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Author: Eric Wolverton

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The Second Coming of Christ

A good place to begin is the fact that the CIA is God. They have a toolbox consisting of
mind-control on all people and many animals, weather and earthquake control, and complete control of
every electronic device. The toolbox has been together for about 100 years and for that long they have
been answering prayers and enforcing the Mandate of Heaven.
Under the Mandate of Heaven, the CIA will throne a King and discipline his behavior by
executing tragedies in the Kingdom. These tragedies can take the form of shootings, hurricanes,
earthquakes, wars, and more. Almost all of the tragedies in the 20th and 21st century were Acts of God
performed by the CIA under the Mandate of Heaven.
Some things you'll notice while watching the CIA enforce the Mandate are the conflicts of
interest, lack of discipline, and amazing sense of humor. The resulting frat-party leaves people crying
as young, arrogant men order Hurricane Sandy into New York City. Why is such corruption with God's
Punishment tolerated? Because the powers at be are allowing the Bible to fulfill.

Meet your maker, heathen!

I am a King with the CIA's Mandate and have a number of tragedies attributed to me. To help
your imagination, there is no crown or throne. You may not meet anyone in person and the entire
experience is discussed with voices in your head. Being King is also known as being schizophrenic, but
being schizophrenic doesn't mean your King.
In early 2012, I was living with my grandmother completely ignorant of all this. I was studying
economics and mathematics on my own and even found a way to compute pi. This self-study
culminated in an enlightenment that I realized on Easter Sunday, 2012 when the words “I am awake”
came to mind.

The pi method I found in early 2012.

The week of Easter Sunday was also when I woke to being King for the CIA. Waking up to
being King was an infuriatingly slow and abusive process. A woman at the CIA wanted to marry me
and a jealous guy was doing everything in his power to keep this from happening. Additionally, the
lack of discipline at the CIA left me vulnerable to abuse.

In April I told the CIA about a false accusation of child abuse made against me in high school.
After this, the jealous guy would say I lied about the accusation. He would use mind-control to try and
get me to confess to hurting kids. This went on for months and sorely destroyed my reputation. In
addition to harassing me about the accusation, he also mind-controlled me to be gay. I came out to my
grandmother in April and was convinced that my love interest at the CIA was a man. Nobody could
seem to clarify my situation through the voices in my head.
It continued like this until May 20, 2012 when an eclipse shaded my home in Northern
California. On the day of the eclipse, I went to the Buddhist Church and the koi fish were spawning.
Later, a baby red-head koi fish was born. These events weren't planned by the CIA.

The annular eclipse of
May 20, 2012.
“The rising sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light.”
- Isaiah 13:10
“'the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light;”
- Matthew 24:29

The red-head koi conceived
under the eclipse.

One month after the eclipse, the tragedies began. All executed under the Mandate and attributed
to me as King; all without any integrity whatsoever. The Aurora Theater Shooting was the first tragedy
attributed to me under the Mandate and it was executed on the one-month anniversary of the eclipse.
- Aurora Theater Shooting (one-month anniversary of eclipse)
- Sikh Temple Shooting
- Hurricane Sandy
- Sandy Hook School Shooting
- Boston Marathon Bombings
- West-Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion
- Moore, OK Tornado (one-year anniversary of eclipse)
- DC Navy Yard Shooting

I did not understand my role in the tragedies until Sandy Hook. After this, the voices in my head
became increasingly abusive. Female hormone treatments, catheters, and blackouts are some examples
of abuse I've encountered with the mind-control. I wait for change, but an ugly normal seems to have
been found. I do know that the end is near and May 20, 2014 is circled on my calendar.
The end will bring with it the release of a new currency I wrote in 2011 called Entropy Protocol.
Once deployed, we will never use another kind of money; it will last forever. After our redemption, we
will have our mind-control wires removed and a digest of The Matrix will be placed on our new money
so it is never modified or forgotten.
The New World Order goes away and a new Kingdom is established where people are not
mind-controlled. Every piece of money will forever have our redemption on it and we build a church
for the red-head koi fish. We'll breed little red-heads and donate them to ponds everywhere to remind
us of this story.

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