority of us have been sufficiently programmed, and it can easily be seen through the general
state of morality nowadays. TV encourages sex, violence,
ignorance, tribalism, simple-mindedness, metrosexuality, and
overall stupidity, and everyone views this new scaffolding for
our actions and emotions as a good thing. There’s just one
problem with that; it is the epitome of evil.

Another extremely obvious example of kids being
sexualized comes to us in the form of a TV show titled
“Toddlers and Tiaras.” When tuning into this program, one
sees a bunch of parents caking their daughters’ faces with
makeup, dressing them up in skimpy outfits, and parading
them around in order to win a toddler beauty pageant. A
two-year-old has no comprehension of the world, so if she
is brought up thinking the only way to “win” in life is to
be as superficial as possible and that being above everyone
else is all that matters, then those lessons will certainly be
engrained into her head. Not to mention how wrong it is for
parents to exploit their children. Furthermore, Toddlers and
Tiaras then inspired the idea for the spinoff garbage known
as “Honey Boo-Boo.” If you are able to make it more than
five seconds into the show without vomiting, one will see
a deprived young girl living under the supervision of most
likely illiterate parents. Honey Boo-Boo was a star on the
aforementioned “reality show,” and upon seeing her, TLC
apparently decided it was a good idea to let her dysfunctional family have a television show based around an egocentric
three-year-old. The show has absolutely no intellectual
substance, and it is a shame it even aired. In the end, these
types of shows have no value whatsoever, unless one is a
pedophile, since their sole purpose is to portray children as
sex objects.

For example, take a look at Miley Cyrus. She was
once an innocent, cute, funny, Disney Channel star, but now
we see her at the VMA’s unable to go more than five seconds
without making an overtly sexual gesture. These provocative
movements consisted of “twerking,” rubbing a foam finger
on her genitals as well as a man’s, and thrusting said finger
in-between her legs as if to imitate a penis. Mind you, this
is the same girl that won over hundreds of thousands of
very young girls’ hearts. So we have a childhood star with a
ridiculously large pre-teen following making music videos of
her swinging on a wrecking ball naked, as well as posing for a
raunchy photo-shoot in which you can see her breasts. I am


Apart from the sexualization of children, entertainment breeds an unproductive
mindset. When we go into our television-aided trance most call reality, time seems almost
non-existent. A half an hour could easily be five minutes, especially if there were not those
pesky commercials. All of this makes productivity much too convenient to avoid. One can
simply come home from work and get entranced in a fantasy land where everything will be
hunky-dory, or at the very least, dramatic and entertaining. The world seems to be afraid of
any type of labor, whether it is physical or mental, but working and being aware of what you
are capable of is as basic to a human as breathing. Once committed to the TV, the entire day
goes to the wayside, and most people probably feel accomplished since they were able to live
a synthetic life through a bunch of attractive, well-spoken people. Deep down everyone is, at
least at the subconscious level, aware that entertainment is not a sufficient food for the mind;
it is a dumpster sandwich trying to pass for filet mignon. And the problem is that, nowadays,
the media is able to produce shows with such high production quality that the viewer actually
believes the sandwich is a quality cut of meat. Point is, TV can be a decent way to pass the
time, but one will never feel fulfilled
sitting on the couch day in and day
out. Humans must interact with each
other (I know, getting away from social
media and the TV is a crazy concept) in
order to experience happiness and the
general energy of life we all need to lead
a good life. Seclusion and laziness is no
way to live, and those are the two main
attitudes entertainment promotes.

I’m not trying to offend or
scare my readers with the information
presented above. Our society just needs to take a step back and look at the
world for what it is: a wonderful opportunity for life with the capacity for
deep thought and ability to love. Every human being is miraculous in his
own way, and there is simply no need for the superficial world to ruin that
for us. Do not be afraid to speak your mind and have views that contradict
your peers. Life is about learning and growing, and one cannot do either
when submitting to the status-quo. If you disagree, let it be known in an
intellectual manner; fighting might solve certain arguments, but
most of the time, those who resort to it are incapable of settling
a dispute with words. We are all on this Earth together. Simply
treat others how you would like to be treated like we were taught
in kindergarten. And go outside, spend time with your family,
read a book, be active in general. Just get away from the televisions, smartphones, tablets, laptops, video games, etc. that run
our lives. Entertainment promotes the illusion of reality, and the
man-made illusion then furthers the entertainment industry’s
agenda: one vicious, profitable, demoralizing prison we need to
break free from.

Tom Schwellenbach

is a contributing writer and co-founder of

Waking Up Wisconsin



In this day and age, nearly every element in
our life somehow deals with profit. Some may call it
funds, savings, or cash, but it all refers to the same
thing: money. Society has put so much effort into
gaining more and more wealth that it has begun to
envelop not only the lives of those who seek it, but
everyone around them. For most people over the
age of 15, money is something to be concerned with.
The older you get, the more it turns from luxury to
necessity, and if you’re one of the “lucky” few, it turns
back to luxury when enough is gathered. That, in
itself, is nothing to be ashamed of; however, for 99%
of the 1% of the population that has the majority of
America’s wealth, the way in which this money was
gained is indeed something to be ashamed of. In life,
you’re taught “you can be whatever you want to be
if you put your mind to it” and “don’t let anyone or
anything get in your way,” and this is absolutely true.
If you’re willing to put all you have into something
and care not for the means in which you make it a
reality, then it will surely become your reality.

So why isn’t everyone exactly what they
wanted to be when they were a kid? Why isn’t everyone living their ideal lifestyle right now? There is
a major element of human nature preventing most
people from acquiring the lifestyles they wanted.
This element is basic morals. Morals are what make
up those little voices in your head that make you feel
remorse, compassion, integrity, and hope. When
morals are pushed aside again and again, time after
time, these feelings begin to be replaced by things
like greed, and once greed becomes a part of your
vocabulary, it is nearly impossible to banish from
your soul. The replacement of morals for greed is
what allows McDonald’s to sell artificially flavored
and colored fried chicken-matter to little children in
colorful boxes with a soda and a toy, all in the name
of profit. Greed is what provokes colleges to charge
students ridiculously high tuition and book fees
for classes on subjects they will never use in their
profession, all in the name of profit. Greed is what
allows a doctor to recommend a procedure that will
do nothing beneficial for a patient but, will instead,
expose them to radiation and other cancer-causing

elements, all in the name of profit. Indeed, it is profit
that rules the world we live in.

The exploitation of a child is something that
most can agree is an unforgivable sin against humanity. In prison, inmates will attack, and in most cases,
murder other inmates if their crime was against a
child, especially pedophilia. Even amongst dangerous
and deranged individuals who have been convicted of
horrid crimes, one truth remains clear. Children are
innocent and, therefore, precious. Yet big corporations
exploit children to sell their garbage and make a buck;
literally, one dollar. Every fast food restaurant has a
dollar menu, so even if you’re living pay check to pay
check, actually, especially if your living pay check to
pay check, it is most affordable and convenient to take
your child to the fast food joint that he or she wanted
to go to anyways. It seems like a win-win. The temptation was enough on its own and now it’s even fast
and affordable. The problem arises when you look into
research that shows how detrimental the food is to a
person’s health. It is even worse for a child who is in
the most critical years of their developmental stages. A
big documentary called SUPER SIZE ME is something
most people are familiar with. In this documentary, a
subject eats nothing but McDonald’s for a month and
develops many health problems very rapidly. Most
would think that after such news was made public,
a change in the quality of food the restaurant serves
would occur, but it did not. All McDonald’s did was
add nutritional facts to its food items so that people
would know exactly what they were getting. This
prevents any legal troubles from arising in the future.
Why wouldn’t they just change the food and make it
healthier for human consumption? Why take extra
steps to keep it the same and make sure you can’t get
sued for it? Of course, the only logical answer is profit.
Colleges all across America have thousands of
programs that a person can enroll in, each one requiring a certain amount of education from different
areas. There are a few select classes that each program
requires, and they are referred to as prerequisites and,
for the most part, are made up of classes put into the
category of general education. These classes cover
basics such as English, math, economics, and social


or communications theory. All of these areas of study are
subjects covered in high school, and, in some cases, such
as English and math, required all four years. Occasionally,
the concepts will be a little more complex but in most cases,
they won’t. For more complex issues than a person would
have learned in high school, he would have to take that general study and a follow-up course or two that goes further
into those ideals and theories. So, essentially, the average
person spends four years in high school, followed by at least
one full year of repeated subject matter on a college campus
before the actual program starts and individuals proclaim
a major in order to begin studies on more specific classes.
At the bare minimum, said person would spend $2000 on
classes that had nothing to do with his desired job. There
are hundreds of people with great skill in trades work and
managerial positions who have never been schooled in their
profession. On-the-job training is becoming a thing of the
past. It’s as if people think a mechanic, with no knowledge
of grammar, would have “dun did fixded” your car sooner
had his degree wasted his time and money on an English
composition class. This is not an educational system that has
proven itself useful; the United States is 26th in education,
far behind most civilized countries.
College requires so much money for medical school
that, upon graduating, most doctors have accumulated at
least six figures worth of debt. This causes a great need to
be highly invested in your job financially. The hospital or
private practice a doctor works at is where he or she gets
their salary from. Therefore, what’s good for the hospital financially is good for the physician. The only profitable thing
about a hospital is its patients because they are the ones who
come in and need facilitations only a hospital can provide.
The more advanced the technologies, the more money
the hospital makes. The conclusion drawn here is simply
that doctors are likely to suggest expensive procedures to
patients in order to make the hospital money. The money
comes from insurance companies, so the patients don’t mind
agreeing. And what the procedure almost always finds is
another reason, or four, to tap into someone’s wallet a little
more: another pill to take, another specialist to see, another
ointment to apply, another unnecessary impracticality to
face, all in the name of profit.
In the United States, over 17% of the population is
unemployed. Although 17% of Americans do not have a job,
this country imports goods that can easily be made here.
Many companies, including the technological and trans-

