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In What Body Shall We Resurrect In,

Mortal Or Glorified?


Br Simon Ekwenye
(c) 2014

At The Resurrection
The same Jesus went down; the same Jesus come back .
(QA Hebrews part 2 COD P:61 [57-1002], 18th sentence)

What body shall we be in before the resurrection?
And when this veil is tore in two, I’ll go in His Presence
with this assurance, knowing that I know Him in the power of
His resurrection (j). I’ll be a body called theophany.
Theophany is a human body that’s glorified, not exactly with
flesh and blood like it will be in it’s glorified stage, but
it is of a form of a human body that doesn't eat, neither does
it drink, but it’s- - it’s a body, a body that’s waiting for
us as soon as we leave this one (k). And what is it when you
are way out there in redemption with a brand new body, you’ve
turned back to a young man altogether again, or a young woman;
you’re never going to die no more (l).

What body shall we resurrect in?
We are coming forth in a glorified state (p). This mortal
shall be--take on immortality (q). It does yet appear what
kind of a body we shall have, but we know we’ll have a body
like His own glorious body, for we shall see Him as He is ( r
We are waiting for the fullness of adoption. This will take
place when? At the first resurrection. That’s when our bodies
will be changed from these vile creatures that we are and

At The Resurrection
we’ll have a body like His own glorious body, for we shall see
Him as He is, and we will be like Him. When He appears, we
appear in His likeness. We’ll have a body like His, a glorious
glorified body, and all the trials and struggles of life will
fade off into a little mist and blow away to never be no more.
Friends, if you don’t believe in Divine healings, you’re lost
(t). How you going to, if you can’t have faith enough for God
to patch up this body to glorify Him in, how much more you
going to have faith to believe that God will take this old
mortal and make immortality of it to take it up (u).

What is the resurrection?
Resurrection is not replacement; its bringing up that that
went down (a).
We raise in the same body that we go down in, it’s a
resurrection, not replacement. We will be judged according to
the sins done in the body (b).
And when the wicked rises, he will be judged in the same body
that he sinned in, the same thing ( c ). Christianity is
based upon resurrection, not replacement, resurrection. If
you go down red-headed, you come back red-headed; if you go
down black-headed, you come up black-headed. See, it's a
resurrection. (QA Hebrews part 2 COD p:61 [57-1002], 20th &
22nd sentences)

At The Resurrection
Kinds of bodies
And there’s one body here, then that body there which is
the..the celestial body, and there the glorified body in the
resurrection (d). There are three bodies; the natural
(mortal), the spiritual (celestial) and the glorified

What Kind of body did Jesus raise in?
When Jesus raised from the dead, He was the same body that
went down; He raised in that same kind of a body (e). And God
became veiled in flesh (f). And the veil was tore in two, and
God became God again (g). And He raised up the veil that He
hid His self in; that’s the resurrection of the Lord Jesus,
proving to us that in this veil that we are now hid in… (h) By
faith we believe It and accept It (i).
And now the logos that went out God, which was the--the Logos,
all this begin to form into a--a body shape (m). And this body
shape is called in the scholar’s teaching, “Logos,” the Logos
that went out of God (n). Then from that He become the Word,
the theophany, that could appear, disappear; and then He
became flesh and returned back again; resurrected that same
body in a glorified condition (o).

At The Resurrection
And He will speak someday, and the dead in Christ shall rise,
and that body that I once lived in will resurrect into a
glorified body; and I’ll walk; and I’ll talk; and I’ll live;
and I’ll enjoy (Hallelujah) I’ll…?... Ages that is to come,
through Jesus Christ our Lord (v).
But then when that body, a kind of a celestial body, when it
returns back to the earth, it picks up the--the substance that
it once lived in and then it becomes a glorified body (y).
That body is the one that we’ll see the Lord Jesus in His
resurrected body
At the coming of the Lord Jesus, this veil will be raised up
again in a perfect way, so I’ll walk and talk with Him as my
Saviour and my God, when He takes the throne of David (w). And
we’ll live forever in this veil after it’s been perfected, but
this veil as sin in it (x).
I said, "Just those who are magnetized by His birth and power
of His resurrection, will go to meet Him in the air. And some
of these days be magnetized as His witnesses of the power of
the resurrection, when these old, mortal bodies will be taken
into the cupola of God's Word and molded from mortal to
immortality, then we'll have a body like His own glorious body
and shall see Him as He is. Why? As a witness magnetized with
the resurrection. When Jesus Christ, the resurrected Son of
God puts resurrection Life in a man, he's a witness of the
(witnesses p:46 [54-0303], 22nd to 26th sentences

At The Resurrection
And the spiritual Church is at the end of the road. It's
heading toward it's Head, the coming of the Lord Jesus. It's
all heading up (That's right.), heading up in the coming of
the Lord. The Lord Jesus, the Headship of the Church is
coming. What's He going to do? Resurrect all the saints and
give them a glorified body
(hearing, receiving and acting p:60 [60-0607], 1st-5th

At The Resurrection
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At The Resurrection
(y)&(z) Hear His voice P:13 [58-1005M], 7th & 8th sentences.

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