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At The Resurrection
Kinds of bodies
And there’s one body here, then that body there which is
the..the celestial body, and there the glorified body in the
resurrection (d). There are three bodies; the natural
(mortal), the spiritual (celestial) and the glorified

What Kind of body did Jesus raise in?
When Jesus raised from the dead, He was the same body that
went down; He raised in that same kind of a body (e). And God
became veiled in flesh (f). And the veil was tore in two, and
God became God again (g). And He raised up the veil that He
hid His self in; that’s the resurrection of the Lord Jesus,
proving to us that in this veil that we are now hid in… (h) By
faith we believe It and accept It (i).
And now the logos that went out God, which was the--the Logos,
all this begin to form into a--a body shape (m). And this body
shape is called in the scholar’s teaching, “Logos,” the Logos
that went out of God (n). Then from that He become the Word,
the theophany, that could appear, disappear; and then He
became flesh and returned back again; resurrected that same
body in a glorified condition (o).