portation industries, are importing goods that America has
all the resources needed to manufacture. Companies import
these goods, however, because it is more profitable. Instead of
having more jobs in this country, political legislatures thought
it would be best to set up a welfare system where people who
work in America pay taxes to pay for the people who don’t
work because their job was outsourced to India or Japan,
causing the working class to become less wealthy, while simultaneously making the business owners profoundly wealthier.
Companies’ profits lead to an individual’s economic power;
economic power then leads to political power, which is used to
mold the playing field in one’s favor with deregulation on the
manufacturing of certain profitable goods so they can become
more profitable, actions that are detrimental to our environment in the forms of pollution, deforestation, and so on.
Externalities are what Economists call things like water
aquifers, the ozone, microorganisms in soil, and bees that pollinate plants. Externalities are not accounted for when making
economic equations, therefore, the economic system we use
is not one based for this life here on earth. Furthermore, it
should not be used until it can account for the many elements
and functions that the earth provides. These things are finite and require our attention just as much as any other key
element in the production of anything, from shoes to society.
Vital resources are being destroyed because profits have made
everyone so out of touch with what is truly important, which
is civilization itself.
This idea of profit and greed is not a new one for the
books. History repeatedly tells us the ones in charge will become corrupt with greed through a moral code that has been
mutilated. The people who work at the top setting these rules
are the ones who influence such poor behavior out of the rest
of the population. The man who takes your order at McDonald’s is not the one to blame, nor is your professor in class, nor
your child’s doctor at the hospital. It is the men and women
who fund these organizations and then profit off of them who
make the playing field an uneven, dismantled battleground,
causing these actions to go unchecked. The good-natured
soul of a person is forcibly demolished, in some way, in every
profession in this country, whether you’re a school teacher
who doesn’t have the budget to get the students good books or
the Humane Society nurse who doesn’t have the funds to keep
three dogs alive more than a month. The resources are here in
this country to sustain all of our needs fairly, but money, most
of it intangible numbers in the accounts of people who collectively run the world, is used to control the resources that we
all should have equal rights to. When the profit from a cheeseburger becomes more important than a child’s health, when
inferior wages outweigh the potential for a more productive
workforce, when a person’s life is objectified by medical manipulation, all in the name of profit, one can clearly see there is
an evil in the hierarchy of our society that cannot continuously
be ignored.


By: Jay Blaze
Pro-Cannabis activism is a huge part of my life. Everything that you can think of to complain about in
this world can lead back to Cannabis prohibition. While
Cannabis prohibition was put in place by a few powerful
people to secure their poor investment in timber and a
new petrochemical division dealing with polymer plastics and such at DuPont, Cannabis was at the top of its

the herb, in large by referring to it as “Marijuana,”
a term used by Mexicans at the time for Cannabis.
Then spun the news into “Reefer Madness.” The
literal claims at that time were that cannabis caused
people to commit violent crimes and act irrationally.
They claimed it made white women seek relations with
black men and listen to jazz music. More racist claims
were that it made you “crazy as the damn Mexicans”
and it even made “black people step on the white
man’s shadow” and caused “black men to look white
men in the eye”.

Cannabis was the most commonly prescribed medicine,
as well as being listed in the pharmacopoeia until 1942.
The science and technology catching up to the Hemp
plant was coming around in 1935. The same year Wallace Carothers invented Nylon. The importance to this
timing will come in later and is because of the many
machine malfunctions due to the pure strength of the
Hemp fiber. Creating a cause for concern in regards to
the cost of processing Hemp into the many different
materials it can be. This being
the reason the race for a new
material was on at DuPont’s petrochemical division and thus the
necessity to secure the future
investment of Andrew Mellon,
a main investor at that time of
DuPont’s petrochemical division.

The Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) produced
propaganda films promoting Anslinger’s views, and
Anslinger often commented to the press regarding his
views on marijuana, leading to the “Reefer Madness.”
The laws changed so quickly, and without reference
to Cannabis or Hemp, that the physicians had no clue
they were losing their most
commonly prescribed medication until they were told of the
heavy tax called the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. Pretty
much making it impossible to
legally prescribe, sell or even
possess “Marijuana” as they
did for years previously as

Harry J. Anslinger, a future
nephew-in-law to Mellon, was
appointed its first commissioner
by Secretary of the Treasury;
you guessed it, Andrew Mellon.
Under Anslinger, the bureau lobbied for harsh penalties for drug usage. This, coupled
with the fact that William Randolph Hearst, an American newspaper publisher who built the nation’s largest
newspaper chain, just invested his fortune into forests
for timber, which can produce wood pulp for paper.
Because Hemp was too harsh on the machinery, remember? Hearst, via his newspapers, started what is
now referred to as “Yellow Journalism,” tainted biased,
often made up of slander and published for one’s own
gain, rather than to report truth in journalism. This was
mainly geared at criminalizing Cannabis and the folks
who chose to consume it, “Reefer Madness.”

Back to the timing of all this:
Wallace Carothers invented
nylon for DuPont’s petrochemical division in 1935. The
same year the Hemp Decorticator was invented to help
process the Hemp without machine failure. The time
it takes them to completely change the public’s perception of Cannabis and Hemp is less than two years,
The Marijuana Tax Act was introduced in 1937, also
the year Wallace Carothers, a proud new father of a
two month old baby, mysteriously committed suicide.
There is a lot that does not add up with the implementation of The Marijuana Tax Act and the science of
nylon, as well as the safer procedure to make paper
from Hemp rather than wood.
Now, fast forward. Here we are in 2014. We have the
technology to make a 100% biodegradable plastic from

The main thing they did was change the perception of


Hemp. Yet we still produce plastic from a polymer-based,
nonrenewable resource that needs to be recycled!? It only
adds to the pollution and damages our environment. We
have the technology to turn Hemp chiplets/fiber and lyme
into an eco-friendly, mildew and mold resistant, breathable
material that proceeds to eliminate carbon from the atmosphere as it petrifies over time, giving the Hemp structures an actual negative carbon footprint. Yet we still cut
forests for their trees and then chemically treat the timber
to build our homes!? We have the technology to produce
paper from Hemp as a clean alternative to deforestation
and the caustic process necessary to change wood pulp
into paper. Yet we are still allowing deforestation to ruin
our natural habitats, destroying ecosystems detrimental to
our survival on this planet, for the paper we use!? We have
the technology to create a much cleaner biofuel from Hemp
much more efficiently and abundantly than with corn, as Hemp grows nearly everywhere in every climate. Yet we
are still using a nonrenewable, dirty fossil fuel as our main source of fuel, cutting it with ethanol, a corn based biofuel we currently use and even government subsidize (making the taxpayers pay for it!?). Not only do we know that
Cannabis is a safer alternative to many pharmaceuticals, we also know that prescription-related death has become
the number one killer in America. Yet we are still prescribing other deadly pharmaceuticals rather than Cannabis!?
My grandchildren’s children’s futures will hopefully be a cleaner place with more abundant, cleaner resources than
we have now because of current Cannabis activism. Cannabis and Hemp can save the planet by cleaning the soil
and removing carbon from our atmosphere better than 4x most other plants or trees. Hemp is also one of the most
nutritional seeds known to man. Hemp oil is of high nutritional value because of its 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3
essential fatty acids, which matches the balance required by the human body. We need to realize and harness the
possibilities of Cannabis and Hemp once again and become the country our forefathers envisioned, with full utilization of the Hemp and Cannabis plant for our mind, bodies, environment and economy.
However, fighting this good fight is much more complicated than teaching these facts to your friends and family, as
the latest poll showed Wisconsin being 76% in favor of legalization of some sort, being medical or recreational. The
fight goes beyond public approval and the actual demand of the majority. All the reasons mentioned above are still
in place today. The corruption, yellow journalism and outright racist claims that put these laws in place are obviously still enforcing the same laws today, especially in Wisconsin, where we are more than 6x more likely to arrest and
convict an African-American for possession of Cannabis than their Caucasian counterparts. In polls, Cannabis use is
similar amongst both races. Why, then, the disparity?
The “War on Drugs,” and its main contender “Cannabis prohibition,” is feeding an ugly epidemic in the United
States known as the “Prison-Industrial Complex,” or PIC, wherein the prisons contract prisoners out in exchange
for very cheap labor, saving corporations enough to lobby for these unjust laws that continue to fill the prisons and
meet the 90% incarceration rate, which guarantees bodies-in-cells. They call it job security, we call it “Policing for
Profit.” We all know, once profit becomes the incentive, the goal is no longer moral or decent. Not to mention some
prisons now are privately owned and run for profit.
These are the reasons I do what I do. Hopefully helping in the
Waking up of Wisconsin!
Peace & Wellness.

Jay Blaze (Jay Kemp),
Executive Director of
SE Wisconsin NORML



to the United States Constitution
By: Gregory M. Krueger
It’s the second of ten amendments made to our Constitution that
together have been dubbed the Bill of Rights due to the fact that
all ten of them, in one way or another, focus on the inalienable
rights of the American people, both
individually and as a whole.

what does this statement mean in today’s world?
The first part of the amendment that confuses the vast majority of people who are not liberty
minded is the term “well regulated.” What does it mean to be well
regulated? Is this the Constitution
giving a nod to gun control advocates and dictating that our rights
should be regulated or governed?

“...How easy would it be to
Below is a familiar excerpt from subjugate the people if there is no
the Declaration of Independence,
which dovetails nicely with this concern about an armed revolt?...”

concept. Our beloved 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, viewed the Declaration of Independence
as a document of paramount importance, and further developed
his entire political philosophy with these tenets in mind. Lincoln
brilliantly argued that “the Declaration is a statement of principles through which the United States Constitution should be
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain
unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the
Pursuit of Happiness.”

