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As of, 22.2.2014, 10:20 GMT+1.00, Ukrainian protestors have gained control over the
presidential building. This act is the final confirmation of successfully carried out coup
Slovenia fully supports the implementation of Russian foreign policy, in the context of
diplomatic and economic interests between Slovenia and Russia.
Slovenia withdraws and does not interfere with Ukrainian civil-war.
It does not matter what decisions EU will made, the following EU decisions are based on EU
decisions and not on Slovenian decisions.
It is again stated, Slovenia maintain neutral position to Ukraine crisis and will not interfere,
support or reject EU political decisions.
However, Slovenia will give full support under medical assistance and diplomatic
assistance, to save civilian lives in Ukraine.
Slovenian military intervention under NATO, is under NATO command.
Slovenia will support commitment to NATO, on the ground of obligation and duty of
Slovenian contract with NATO.
Slovenia doesn’t want to send Slovenian soldiers on Ukrainian soil, because Slovenia, it is
again stated, withdraws and does not interfere with Ukrainian civil-war.
Request shall be applied to Russian government, to understand Slovenian situation, who is
obliged to defend and participate under interests of Nato, and doesn’t want to destroy
political and economic interests between Russia and Slovenia.
In the case of military attack of Slovenia, NATO will defend territorial area of Republic of
Slovenia. Slovenia will not even think to violate or oppose NATO decisions.
Slovenia is a proud member of EU and proud member of NATO membership.
E.S. asked China for umbrella support and defense of Slovenian territory, under UN act 984,
for additional nuclear protection.
Slovenia does not and will not interfere with pre state of war between Japan and China.
Slovenia can not afford to offend Japan or China, but Slovenia needs additional protection at
the front line Russia-Ukraine-Hungary-Slovenia.
Instead of startup of Slovenian nuclear program, Slovenia will invest money to Japan
elimination of the consequences of nuclear disaster in Japan.
Request shall be applied to China and Japan, that Slovenia will not interfere with ChinaJapan conflict, but it is in the diplomatic and economic interests of Slovenia, to maintain
partnership with China and Japan. Assistance to China and Japan is only under medical
assistance, by former agreement and pact with possible warring parties China and Japan.