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The end of a belle epoque.
Introduction: Chronology, and the big waves.
Part I. The base. The begining.
1. Prophets. Ivanushki International.
2. Kings. Ruki Vverh.
3. Girls` power 1: Juggernaut. Tatu.
4. Girls` power 2: Young boys` favorite. Propaganda.
5. Girls` power 3. For advanced listeners. Minnet.
6. Always second. Otpetye moshenniki.
7. Kings of summer. S.T.D.K.
8. Everybody can write a one song. Dj Dozhdik.
9. Tertiary. Sveta.
Intermediary I. Echo of previous eras, the rave without an end. Kirpichi.
Part II. The soar. The afternoon. And the new millennium.
1. The voice of a new generation. Zveri.
2. The beauty. Zemfira.
3. It might be going another way, if the second capital was the real one. Multfilmy.
4. The alternative, or a wrong path of the rock. Korol i shut.
5. The real underground, or the rise of the rap. 63 region.
6. The tales of a dark forest. Tem Grinhill.
7. The pure genius. Anna Plotnikova.
Intermediary II. The strange case of Pasha K. Pavel Kashin.
Part III. The finals. Who is who, and how it ends.
1. The tertiary becomes first. Factor2.
2. Girls power continue. Ranetki.
3. Second season. Industrious approach. Maks Fadeev.
4. Music 2.0. Katya Chehova.
Intermediary III. The long shot. Grazhdanskaya Oborona.