The Declaration holds that our rights, not only as citizens but as
humans, are not granted by some bureaucratic tyrant in his castle
on a hill far away (in their case, King George III). It upholds that
these rights are not anyone’s to take away because they were not
given. These rights simply exist for all of mankind and cannot
be governed or infringed.
With this important perspective in mind, let’s take a look at what
the Second Amendment actually states:

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to
the security of a free state, the right of the
people to keep and bear arms, shall not be
Some will argue the fact that there are some small differences
in punctuation between the version of the amendment that was
voted on and ratified and the version that made its way into the
Constitution. However, I argue that when viewed through the
perspective of the Declaration of Independence and the overall
concept of the Bill of Rights, the punctuation differences make
little to no difference. I will leave those small details for more
astute men to toil over. What I would like to explore is simply,

The Bill of Rights does make repeated mention of restriction
and constraint. Luckily, however, the restrictions are all placed
on the federal government. The framers of the Constitution
knew all too personally the dangers of a government that gets
out of control and no longer represents its people. With this
in mind, the framers placed into every single amendment in
the Bill of Rights both a statement confirming personal liberty
AND a statement restricting the federal government. Why
then would our forefathers place this one mention of government restriction on the people into the Second Amendment?
Obviously, this is not the case. What, then, did they mean by
well regulated? Let’s take a closer look at this phrase through
the prism of 1791.
In the 17th and 18th century, long before iPads and cell
phones, one of the most honorable and desirable professions
one could aspire to were that of a clockmaker or watchmaker.
These men were important to their communities and were revered for their craft. Skilled clockmakers attracted young men
hoping to apprentice under them and carry on their wisdom
and knowledge.
The most important concept of a clock or watch is rather obvious. It must keep accurate time. In order to ensure a timepiece
doesn’t run too fast or too slow, it must be well regulated. In
grandfather cabinet style clocks, this is performed by a swinging pendulum. The pendulum swings back and forth in precise
increments and keeps the clock regulated and accurate. Later,
an invention of wound springs would ensure wrist watches
and other small timepieces were as well regulated as full size
clocks. Regulation is a term that has survived even into
modern day watchmaking.
Analogies to watchmaking and use of the term well regulated
can also be found in other writings and works of that time.


The teleological argument known as the watchmaker analogy
uses the idea of a well regulated watch to validate the idea of
intelligent design. The validity of this idea aside, it is a strong
example that exhibits the analogous use of watchmaking
during the time this document was drafted.

our pistols, shotguns and semi-automatic rifles really stop a
government that attacks us with automatic weapons, tanks, jets
and nukes? In the reality of that situation, probably not. It’s true
that the American people would be grossly overmatched and
outgunned in the event of a revolution. But consider this: in its
current state, should the government attempt to subjugate its
Much like other words in our current lexicon, the term well
own people, it would be necessary to fight and kill a vast majoriregulated had a very different meaning in the 18th century
ty of its populace. It would have to eliminate all the patriots that
when it was in more common circulation. Below are several
would defend our country’s freedom and liberty even unto the
sentence examples for the term as given by the Oxford English ultimate sacrifice of death. After that point, what would be left?
Dictionary throughout the years.
Who would be left to tax and enslave? This is the reality of a
well-armed populace.
1709: “If a liberal Education has formed in us well-regulated
Appetites and worthy Inclinations.”
Now imagine an unarmed populace. How easy would it be
1714: “The practice of all well-regulated courts of justice in
to subjugate the people if there is no concern about an armed
the world.”
revolt? In such a world, our rights can be stripped away with
1812: “The equation of time ... is the adjustment of the
the simple stroke of a pen. There would be no physical opposidifference of time as shown by a well-regulated
tion. History is littered with instances of this taking place, the
clock and a true sun dial.”
most well-known example of which is Nazi Germany. Hitler
1848: “A remissness for which I am sure every well-regulated
officially came to power in 1933, but 7 years earlier in 1928,
person will blame the Mayor.”
Germany’s liberal Weimar republic enacted its first ever set of
1862: “It appeared to her well-regulated mind, like a clandes- restrictive gun control laws. From 1903 to 1910, numerous laws
tine proceeding.”
were passed restricting weapons in the Ottoman Empire. 5 years
1894: “The newspaper, a never wanting adjunct to every
later was the beginning of the Armenian genocide, which saw
well-regulated American embryo city.”
an estimated 1.5 million lives lost. In 1918, the Soviet Union
introduced firearm registration and, soon after, confiscation. In
With this framing in mind, one can reasonably assert that the
1924, Joseph Stalin had consolidated power and was the unrimeaning behind the term well regulated found in the Second valed leader of the Soviet Union. Gun control was established in
Amendment was not one of granting the federal government
Cambodia in 1956. Twenty years later, in 1975, Pol Pot became
control over the available weaponry of its citizens. Instead, it
the undisputed dictator of Cambodia. During his 4 year dictais a call to the people to maintain their weapons and their skills torship, over 30 percent of the population of 8 million lost their
with said weapons, should they ever find reason to need them. lives. Pol Pot’s reign ended only a very short 34 years ago. From
a historical perspective, this seems like less of an unthinkable
And with that idea in mind, when would the people ever find
possibility and more like an inevitability of power’s corruptible
reason to need their weapons? The people of that time coninfluence over mankind.
sidered this idea very possible having just lived through the
American Revolution. As such, they went so far as to include
There is an old saying that says,
the reason for the Second Amendment within itself in plain
“The man you say yes to today
may not be the man you say yes
to tomorrow”. It’s a cautionary
“...being necessary to the security of a free state…” statement
urging us to remember
that the decisions we make in
The founders clearly understood that the simple presence of
our country today will directly
an armed populace held very powerful significance. Can the
affect the world our children live
Second Amendment really protect us today should a tyranand die in tomorrow.
nical figure seek to usurp our country’s sovereignty? Could


Gregory M. Krueger
is a featured contributor to
Waking Up Wisconsin

Mike Paczesny
Gives Us

The Rundown

On Activism

By: Tim O’Keefe and Tom Schwellenbach

On the cold and rainy afternoon of Oct. 5th,
2013, while others were perhaps bummed out by
the ugly weather, Tim and Tom of Waking Up Wisconsin were wide-eyed and hopeful as we eagerly
prepared to conduct our first ever interview for the
W.U.W. Magazine. Tim had arranged for us to meet
with the well-known local activist and radio show
host, Mike Paczesny, of TheRundownLive. With
no journalistic experience between us, we were a
bit anxious as we practiced our lines and rehearsed
every foreseeable scenario we could encounter.
However, upon meeting Mike later that day, it
became immediately clear that our anxieties were

Mike Paczesny is a big teddy bear of a
man, with a trademark look. Easily recognizable
by his long goatee, and any one of his variety
of Milwaukee Brewers ball-caps, generally worn
backwards. Our first impression was that he is very
likable, with clever jokes and big smiles. Mike is the
type of guy whose personality emanates kindness.
His positive attitude was disarming to us, and our
previously held concerns melted away.

After making introductions, and speaking
briefly, we decided to hold the interview underneath
a bridge in downtown Racine, as rainclouds were
steadily developing overhead. Mike generously
offered to lend us his camera equipment, promising
a much higher video-quality than that of the iPhone
we were fumbling around with. We gladly accepted his offer, which entailed accompanying him on
a drive back to his house, about 20 miles away, to
retrieve his equipment. During this commute, we
had an opportunity to discuss everything from girls
to government corruption, revealing the potential for
what could be the beginnings of a good friendship.

Our interview proceeded without complications, and Mike’s equipment worked great. Afterwards, we drove back to Mike’s house, yet again, as
he insisted we allow him to help us edit the video,
which was necessary and very appreciated. We
spent hours that night sitting around in his studio
room, watching We Are Change videos, talking,
laughing and creating a bond that will surely outlive
this interview. Since that day, we have become good
friends and associates.

To see the video of this interview, visit: /

Expect to see much more from
TheRundownLive in
Waking Up Wisconsin Magazine,

Tim: Hey. What’s going on guys? This is Tim and
Tom from WakingUpWisconsin. We’re here with Mike Paczesny
from We Are Change Milwaukee, also the host of The Rundown.
We can get more into that towards the end of the interview.
We’re going to just have a little conversation with Mike here,
local activist, and I hope you enjoy it. I think Tom’s going to
open up with a question for Mike.

Tom: Alright, Mike. A few years back, you became
involved with We Are Change Milwaukee, as Tim just mentioned.
We were wondering what inspired you to do so.

Mike: Well, I guess what got me motivated into
being an activist altogether was 9/11, you know, and just kind of
piecing together some aspects of what really happened on that
day. And that’s something I don’t need to necessarily go into
too much now, but I
think it’s something
definitely worth looking
into. If you don’t
know about Building 7,
you should definitely
Google that.
Tim: How long ago
did you get involved in
Mike: I used to
be musically motivated, but with We Are
Change and things of
that nature probably about 2011, so about 2 years.

Tim: And how long, just out of curiosity, has The
Rundown been going on? I know you started out with We Are
Change, and you said when we were talking earlier that your
show The Rundown was a further development from that?

Mike: Rundown’s been going since about April, and
that started basically as just a promotional show, like a pilot,
and it spawned into an actual radio show where we get awesome guests and it’s turning out to be this great, awesome thing
that spawned through We Are Change. It’s really cool.

Tim: Yeah. I see that you’re getting a lot of bigger
guests on all the time now. You know, Mike, the first time that
I ever heard of you was actually on the Alex Jones Show.


Mike: Yes!

Tim: It was the spring of 2012. At that time, there
was a NATO Summit going on in Chicago, and it was all over
the news that there were a lot of protests going on there, and
I know that you, along with your We Are Change crew, were
also there protesting. I’ll let you fill in the details, but, essentially, you were illegally detained, correct?

Mike: Right… Well, basically, last year NATO was
in Chicago. It was the NATO G8 Summit, and this is some
of the most powerful leaders in the world, basically, coming
together and literally meeting in Chicago to discuss how they’re
going to dominate the world and control the resources through
UN Agenda 21 and things of this nature, so a bunch of activists from around the country got together and decided to protest it. But I wanted to go document it. I wasn’t necessarily
even protesting. I was there to document the police state,
which I have tons of video of. You can check them out on
YouTube ( Anyway, [the police state]
was evident, there were snow plows blocking the road off and
stuff. It was just crazy. We run across some police, we start

filming them, they didn’t like it, and they basically harassed us
and decided that filming the police in Chicago is illegal.

Tim: So, wait… how far away were you from the
police that you were filming? And what were the police doing
as you were filming them?

Mike: Well, they were in some type of battalion
formation. It looked like a squadron of the Legion of Doom or
something! Pretty much, I was just showing them, like, “Why are
all these cops here?” I took a photo of them, and then one
Officer comes up to me and says, “You can’t be over here. Dah
dah dah. If you cross these tracks, I’m going to arrest you.” I
said, literally, “Fine, I’ll stay right here,” and I wasn’t trying to
be a smartass... then they came up on us and said, “What are
you guys doing over here?” And one thing leads to another. I
was filming the entire confrontation. They pretty much jacked us
up on the wall, searched us, found my buddy’s car, which they
said we were driving. It was just an insane situation. All over
taking pictures of the cops. It’s insane man.

