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314170 Student Government Opportunity Grant .pdf

Original filename: 314170_Student Government Opportunity Grant.pdf
Title: Microsoft Word - Student Government Opportunity Grant.docx
Author: Maria Rubino

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Student  Government  Opportunity  Grant  


Submit  proposal  with  budget  attached  to  the  SGA  Executive  Board  
through  Org  Sync  by  Friday  March  15,  2013.  The  Executive  Board  
will  select  the  top  proposals  by  Tuesday  March  26th.  
The  top  proposals  will  be  given  3  minutes  to  present  his  or  her  
proposal  at  the  SGA  meeting  on  Tuesday  April  2 n d ,  3:30pm  –  
The  Student  Government  Assembly  will  select  the  top  three  proposals  
who  will  present  at  the  following  Org  Council  meeting.  
All  organizations  present  at  Org  Council  will  vote  for  the  top  
proposal  at  the  Monday  April  15 t h  Organizational  Council  Meeting,  
12:20pm  –  1:15pm.  
This  will  be  done  once  per  year.  







Any  student  can  submit  a  proposal  for  the  Opportunity  Grant,  
whether  they  are  involved  in  an  organization  or  not.    You  cannot  
propose  an  event  for  a  specific  organization;  it  must  be  an  event  for  
the  university.    
Members  of  the  Student  Government  Association  Executive  Board  
cannot  submit  a  proposal.  
Proposals  should  be  kept  to  under  $50,000  per  group.    Multiple  
students  can  collaborate  to  propose  an  event  or  project.  
Proposals  should  not  be  similar  to  or  mirror  any  project  that  is  
currently  listed  in  the  Master  Plan  and  also  cannot  fall  under  the  
qualifications  the  regular  budget  allocation  guidelines.    
o For  information  go  to  http://strategicplan.blogs.pace.edu/  or  
log  onto  Pace  Portal  and  look  under  announcements.  
Only  Students  Can  Submit  Proposals.  Faculty/staff/administrators  
cannot  submit  a  proposal.  However,  if  they  feel  that  there  are  
worthwhile  projects  that  would  benefit  the  student  body  as  a  whole,  
they  can  encourage  students  and  student  organizations  to  apply  for  
an  Opportunity  Grant.  
The  project/event  being  proposed  must  be  a  one-­‐time  event  or  
annual  event  that  will  continue  to  benefit  students  in  the  future.      
o If  the  event  is  an  annual  reoccurring  event  and  it  becomes  
inactive  (no  student  chooses  to  run  the  event)  after  three  
years,  it  will  no  longer  qualify  for  the  opportunity  grant  
The  location  of  the  event  must  be  easily  accessible  from  One  Pace  





Proposals  with  series  events,  or  multiple  events  that  are  part  of  one  
project  will  be  allowed.    Events  must  be  open  to  the  entire  Pace  
University  community.  This  guideline  will  be  revisited  in  the  Spring  
of  2014  and  may  be  removed  if  other  community  resources  allow  for  
series  events  to  take  place.  
The  following  are  the  guidelines  for  appealing  the  Opportunity  Grant  
o Only  students  who  are  selected  to  present  in  front  of  SGA  can  
appeal  the  Opportunity  Grant  Process.    
o An  appeal  may  only  be  made  by  a  student  if  they  believe  one  of  
the  three  projects  selected  to  present  in  front  of  SGA  did  NOT  
follow  the  guidelines  set  fourth  in  this  document.  Their  appeal  
must  be  submitted  in  writing  48  hours  after  the  SGA  
presentation  to  the  SGA  Executive  Board,  Head  of  SDACA  and  
Dean  for  Students.    
o Once  a  formal  appeal  has  been  made,  all  three  (3)  projects  will  
be  reviewed.  If  (a)  project(s)  is  (are)  found  to  be  in  violation  of  
the  guidelines,  it  will  be  removed  from  the  selection  process.  
No  project  will  take  its  place.  If  all  projects  are  found  in  
violation  of  the  guidelines,  then  no  project  will  be  selected  and  
the  disbursement  of  opportunity  funds  will  not  take  place  in  
the  present  year.    
o After  selection  is  made  at  Organizational  Council  Meetings,  
students  can  only  appeal  for  a  re-­‐count  of  votes,  not  on  the  
projects  presented.  They  must  make  this  request  within  24  
hours  of  the  vote.    


Opportunity  Grant  Template  
Please  be  as  detailed  as  possible!    

Project  Title  
Project  or  Event  Description    
[Insert  a  summary  of  your  project,  including  the  problem/opportunity,  
goals/objectives  and  any  information  that  will  help  us  to  understand  the  need  for  the  
project  or  event.  Be  sure  to  include  how  your  event  will  benefit  the  Pace  student  body  
in  the  present  and  in  the  future.    A  small  project/event  may  consist  of  eight  to  ten  
sentences  while  a  larger  project/event  could  be  several  paragraphs  in  length.]  
Design  Requirements    
[Insert  an  outline  of  any  requirements  that  pertain  to  the  design  of  the  project.  This  
could  vary  depending  on  the  type  of  project.  For  example,  a  website  or  marketing-­‐
related  project  may  include  information  regarding  branding  standards  or  a  style  
guide,  whereas  an  IT  project  may  include  information  pertaining  to  how  the  project  
deliverable  will  operate.  Length  varies  widely  based  on  the  type  of  project.]  
Technical  Requirements    
[Insert  any  technical  requirements,  such  as  music,  a  projector,  computers,  etc.  Please  
also  include  whether  or  not  security  will  be  needed.]  
Estimated  Project  Duration  
[Insert  the  estimated  duration  of  the  project  or  the  required  completion  date.  If  the  
proposal  is  for  an  event,  please  include  in  this  section  when  the  event  will  take  place,  
how  long  the  preparation  for  the  event  will  take,  and  how  the  event  will  be  advertised.]  
For  Additional  Information  or  Clarification    
[Insert  a  list  of  contacts  who  will  be  available  to  clarify  any  questions  regarding  the  
RFP.  For  example,  one  contact  for  technical  questions  and  another  for  marketing  
Estimated  Budget    
[Insert  a  short  paragraph  or  list  that  outlines  your  estimated  cost  for  the  project  or  
event.  Please  be  as  specific  as  possible.  For  example,  if  it  is  an  event,  please  include  cost  
of  security,  food,  etc.  and  a  total  cost.  If  you  are  planning  a  project,  please  include  the  
specific  prices  from  the  company.]  

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