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Future tenses - summary.
Read the questions below and decide which answer best fits each space.

1. Your driving licence ... next week.
a) is expiring
b) expires
c) will expire
d) is going to expire
2. As soon as I ... back, I ... something nice.
a) will go ... will buy
b) go ... will buy
c) will go ... buy
d) go ... am going to buy
3. Can you visit me tomorrow? Well, I suppose you ... me for some time. We ... on holidays.
a) won't see ... will go
b) are not going to see ... are going
c) are not seeing ... will be going
d) won't see ... are going
4. I hope it ... tomorrow.
a) isn't raining
b) is not going to rain
c) doesn't rain
d) won't have been raining
5. Every student ... the matura exam in May.
a) is taking
b) will take
c) is going to take
d) takes
6. I have a proposal for Peter. ... him tonight?
a) Will you be seeing
b) Will you see
c) Are you going to see
d) Do you see
7. You ... your room without my permission.
a) won't leave
b) are not to leave
c) are about to leave
d) are going to leave

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8. The concert ... at 8 p.m.
a) will start
b) is starting
c) is due to start
d) is about to
9. If she ... pass the exam, she needs to study harder.
a) is to
b) is about to
c) is due to
d) is bound to
10. I can't look at these documents any longer. I ... madness.
a) am about to
b) on the verge of
c) on the step of
d) will be in
11. ... the window?
a) Will I open
b) Shall I open
c) Am I opening
d) Am I going to open
12. Tom ... for the company for 20 years next week. We ... a party for him.
a) is working ... will organise
b) will have worked ... are organising
c) will have been working ... are going to organise
d) will be working ... will organise
13. I ... a party and would like to invite you. Thanks, if you need any help, I ... you a hand.
a) am going to organise ... am going to give
b) will organise ... will give
c) am organising ... am giving
d) am organising ... will give
14. Hurry up! The train ...
a) is about to leave
b) is to leave
c) is on the brick of leaving
d) will be leaving
15. I ... come with you.
a) shalln't

Test downloaded from http://testyourenglish.org

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b) shan't
c) not shall
d) don't shall

Test downloaded from http://testyourenglish.org

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