Tim: You said that one of the reasons they were
suspicious of you and your crew in the first place was because
the police were actually informed to watch out for any Tea Party
type, you know…

Mike: The MIAC Report.

Tim: The MIAC Report. That’s what it is. And you
had Ron Paul stickers on the car and what not. Why don’t you
tell me a little more about the search and how they claimed to
have reasonable suspicion to do so?

Mike: Well, I don’t think they had reasonable suspicion at all. Basically, they used propaganda in the media to
describe us as anarchists. The initial report said that we had
AK-47s and shotguns and said we were wearing militia military
fatigues, and, literally, in the video, you can look this up - I


am wearing shorts and Jordan’s. It’s crazy. There were no
military fatigues anywhere. It’s all insanity...

Tom: So let’s change gears and get into politics a
little bit. Maybe talk a little bit about Bilderberg. Would you
say that you align yourself with any political party, and what
are your thoughts on the American Government as we near

Mike: Well, I do not affiliate myself with any
political party at this point. I like the Libertarian Party, I
like the Green Party and I like the Constitutional Party, but I
don’t align with any of these factions. I am willing to hear
them out and work with these people... I don’t want to burn
any bridges, is what I’m saying, politically… but I’m becoming
more and more of an anarchist every day. Not in the sense
of “ANARCHY” where I’m causing chaos, but I don’t believe
in a government system where they control every aspect of
your life...
As far as Bilderberg and the American Government now, it’s
obvious that it’s out of control. They want to control every
aspect of your life, whether it’s health care, what you can
grow in your own yard, GMOs, making seeds available... You
can’t grow specific plants on your own property. It’s crazy
that these types of things can be regulated. The free market
is being shut down by the government, and it’s not just the
United States government, it’s a global thing. It is part of UN
Agenda 21, which is a global movement to make the world
more standardized, meaning the serf class. The slave class.
Us. Not the elite, because they’re going to move towards
trans-humanism, ultimate life extension technology, and things
of that nature. So, as far as the government, I don’t trust
them, and I don’t think I’ll be voting again.

Tim: You know, Mike, Bilderberg was mentioned
in the last question, which a lot of people aren’t even
familiar with. For a long time, it was ridiculed and claimed
to be conspiracy theory, although, now it’s been absolutely
confirmed. I believe they even have a website now, that’s
run by David Rockefeller. It turns out that you actually went
to protest a Bilderberg Group meeting… Would you quickly
explain what, in general, the Bilderberg conspiracy is about
and how you went to protest it?”

Mike: Well, to the best of my knowledge, the
Bilderberg Group is an elite group of individuals who are
in major power positions… There’s all types of people and

names: Kissinger, Peter Thiel, you can name these people off
for days. They’ve all been there: Condoleezza Rice, military
individuals, politicians - Mitt Romney, Obama, they’ve all been
there. And the people that attend Bilderberg, I’m starting to
realize more and more, are puppets of the super elite class…
it’s basically, a cult society. It’s a hidden group that, until a
few years ago, most people didn’t know existed. I mean, it’s
crazy that people don’t know that leaders from all around the
world are meeting up to discuss United States policy. It’s a
violation of the Logan
Act. It’s insanity. I
mean, Bilderberg is one
of those things. I didn’t
know if it was going to
be real or not until I saw
it myself. Even the day
I showed up, there was
no real sign that it would
be taking place, but then
when you see those
black limousines roll up
with the tinted windows.
You start seeing diplomat plates. I caught Bill
Gates on camera, and the London Guardian used my picture at
Bilderberg 2012. If you look it up, Bill Gates is covering his
face… We snuck in and snuck through the hotel, and it was
just a good experience to be there to witness it. It is real

Tim: Okay. You know, Mike, as a member of We
Are Change, and having your own show The Rundown, what
advice would you give to our readers that are looking to be
involved in activism, but don’t necessarily have an outlet? Do
you have any advice for those who want to reach out, but
don’t know how?

Mike: Well, yeah, if you want to get involved, you
can. If you don’t think you have an outlet, you do. Just look
at what you’re good at. Can you draw? Are you good on the
computer? Do you make music? Are you a graphic designer?
There’s so many ways you can get involved. You just have
to do it, and I think a lot of people put this false barrier up,
like, “little old me, I couldn’t make a difference.” But that’s
completely wrong. All you have to do is get involved. It seems
like when you start making good choices, good things start
happening, and the right people will come into your life. It’s
the craziest thing, but getting involved in the Liberty Movement
and Truth Movement, or whatever, it’s brought me in contact
with some of the most awesome, great people. And it’s shown
me that everyone has potential, so never limit yourself. Use
your skill to get involved. Spread your opinions and truth, you
know what I mean? Definitely, never limit yourself and use your

Tim: Excellent. Very well said, and I know that’s
right on key with everything that we endorse in WakingUpWisconsin. You know, just trying to light the fire under people’s
butts to, you know, take it from a passionate subject that
you’re always arguing with your friends about and bring it to
the streets. You’ll find out as you go around meeting people

and talking, that a lot more people are on the same page with
us than you’d realize, and it just takes reaching out there and

Tom: Yeah. Just being a human in general I would
say. Alright, so I guess we’re going to wrap up this interview
now. So, Mike: We Are Change Milwaukee, The Rundown.
How can people find you, where should they go to, and what
can they do to be involved with We Are Change? How did you
get associated with them? What can they do?
Mike: First, The
Rundown - You can
find us at You can look
up our phone apps,
we have podcasts, and
we’re on Tune-In, all
types of stuff. It’s easy
to find just search The
Rundown Live…
As far as getting
involved with We Are
Change, or even The
Rundown for that matter, it’s as simple as if
you’re a writer, write an article and E-mail it to us. We make
ourselves available. If you’re really passionate about what you’re
doing, whether it’s making music and all those things we just
talked about, contact us and we’ll get you connected to the right
people. Stop being afraid and start making a change. That’s the
best way I can say it.

Tim: Alright, cool. That’s Mike Paczesny, from We
Are Change and host of The Rundown. Thanks a lot for meeting
with us, man, and having this interview.

Mike: Appreciate it.


A Toast to Wisconsin
By: Kayla Conner

Beer has always been a preferred beverage of Americans, Wisconsinites
in particular. Unlike most of our extinct industries and factories, our breweries
still hold a great stance in our land, and, furthermore, carry on some great brewing traditions. Wisconsin is notorious for its alcohol consumption. So much that
the state ranks near, if not top of the nation in alcohol consumption per capita.
Our indigenous culture is associated with German descent, well established
breweries, and cold climate that is popularly related with binge drinking. In
light of this, the most prominent names amongst breweries in the nation come
straight from the great state of Wisconsin.

Joseph Schlitz

Joseph Schlitz was born on May 15th, 1831 in Mainz Germany. After migrating to America in 1856, Schlitz
quickly inherited the Krug Brewery, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; following his marriage to the widow of the previous
owner. This proceded to become the companies official new name, the “Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company,” in 1858.

When the Chicago Fire of 1871 devastated the city, Schlitz generously donated hundreds of barrels of beer as
part of a relief effort, attaining prominence for his company. Further bringing in more business, a distribution point was
built in Chicago. Eventually declared as “The beer that made Milwaukee famous,” Schlitz became the world’s first top beer
producer in 1902. Today, Schlitz is still at our convenience, currently owned by Pabst.

Valentin Blatz

Born and raised in Milternberg, Germany, Valentin Blatz spent many of his childhood years at his fathers brewery. In his adult years, Blatz moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Seeing as brewing was in his primary area of expertise, he
quickly merged establishments with neighboring company, Johann Braun’s City Brewery, in 1852 . This brewery released
Milwaukee’s first individually bottled beer in 1873. After the death of Valentin’s business partner, the company changed
its name to the “Valentin Blatz Company” in 1889.

Long after the president of the companies death, the name was sold to Pabst Brewing Company, coinciding with
Miller Brewing Company as label owner. The company was also the first to sell their beer nationally.

Frederick Miller

Formerly learning the business of brewing in Germany, and working in his uncles brewery, Frederick Miller
settled in Milwaukee with his family in 1854. The Milwaukee Brewing Company was founded when he purchased the
Plank-Road Brewery (west State Street) in 1855. With great success and many years after, his grandson Harry G. John became the president of the company for a short period of time, eventually leading him to start the world’s largest Catholic
charity. Today, it is owned by SABMiller, which is a multinational brewing and beverage company.

Frederick Pabst

Born in the village of Nikolausreith, then in the province of Saxony, in the kingdom of Prussia, Frederick Pabst
really had no interest in the brewing industry. After migrating to America at the age of 21, he earned his pilots license,
and, in turn, met Phillip Best. Best owned a small but thriving brewery in Milwaukee, which was founded in 1844. In later
years, Pabst married Best’s daughter, which worked in his favor to form a partnership with the company, after an accident
which forced him to change his career path.

He dedicated his life to mastering the art of brewing. When he became president of “Best Brewing” in 1873, he
changed the name to “Pabst Brewing Company.” In 1889, the location was moved to White Fish Bay, developing a popular
lake resort that once was a big tourist attraction until the resorts closing at the beginning of WWI.

Today, Pabst is most familiarized as PBR. Although it has never won a “blue-ribbon,” it is the widely-recognized
symbol of the brand. “PBR” was once known as “Pabst Select,” which was reintroduced from ”Best Select.”


An argument from Doug O’Keefe

Obama is, seemingly, constantly
Why is it, that so many of my
Doug O’Keefe - Writer, reminding us that the office of Presfellow Americans can support, someident has become the office of the
times even passionately, our current
national “defense” policy? This policy Waking Up Wisconsin Fuhrer. He signed the 2012 National
Defense Authorization Act, which inthat supposedly ensures our national
cludes the very controversial sections 1021 and
security by militarily removing so-called
1022, that afford the President the power to
“evil dictators” around the globe? (Primarhave U.S. citizens detained indefinitely, or
ily just the dictators with little defense
even killed, without due process. According to
capabilities... not China.) The best anthe statistics compiled by and
swer I can come up with is that the White, the U.S. currently has the most weapHouse-funded media has been pushing the folons of mass destruction (nuclear, biological,
lowing, absurd view:
missile, and chemical weapons) of any country
in the world. Since 9/11/01, and probably earlier, the U.S. has been, statistically, the
country most likely to attack, or fund an attack on another. Typically, when the U.S. militarily removes a dictator in the middle east,
the dictatorship is replaced with a radical-Islamic-based Theocracy, and the citizens of the
country are little, if any better off.

