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Let's start with the first work of the flesh, porneia.

Porneia is a fleshly-working that many would compare to the making of and viewing of
pornography. While pornography is certainly something without any value in the eyes of the Lord,
we are told that all things are allowable to us, but not all things are profitable. This is where we can
begin to look deeper, and find that while we may not view pornography or commit whoredom, we
may actually be guilty of a deeper offense still: selling our spiritual purity. Oxford English
Dictionary (OED) records a figurative use for the word fornication as: "The forsaking of God for
When I rejected hearing the voice of the Lord because my pastor told me to, I was falling
under this deception of the flesh. My pastor had a representation of God to sell me, and I bought it
and I took that God for my own. Look at the etymology for the word, "idol."