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At The Resurrection
we’ll have a body like His own glorious body, for we shall see
Him as He is, and we will be like Him. When He appears, we
appear in His likeness. We’ll have a body like His, a glorious
glorified body, and all the trials and struggles of life will
fade off into a little mist and blow away to never be no more.
Friends, if you don’t believe in Divine healings, you’re lost
(t). How you going to, if you can’t have faith enough for God
to patch up this body to glorify Him in, how much more you
going to have faith to believe that God will take this old
mortal and make immortality of it to take it up (u).

What is the resurrection?
Resurrection is not replacement; its bringing up that that
went down (a).
We raise in the same body that we go down in, it’s a
resurrection, not replacement. We will be judged according to
the sins done in the body (b).
And when the wicked rises, he will be judged in the same body
that he sinned in, the same thing ( c ). Christianity is
based upon resurrection, not replacement, resurrection. If
you go down red-headed, you come back red-headed; if you go
down black-headed, you come up black-headed. See, it's a
resurrection. (QA Hebrews part 2 COD p:61 [57-1002], 20th &
22nd sentences)