We a r e A m e r i c a ! We a r e g o o d , a n d i n
all our endeavors, just! “X” is an “evil
dictator!” “X” kills his own people! “X”
h a s “ w e a p o n s o f m a s s d e s t r u c t i o n ! ” We
must attack “X,” in the name of Peace...
before “X” attacks us!

Well, my fellow Americans... it seems
to me as though we have become “X,” or, maybe, that we have been “X” for some time now.
Consider this:

An executive order is, literally, an
act of dictation by the executive branch of
a government, and is not subject to congressional or judicial scrutiny. According
to The Federal Register, as of Sept. 30th,
2013, President Obama has issued 163 executive orders, or “dictations,” since he took
office. Sounds pretty “dictatory,” huh, Republicans? Well, good ol’ George W. signed
287 executive orders over his 8 years in office! Don’t start celebrating, yet, though,
Dems... Clinton issued a whopping 308 executive orders in his 8 years! Of course,
destructiveness can’t be judged strictly by
number of dictations. Not all executive orders are unconstitutional... But, those that
are constitutional are generally insignificant in terms of gravity. So... our presidents are, and have been, dictating quite a
bit. One would almost have to be concerned
that our congress is becoming vestigial. Is
it possible that what used to be our constitutional, democratic-republic has been converted into an unconstitutional dictatorship
with term limits?

So, if you happen to be of the persuasion that we have some moral obligation, as
a nation, to go around the world rooting out
evil dictators, then we ought to take the plank
out of our own eye, and deal with the nasty
dictatorship we have growing in our own back
yard that poses a much greater threat to us
and our liberty! Start getting mad at people
who continually lie to your face! Start getting angry at the elected officials who fail
to uphold their oath of office! Get “tickedoff” over your loss of liberty! Saddam didn’t
read your e-mails! Gadhafi didn’t conduct random, warrentless searches of American citizens!
Assad didn’t order the TSA goons to grope your
wife! “G-dub” and “Barry-O” did! Since the “War
on Terror” started in 2001, you have lost your
4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th amendments, your
1st, 2nd, and 10th amendments have been severely infringed upon, and the 3rd amendment is
currently showing signs that it, too is going
the way of the dodo!
Wake up, patriots! Your fore-fathers
would be ashamed if they knew how far we’ve let
this go!

Doug O’Keefe...
Good day.


Th re a ts t o L i b er ty
A powerful article from our favorite Local Novelist,

Keith LaVelle

I started this article, initially, to contest the en-

Currently, the NSA is only months away from opening the

croachment of government upon our freedoms. Most of us

Utah Data Center, at a cost of two-billion dollars. Now,

who follow current events are aware of the National

this little storage hub has the capacity to collect and

Security Agency, Patriot Act, Executive orders like the

stockpile up to a yottabyte of gathered intelligence.

National Defense Authorization Act and National Defense

That equals five-hundred-quintillion pages of text. I

Resource Preparedness Act. However, after considerate

don’t know about you, but I have a difficult time putting

thought, I’ve found it’s not necessarily the statutes

my hands around this number. So, I wonder, what are they

or decrees that we should fear or be anxious of, but

going to do with all of this data? Is it really neces-

those who execute the directives, procedures and regu-

sary, and is it possible they’d misuse this information?

lations allowed by them.

Anyone ever read George

In a world where nucle-

Orwell’s book 1984 or

ar, biological, chemical,

study what Hitler, Mao

lone-wolf assaults and the

and Stalin did prior to

electromagnetic pulse can

their annex of power?

threaten our Union, it is

It is not a reach to

prudent that those charged

say history, whether

with guaranteeing our lib-

good or bad, repeats.

erty have tools at their

As John Adams once

disposal to protect our

said, “Liberty, once

way of life. Let’s look at

lost, is lost forever.”

a couple of the specifics

Will we learn?

and the hazards of them.
A quick peek into the
The National Security

National Defense Autho-

Agency, or NSA, is charged

rization Act and Na-

with the responsibility to

tional Resource Pre-

oversee electronic commu-

paredness Act confirms

nications which can ad-

the power authorized

versely affect our nation.

under the law. Right-

They listen, intercept and

fully, the purpose of

decipher information to

these dictates is to

protect our citizens, in-

serve us in case of

frastructure and economy.

catastrophic failure or

All worthy exploits unless

attack upon the nation.

abused or unsecured by checks and balances. So how is

It authorizes the President the power to declare mar-

that working for us? Recent revelations by a Federal

tial law, seize private property, food, drugs, water and

Judge stated, “They (NSA) continuously and systemati-

energy. It also imparts government the ability to incar-

cally, over-collect data on American citizens.” Anoth-

cerate any individual without due process for any length

er FISA court adjudicator, whose job it is to authorize

of time without legal representation, in addition to the

who they can and cannot mine data from, has charged them

ability to conscript any and all persons into workforces

with exceeding their authority in collecting information

or camps, whether during peacetime or not. Far reaching,

on citizens. This is where things get risky to our pri-

I’d say, if one were to believe in the Bill of Rights.

vacy as protected by the first and fourth Amendments.


Anyone familiar with the fourth, fifth and sixth Amend-

need to spend more time educating the upcoming leaders

ments of the U.S. Constitution can easily see where

of this nation on rights, liabilities and how current

this is in direct disparity with what is stated. Yes, I

events can affect their future and that of our Repub-

can see circumstances where government needs this au-

lic. Finally, a culture of personal responsibility needs

thority. Nevertheless, again, I question the motivation

to be advanced. Today, the powers that be, from top to

behind it and those who enforce the act.

bottom, look to blame others for their own failings and

I don’t think it’s a reach to say
the last two administrations have
tested the trust of the nation.
Words like liar, warmonger, socialist and dictator have become part

“Liberty, once lost,
is lost forever.”
-John Adams

of our verbal discourse when dis-

botched policies. They, along with
each of us, must learn that our
choices are ours, along with the
These humble thoughts may do little to protect us from the dangers,

cussing our Executive branch. Right or wrong, each has

both internally and externally, we have ahead, for we’ve

an inkling of merit brought on by actions taken by them

been in a slumber way too long and the world has moved

and their minions. Needless to say, hazards do exist,

forward. Regardless, while we can, it is best we try.

which is why Congress has granted this power to them.

However, if we refuse to stir and continue down the cur-

Yet, in the archives of history, republics have fall-

rent path of creeping authoritarianism, we are but one

en into dictatorship even when the Chief Executive had

situation away from a loss of freedom and independence.

lesser supremacy. Lord Acton, historian, politician,
author and philosopher said it best, “Power corrupts

Bill Clinton recently said, “We are on the verge of hav-

and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

ing the worst of all worlds. We’ll have no security and
no privacy.” Maybe it’s time we address the wakeup call

So what can we mere mortals do to ensure liberty, not

and save our Republic from the unwanted rule of despo-

only for ourselves, but future generations to come?

tism. Or, of course, we can remain asleep and settle for

It is no secret most endeavors by man revolve around

slavery to the established powers that have discreetly

self-interest. With this in mind, we must remember our

taken on the authority to change what we never thought

politicians are no different, meaning, they put their


own interests ahead of ours. Those in disagreement need
only a quick review of John Locke’s Second Treatise of
Man, Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince or Thomas Paine’s
Common Sense to see tremendous arguments to support
this premise.
Specifically, we must demand those who represent us pass
term-limits, along with the requirement that all government officials follow the same rules and regulations
as the rest of us. Second, we must hold our media,
also known as the Fifth Estate, accountable for honest reporting. Opinion pieces and editorials have their
place, but gate-keeping and twisting language to further an agenda hurts the one organization charged with
keeping us truly and honestly informed. To do this, we
can wield power by holding the sponsors and advertisers
liable until the news we get returns to a candid roll.
Next, an informed citizen is a good citizen; schools


A riot-cop pepper-sprays the founding fathers
artist: unknown

By: Kayla Conner

It is not unknown
that cancer has been
represented as the
worlds most deadly
“silent killer” to humans. Generally, when
one is diagnosed with
any form of cancer,
the mental and physical results are devastating. Based off of
what we, as a people,
have been exposed to,
cancer is unconsciously associated with a
death-sentence. However, we have been
blindly convinced that
the only practical way to escape such a malicious fate is to
intentionally poison our bodies continuously over a period of
time with radiation and chemotherapy. In the end, the ill hold
on to little or no hope of surviving longer than the average
five-year life expectancy. Yearly, cancer-treatment costs, alone,
rake in over half a trillion dollars, not including donations,
awareness groups associated with the American Cancer Society, research and other outlets. One would think that in this
day in age, in wake of so many years of research and money
spent, that a brilliant mind of some sort would have finally
found the promising cure. But there is; it’s cheap, and it was
mistakenly discovered over 80 years ago.

In the 1920’s, Dr. Max Gerson suffered from severe
migraines and created a simplistic diet of raw vegetables and
super foods that would ease his pain. Shortly after, a patient
of his discovered that, with this same diet, he was able to cure
his skin tuberculosis. With this news spreading like wildfire,
the unknown benefits brought by such simple organics had
certainly intrigued Dr. Gerson. He proceeded to study deeper
into a not yet familiar form of alternative medicine, leading
him to his most renowned experiment on 450 cancer patients. After a carefully monitored clinical trial, 446 out of
the 450 patients treated with the Gerson diet fully recovered,
exceeding far beyond 5 years.

After fleeing Nazi persecution, the Gerson family settled in America. The success of his New York clinic stunned
the medical community, and after 10 years in the works, Dr.
Gerson completed his first, and only book, “A Cancer Therapy:
Results of Fifty Cases.” This book was published in multiple
languages and distributed throughout the entire globe; with

the exception of the United States. Gerson struggled convincing the US government to allow his book to be published.
Because it conflicted with “patented medicine,” it was denied
and banned from US publishing, and, in time, his clinic was
shut down. This lead him to a state of despair and desolation;
silenced to a public that desperately needed his help. Years
after his passing, his daughter, Charlotte Gerson, who was
always deeply infatuated with his work, decided to open The
Gerson Institute in 1977, located in Mexico. After 54 years in
his passing, his legacy still carries on where people with cancer overcome with great success, giving them a new meaning
of life.

So, just barely scratching the surface on one of
many phenomena, it is blatantly obvious that through research, publications, and the testimony of cancer survivors
themselves, the body has a natural power to heal itself when
given the correct nutrients. But why is it with such immense
credibility that this discovery is purposefully hidden from
the public eye? Being that our only answer to every disease
is either poisoning our bodies intravenously or ingesting organ destructing pills, holistic medicine clearly has no room
in the tyrannical monopoly that we are forced to live in. The
evidence is accessible, and highly credible, and you’d think,
naturally, this information would be nationaly recognized.
Coincidentally, there are many others that brought forth
such similar natural remedies. Not only did they “magically”
cure what seemed to be biologically or genetically incurable
diseases with virtually no side effects, but people also saw a
change in their weight, mood, and overall health. Individually
evoking the dark forces, they were wiped out only for the

“...Because they thrive in mercy
of disease, the system needs
patients to survive...”
same inexplicable and unpractical reasons. After all, it is illegal to use unless it is tested for “safety” and “accuracy”. This
has been a reoccurring excuse from the FDA, yet there have
been an endless amount of tests, evidence, and survivors.
Still, they will continue to convince the public that there is
no cure, and that there is no existing proof that the Gerson
Therapy is effective.

Nature cannot be patented - therefore, there are no
profits when organics are brought forth toward our allopathic society. There was once a time, that here, in America, doctors had free range on what to recommend their patients
when it came to cures, remedies etc. After the universities
were officially run by the American Medical Association, un-


derhandedly being captured by the investors within the pharmaceutical industries, physicians were given rules and regulations on how to treat their patients. Anyone deviating from
the mandatory procedures could potentially lose their licensewith no consideration of their own conscious thoughts and
what they feel is an appropriate decision. It is rare to witness
medical practitioners diverging from the system, and suggesting nutrients as a key to success; not only is it senselessly illegal, but with the tremendous amount of schooling involved,
only about 2% of that instills nutrition.

The pharmaceutical industries are the largest companies in the world. Because they thrive in mercy of disease,
the system needs patients to survive; healthy people do not
make much of a profit. They run everything. I am not directly telling you that the pharmaceutical industry is targeting
people for profit, but when you really analyze the details, you
may find some “facts,” in questionable. Why was Raymond
Gram Swing‘s (a well known ABC news broadcaster) contract suspiciously terminated two weeks after he announced
that Gerson Therapy cured cancer and that history was made,
following his 30 years of dedication? Why did they let former
Nazi serial killers become high-ranking members and even the
Chairman of Bayer, the same company that makes children’s
medicine? Why were doctors and advertisements once pushing cigarettes to Americans, claiming, “It‘s smart to have camels on the table,” for digestion’s sake, or that sugar can keep
your weight under control? Where are the donations really
going for breast cancer awareness for example? Are we not
all aware; overwhelming advertising, forcing mammograms,
which, in itself, has proven to be toxic?

This may seem harsh to some, because of cancers direct or indirect influence on their life, but there are many other questions pertaining to the direction of our health care, the
drugs we buy, and the lawsuits we hear about. Many will not
question the system that covertly directs our entire way of life,
but I refuse to believe that if I’m not shoving a pill down my
throat, or waiting in line for the next flu vaccine, I’m not doing
it right. We are made from biological elements, we thrive on
nature and our bodies were not designed for toxic chemical
intake. The harsh reality is, once you start on one you depend
on another, and before you know, you’re a broke-sick-walking
pharmacy. It was never created to heal you, it was created so
you become a lifetime consumer. Dr. Gerson was one of the
many to attest that we have the power to cure any disease
with nutritional fulfillment, and leading an active life without
the need of potential toxins. “You can’t keep one disease and
heal two others - when the body heals, it heals everything.”
(Charlotte Gerson, food matters film)

For more information visit

Kayla Conner is an active contributor to
Waking Up Wisconsin.
See another of her articles on page 6.



Tattooing is illegal unless it is done for medical purposes.
It is unlawful for one to allow another to use the first person’s telephone in order to make prank phone calls.


Screens are required on all windows from May 1 to
October 1.
You are not allowed to put litter into someone else’s
trash receptacle without expressed permission.
No one may sit on another’s parked vehicle without
expressed consent of the owner.


No male is allowed to be in a state of arousal in public.

It is illegal to tie up your horse along Third Street (Now a
major bar strip).
It is illegal to display an unclothed mannequin in a store
It is illegal to play checkers in public.
You cannot “worry a squirrel.”


Missiles may not be shot at parade participants.
It is illegal to wake a fireman when he is asleep.
Women may not walk down a public street at night without
being accompanied by a man.


Only police officers may shoot birds in the city.
No person may water his lawn in such a way as to annoy
his or her neighbor.
It is illegal to swim in the Fountain Park fountain.


Women are not allowed to wear anything red in public.

Nuclear weapons may not be manufactured in the city
Persons may not ride a bicycle with their hands off the
Cats are forbidden from entering cemeteries.
Even if one gets his or her change “stolen” by a vending
machine, hitting the machine violates a city ordinance.
Unremoved snow on one’s property is considered a public


An old ordinance forbids parking for over two hours
unless a horse is tied to the car.
It is against the law to play a flute and drums on the
streets to attract attention.
If one is thought of as offensive looking, it is illegal for
him to be in public during the day.
It is illegal to purchase or use Sparklers in the city, yet
you can buy fully disassembled automatic machine

Reserving a city meeting room under a false name is prohibited.
Spitting on the sidewalk is prohibited.
If a person shall fail to return books he or she has checked
out from the library, that person should return their library
card to the library until the books are returned.

All information taken from

“Big government. Small brains. Dumb laws”


Exploring the issues the mainstream media won’t even touch!
If you think for yourself, help us wake up those who let
the TV do their thinking for them.

Send your:

• Articles
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• Videos
• Music
• Artwork
• and anything else!


A closer look at the origins of our state’s name

BY: Tim O’Keefe

If you were to scour through our State History in search of controversial issues, you wouldn’t need to look any further
than the very word Wisconsin, itself. Separated by centuries, it is a topic widely unconsidered by most Cheeseheads.
However, you may be interested to learn that the origin and meaning of our State’s name has been a subject of great
debate for over 300 years! Although some historians continue to contest the word’s true definition, most have come
to agree with an official, albeit vague, account of how our State came to be called Wisconsin.

Jacques Marquette

The first literary account of the word was penned into the journal of French Jesuit explorer, Jacques Marquette,
in 1673, during his travels along the Wisconsin River. This was nearly 175 years before Wisconsin obtained official
statehood. His journal entry described an embarkment through the “Meskousing River,” as it was known by his accompanying travel guides, who were Native Americans of the Miami Nation. Not to be confused with Miami, Florida,
the Miami people were residents of the Midwest region between Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. The word also appeared
on a hand-drawn map created by travel companion and fur trader, Louis Joliet, and was apparently misspelled as
In the Miami dialect, the word Meskousing roughly translates to “this stream meanders through something red.” This
is a fitting title because much of the Wisconsin River shoreline is characteristically marked with red-sandstone. It is
unclear whether Marquette understood this word’s true definition because the Miami language was nationally obscure
and greatly undocumented. Today, there are no remaining native speakers of the Miami language.
The spelling was altered further in 1681, when the voyage was published by author Melchisedec Thevenot, who changed
Marquette’s word Miskonsing to “Mescousin.” This version was perhaps a bit closer to the correct word Meskousing
but was still historically inaccurate.

Louis Joliet

Rene Robert Cavelier

So where does the W come from? This is where things start getting funny. Marquette’s journal was scripted in cursive, and when mapmaker and explorer Rene Robert Cavelier redrafted Joliet’s map, he misread the cursive M as the
letters “Oui” – to create the word Ouisconsin. Although Cavelier later corrected his grammatical error and edited an
updated version of his map, he was too late, as mapmakers and writers had already taken to the word and, in some
cases, changed it even further due to misspellings and poor penmanship. For the next 150 years, Ouisconsin was the
closest we had to an official name.
Following the War of 1812, the region saw a great influx of human foot-traffic, as American soldiers returned home
and miners arrived to mine lead from rocks and caves along the river. The genuinely French-sounding Ouisconsin was
being regularly shortened to Wisconsin. This version of the word was being used more commonly than others, although
many were still clinging to prior spellings. As the word Wisconsin became popular amongst statesmen and legislators,
it was only a matter of time before the U.S. House of Representatives printed this version in 1830, increasing its
popularity greatly. Finally, the name was made official in 1836 when the U.S. authorized territorial status under the
name Wisconsin. The date was July 4th.

Central Waters Brewing Company, uses one of the traditional
spellings of the State’s name on some products.


“The Voyager” - Marquette and Joliet on the
“Ouisconsin” River DNR photos - Artist unknown


Hello Wisconsin,

Wake up! This is Uncle Dan. If you are sleeping, you’re missing all the excitement.

There is plenty to behold!

I am sixty years old, with some recent awakenings, thanks to the ‘net... I’ve given up on
TV for news. All I’ve ever heard from my elders is that they are “lying, scoundrel, politicians,” and
they were right! I was always cynical of the house of cards, financially set up, which seemed
to favor the “haves.” But I played the game and operated a small business and supported my
family; Living the dream... no regrets... good times and bad. I crabbed about all the taxes and
hoops to jump through like everyone, but I always voted and kept the bills paid.

Then, things came undone...

Of course, I was behind my country and the War on Terror. I said, “I slam Islam.” I stayed up at
night watching the bombs goin’ to Iraq and Afghanistan. I just came to believe I was duped.
Unbelievable, what a monstrous act of TREASON was committed on 9/11... This is hard to
swallow, but if you check the evidence: thermite explosions, the free-fall collapse of the
towers and building 7, and political motives... all of this leads to conspiracy FACT, not
theory. I thought, “This can’t be true!” However, if you hear from the Engineers and Architects
( or Pilots and Firefighters, none of whom are idiots, then you will know. It’s
shameful they got their New Pearl Harbor. Good Luck busting these perps... There’s no higher
power on Earth. Hmmm...

I kinda dropped out of “the system” after the ‘08 bail-out for the rich, anal-pores;


They already had America’s treasury to plunder, and they did...
Fed? The “gooberment” has boondoggled this country away, and
need health coverage too, and I may be eligible for a subsidy but can’
to my bank account, personal info, and tax records, all in one. I may
too... #666.

About all we can do is
like to be loved. My hope
all our hearts...


Couldn’t we federalize the
they are still not done. I
t see getting them tied
as well get the RFID chip

tell the truth and love each other the way we would

is in

Jesus, so I pray for him to return and get angry. He knows

‘N’ get ready!... If you think the government is here to help, you got to know, they
will disappear to their deep, underground military bases when it gets bad. The lies
don’t stop! NASA doesn’t want to scare us, as they lie about the comet ISON! The size of it is
much Larger than they are saying, and the dust cloud is huge! There will be effects experienced
on Earth! They might warn us the day the fire balls drop, but don’t bet on it...
I’m not gonna hide... Maybe, it will go away.

Love to all,


Nazi Money Talks:

Is The Bilderberg
Group The 4th Reich?
By: Kristan T. Harris

kristan t. harris
Local Activist &

In World War II, we overcame the
Germans, but did we overcome the Nazis?
Many questions surround WWII, from Adolf Hilter’s mysterious suicide to Project
Paperclip. During Project Paperclip, the
United States granted thousands of evil
Nazi scientists and workers safe haven at
the end of WWII often given high-profile
government jobs. They did not stand trial
for their evil doings. Instead, they were
rewarded with premium jobs and stability. Nazis quickly integrated their principles of eugenics and socialism into our
culture. We can see this in Common Core
education and the propaganda of depopulation in todays high school education.
In the end, the money that funded Adolf
Hitler would never stand trial.

Eugenics sat as one of the core principles of the Nazi party. So what is eugenics? Eugenics is a racist pseudoscience
that is determined to wipe away all human beings deemed “unfit,” preserving
only those who conformed to a Nordic
In 1935, the Nuremberg Laws codified the exclusion of Jews from German society. The next year, the Reichsgericht (Germany’s highest court) essentially legalized the Holocaust. No one thought they would ever actually use it to kill. It mirrors a similar law passed by Barrack Obama at midnight on
New Years Eve in 2011, when no one would notice, called the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act.
Beginning in 1940, already thousands of Germans were taken from old age homes and mental institutions, and other custodial facilities were systematically gassed. Between 50,000 and 100,000 were eventually killed.
Has the Nazi ideology been defeated? Where is the money and brains that once provoked Adolf Hitler’s genocidal campaigns now going? Who is
funding the eugenics operations today? Evidence leads to a secretive group with a Nazi foundation that has met since the 1954, called The Bilderberg

On March 8, 2010, Bruno Waterfield, of the London Telegraph, reported that Bilderberg Group founder, Prince Bernhard, the father of
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, ‘Was [a] member of [the] Nazi Party.’

David Rockefeller of The Rockefeller Foundation helped create the Nazi eugenics program and even financially funded the evil programs
that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz. Paul Nurse, a British Nobel Prize-winning
biochemist and president of Rockefeller University is a proud believer in eugenics and is an inspiration A Georgetown University photo
of an early Bilderberg meeting
to Bill Gates, according to World News Daily. They like to give each other prizes such as “The Nobel
Peace Prize” to give the impression they are good people. The Nobel Peace Prize used to have credibility, but much was lost after Adolf Hitler’s nomination in 1939. The elite behind these ideologies are
always making up fake awards and giving them to each other.

Bill Gates, software billionaire and financier behind the Common Core education disaster, and
his wife, Melinda, have previously advocated the reduction of the human population (murder) through
the use of vaccines. Bill Gates hosted a depopulation summit with some of the richest people in America, according to World News Daily. The meeting included some of the biggest names in the “billionaires
club,” according to the London Times – Bilderberg Group regulars David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Oprah
Winfrey, Warren Buffett, George Soros and Michael Bloomberg all were in attendance. His father, William Gates Sr., was a contributor to the creation of Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger, a supporter
of Hitler’s Nazi party and founder of Planned Parenthood, has been incredibly successful in her pursuit
of eugenics. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America. 78% of their clinics are
in minority communities. Blacks make up 12% of the population but 35% of abortions in America. Are
blacks being targeted? Isn’t this the definition of genocide?


Nobel Peace Prize winner and Bilderberg
Club of Rome member, Dr. Henry Kissinger, wrote,
“Depopulation should be the highest priority of
U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World,”
meaning we should kill everyone unfit in third
world countries. Many historians have likened
Kissinger to a “war criminal or global mobster.” As
Nelson Rockefeller’s protege, Kissinger began his
career under the “old money global elite” by recruiting Nazi scientists and SS officials to America
through a secret Counter-Intelligence Corps (CIC)
project that evolved into the Central Intelligence
Agency’s (CIA) infamous “Project Paperclip.”

The Bush family. In the beginning of the
1920’s, Prescott Bush joined banking, energy, and
medical industrialist, John D. Rockefeller, and the
British Royal Family in financing the earliest racial
hygiene experiments. These genocidal efforts predated Hitler’s. The early eugenicists sought to sterilize mostly black populations, who were deemed
genetically inferior. At the same time, and for most
of the twentieth century, they promoted sterilizing
mentally retarded children for the same reason.
A telegram associated with “Project Paperclip”

Allied banking industrialists are now
known to have financed Hitler’s ascent to power. Hitler termed a rising “Fourth Reich” based on the previous “vision of a thousand-year Third Reich
and world empire.” This was outlined with clarity in a document called Neuordnung, or “New Order,” that was accompanied by a letter of transmittal to the Ministry of Economics. It declared that a new order for the [petro]chemical [pharmaceutical] industry of the world should supplement
Hitler’s “New World Order,” a phrase also used by President George H.W. Bush during his 1991 State of the Union Address.

George Soros is a WWII Nazi collaborator. George Soros and fellow eugenicist Bill Gates are two of Obama’s biggest supporters. Bill Gates
and George Soros purchased 900,000 and 500,000 shares of Monsanto, respectively, in 2010. Monsanto’s GMO products have been scientifically
proven to cause cancer at an alarming rate in the world’s longest-running GMO tests. Think this is a coincidence? George Soros attends Bilderberg
Group meetings as well as Bill Gate’s Billionaire Depopulation Summit. George Soros said he feels no remorse for collaborating with Nazis during
WWII to send his fellow Jews to the death camps and steal their property. First, he worked for the Judenrat. That was the Jewish council set up by
the Nazis to do their dirty work for them. Instead of the Nazis rounding up Jews every day for the trains, they delegated murderous tasks to Jews
who were willing to do it to survive another day, at the expense of their neighbors. George Soros said this was a happy experience. George Soro’s
60 Minutes interview from December 1998 has been completely expunged from social media sites such as YouTube and even every torrent site.

The Rothschild’s, founders of Rothschild Bank, are eugenicists as well. Not only was Hitler supported by the Rothschilds, he WAS a Rothschild. This revelation fits like a glove with the actions of the Rothschilds, and other Illuminati blood lines in Germany were involved in bringing
Hitler to the forefront as dictator of the nation. He was also supported by the British Royal Family and the House of Windsor (in truth, the German
House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha). These included the British royal “war hero,” Lord Mountbatten, a Rothschild and a Satanist. Hitler’s grandmother,
Maria Anna Schicklgruber, was living in Vienna at the time she conceived. At that time, she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy, she was sent back home, where Alois was born. Alios is Adolf’s father. The Rothschilds attend The Bilderberg Group meetings and hold high positions. Rothschild Bank & Goldman Sachs have also been bailed out by the Federal Reserve.

The ties between The Bilderberg Group and eugenics programs seem endless. What may be even more frightening is the power these
people hold and the influence they have on our MEDIA (Rockefeller), EDUCATION (Bill Gates’ Common Core), HEALTH (Monsanto/GMO/Vaccines/
Rockefeller), all with a similar goal of depopulation and an interest in Life Extension Technology. Because they can live forever but you can’t.

It is clear we have defeated the Germans, but we have yet to defeat the Nazis. We laugh at how dumb Germans were to allow the Nazis
into power. But yet in America, we lose our freedom everyday. Is the collaboration of corporation and state with forced mandates much different?
They control what is in our food and what kind of healthcare we need and how full our prisons need to be.
Ahem FEMA camps.
See this article, accompanied by informative videos and links at WAKINGUPWISCONSIN.COM and THERUNDOWNLIVE.COM


Poverty and Christian Duty:

A War Between Church and Establishment

is now the middle of December, and Christmas is rearing its cheerful head as the consumer frenzy that’s taken hold of
our day of thanks dies down, allowing us all to take a deep breath and concern ourselves over the War on Christmas. This
year’s battleground includes the race of Jesus Christ and Santa Clause, while the group of, what is traditionally, the most public consideration over the holidays, the poor, have quickly been swept under the rug since Pope Francis lamented against the
evils of “unfettered capitalism,” telling the world, “As long as the problems of the poor are not radically resolved by rejecting
the absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation and by attacking the structural causes of inequality, no solution
will be found for the world’s problems or, for that matter, to any problems.” If any of you follow mainstream news, or have the
stomach for FOX news, you may have been witness to the collaborative backlash against a pope who is “mixing religion with
politics,” as though the politically active Christian community takes any offense to the blurring of church and state, granted
that church is not a mosque. Throughout all of this backlash, which can be looked into with one leisurely hour of YouTube, the
mentioning of the poor seems to be the spill on the frathouse carpet: evaded by all, with little concern over whether anyone
else notices and addresses the issue.


may look to 1 John 4:20 to find guidance in this: “Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar.
For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.” This is
a challenge given to aspiring Christians during a time when a conversion to Christianity required much sacrifice, before Paul
would ease such restrictions as circumcision and dietary restrictions to make the religion more appealing to Romans, Jews,
Ethiopians, Yemenese, Syrians, and the beginnings of the Christian West. It is a challenge that would become fundamental to
the path of a Christian: to understand and exhibit compassion, forgiveness, and charity towards all your brothers and sisters.
It brings to light a Christian “truth,” one that weighs an undeterred love towards an unseen, compassionate God with the same
compassion one would give towards his creation of your brothers and sisters (those who you could only choose to neglect) that
pointedly defines the antithesis of the good Christian: the hypocrite.


this, most politically active Christians live in a world of poverty, many of whom champion their religion
politically within the conservative corners of our body politic, while focusing on the social privileges of their religion and
forgetting to remind us of why this democratic fortification of the Christian sects would benefit society as whole. Indeed, it is
a difficult endeavor to both promote Christianity and conservative trickle-down economics without neglecting the words of
Jesus entirely and focusing on one’s right to simply worship a particular deity. Conservative debates about the existence of a
God champion monotheism, despite Christianity’s iffy stance on the acknowledgement of other gods, rather than the social
benefits of Jesus Christ, by defending why someone should believe in a God, rather than any exhibition of the personal benefits
of believing in this God. In these debates, a considerable absence is seen where Jesus’ concern over the poor would be had.


would hope you couldn’t tell right away, but I am an atheist. I was raised Catholic, studied it academically, moved on to
education, and started regularly working with Christians towards similarly minded goals that demand compassion without
judgment, and benevolence towards those that need the most help: the poor and uneducated. I love many Christians, and if I
do have problems with the religion itself, I most often point to particular sects that differ in their interpretation of Christianity
with others. I am no Christian bigot. However, I’m an unapologetic fan of Jesus of Nazareth, and, as a fan, I’ve become a bit
of a nerd in my defense of him over Christians that make the cardinal mistake of hypocrisy, blindly defending a religion they
labor against in philosophy and action.


, to these particular Christians, as a concerned atheist, I have a personal message I would like to relay to you:

of Nazareth isn’t Batman; He’s not someone you can just call badass without any hope of following in his footsteps. It is certainly possible to be charitable without promoting the status quo of current rulers, whether it be the Romans,
or today’s rich. Poverty can’t be excused by Christians with the time-old “they’ll spend it on drugs” because Jesus didn’t care
about those excuses, and never made mention of any exceptions to Christian compassion. He helped prostitutes, and scorned
those who withheld wealth for power over the meek. He was passionate towards those “trapped in sin,” much like today’s
modern addicts and the unemployed, without telling them to pull themselves by their own sandal straps. These issues were
seen as symptoms of a system, and the prescriptive behavior of people was the Jewish text, while Jesus’ teachings convinced
his audiences of God’s divine system versus the system of man. He didn’t condemn anyone aside from the rich. These are not
my views, particularly, just the easily observable message laid out by his future transliterators.



some, there is no excuse for ignoring or blaming the poor in the Christian faith. You can definitely be a consistent
right-winger who opposes welfare and social services, but in virtue of consistency and honesty, you just might want to admit
Jesus was wrong if you’re going to actively preach against his words.


, it seems as though today’s right-wing Christians and evangelicals preach the economic corruption Jesus stood
against and died for (with the occasional overturned table and temple-whipping), while missing the entire point of his sacrifice (in favor of the “original sin” Eden tale spread around by ancient, tribal Jews), while these new Christians fight towards
a national religion that deserves special legal privileges over others (for instance, the issue of where to put a Mosque is not a
free society’s issue, nor is tax-exemption without a reviewed and audited charity service, for those with any historical, realistic
understanding of the value of taxes, at least), missing the entire point of a secular constitution and the American Revolution’s
place in a history dominated by turbulent religious rule till, arguably, the Thirty Years War…or at least the Enlightenment ideas
and values behind the Revolution and in the Constitution, rather than the tax dispute that ignited it.


to the issue. To those right-wing Christians who fall victim to “straying from the path,” re-examine yourselves
spiritually. Don’t simply believe you’re good because you believe in one God and others whom you call “bad” do not. Don’t confuse Judeo-Christian values with modern American values, when you’re pushing for Christian values to be affirmed politically,
while claiming they are separate when the issue of the poor and the sacrifices demanded of you by your own religious book
conflict with your political affiliation. By all means, you can believe the path to American prosperity is free-trade capitalism, if
you’d like, despite its clear conflicts with the Christian faith, as long as you aren’t conveniently espousing the Christian faith on
other issues. After all, America wasn’t founded on Judeo-Christian values. Our country’s framework was an accumulation of
common cultural ideas, developed by the founding fathers in a cultural time naturally extended from Western civilization, from
Hammurabi’s code and the development of central authority, republicanism, assemblies and forums, peasant rights/property
laws, and eventually the Age of Enlightenment, where new, scientifically-inspired ideas against the theocratic or absolutist
systems of old were scrapped in favor of 18th century revolutions by “the people” against the rulers and current wealth of that
time (and taxes…we still haven’t gotten that right). Our concepts of justice, labor rights, acceptable social behavior, everything;
they developed over time, not through the influence of Christianity alone. In fact, Christianity has been around for far, far longer than any period of time we could look towards any semblance of what we find “right” and “wrong”…and, in between that
time, dozens of priests joined in sanctioned, gay union, a Christian transvestite ruled France, Christian gays ruled England, sexslave benefactors enjoyed the papacy and Jewish throne. Yeah, this is Middle Ages stuff, but if you’re looking at Christianity’s
beginnings for moral guidance, get ready to be called a socialist, because Jesus is the closest thing you have to a role model.


Christianity in its actual place in history, rather than giving the Bible that historical authority, will
make you a better Christian. To deconvolute what a good Christian is supposed to do from your own political context, including
church institutions that may not sponsor a political agenda that allows for the wisdom of Christ to be followed, will help guide
your faith for yourself, rather than those who demand your vote and use Christianity to relate to you as a member of a demographic. Perhaps the biggest factor of religion that keeps Christians together is community support, and that can be a beautiful
thing. I understand straying from the most vocal and politically active Christians may put you at odds with other Christians,
but it is not them that will judge your salvation. That is on you and Jesus, and his points were pretty clear…

With love,

The Concerned Atheist



By: Bilal Mussadiq

You know, you get to a time in your life, or something
happens to you, that makes you decide that you need to do
something about making your life better. What I have found
is that you have to know yourself. This includes the way you
think and feel, which I believe
go hand and hand. They are
attached to each other, so, to do
this, you have to recognize what’s
going on in your head, not what
other people are thinking. For
example, you’re with your friends
and they want to do something
you don’t want to do, whether it
be egging a house or a drive-by
shooting, but you do it anyway.
Now you’re not being true to
yourself or how you’re thinking.
When you think of something and
it makes you happy or sad, you
act on it. First, a person feels an
emotion; then he takes action to
match that emotion. Okay, let’s
say you’re afraid to ride a rollercoaster; you’re not going to go to
Six Flags and ride them all, are
you? All of the mindless entertainment we’re inundated with is
made to have us not think, and, in
some cases, you can get killed for thinking a certain way.

Bilal is a contributing writer
and Head of Public Relations
for Waking Up Wisconsin

Okay, when you see Romeo, you may think, “Ooooooh,
that’s nice. This is what white people used to be like.” And
when you see the slave movie, you’ll most likely think, “This
is how black people used to live.” Now, this method is used
to manipulate the subconscious .
At this time in my daughter’s life,
she has no idea about Romeo or
the slave movie, but when you see
them, it will force you to process
your thoughts in a certain way. If
you’re black, you may start to wish
you were white. The slave movie
portrays blacks in a negative light,
so, by that logic, who would want
to be black? This is not about
black or white, though. This is
about the conditioning of the mind
and what we allow it to receive.

Now, sorry if I offend someone. That’s not what I intend
to do. Take it or leave it. There’s a movie out called Romeo and
Juliet, and there’s another movie, a slave movie I don’t know
the name of or care to anymore. From a toddler to a senior
citizen, when one sees this, he or she is having emotions and
beliefs instilled. Before I go any further, let me say the subconscious mind knows no lie. That part of the brain allows you
to drive and throw a high five to your buddy in the back seat.
Some people drink and drive, and don’t remember how they
got home, and that’s because subconscious did the work. Or
maybe, you’re trying to remember a song and it’s on the tip of
your tongue but it just won’t come out. Just tell yourself it will
come to you, and what happens? It might not come to you at
that moment, but it will, whether it’s that night while you’re
lying in bed or a week later. The subconscious just had to look
for it.


The conscious mind rationalizes thought, while the subconscious just accepts what it’s
given. If you say that black is red,
the subconscious mind says, “Yes
it is,” but the conscious mind says,
“Hey, wait a second. That’s not
what you learned. That’s not true.”
So, the subconscious mind can
cause one to accept something he’s been seeing his entire
life if his conscious mind isn’t strong enough. Now, when you
know this, don’t just think narrow-mindedly. You have to look
at it from every angle.

There’s a guy I know who had an assignment with no
due date, and he said, “No, I need a due date. If I don’t have one,
I won’t do it.” See, he is being true to himself and his thinking
process. I’ve found that millionaires use this type of thinking.
You know what makes you feel good and bad. You know yourself better than anyone else. Everyone talks to themselves, so
what are you telling yourself? Are you giving yourself positive
affirmations or tearing yourself down with negativity? Ask
the person next to you if they remember the worst and nicest
teacher they had? They can usually tell you why; there’s an
emotion attached to it in the subconscious, which will never



1. Foreign companies are

As an American, you are 8
times more likely to be killed by a

2. The united states has the

The Government has paid out
$2.125 billion in vaccine injury

currently buying many U.S.
Highways and Bridges.
highest incarceration rate in
the world.

3. The Federal Reserve is a

privately owned banking
cartel, and is not an actual
Federal Agency.

4. The Federal Government

gives taxpayer-money to such
ridiculous causes as video game
research, building robotic
squirrels, and promoting
romance novels.

5. In 2013, NYC saw its highest
number of homeless children
since the Great Depression.

police officer, than BY A

compensation, since 1989.

8. 50%
of American jobs pay less
than $33,000/yr. 25% of
American jobs pay below the
poverty-line, which is $22,000/yr
for a family of 4.

Since 9/11/01, U.S. soldiers
have been more frequently killed
by suicide than combat.

According to a 2006 New
York Times/CBS News poll, only

16% of Americans think the
government is telling the truth
about 9/11. (strangely, very few
national polls have been taken
on this subject, since then.)



for our next issue is

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“Another victim of the most common form
of school-shootings... mass-vaccination.”
Cartoon By: Doug O’Keefe
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rights of the people, which are guaranteed by the US Constitution. We expect our freedoms to be
honored by the state. We recognize these rights to be unalienable and God-given, and, therefore,
reject any claim of governmental authority to infringe upon them.
Among these is our freedom of speech, which assures the freedom to express and share information
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