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Clouds moving through the sky.
We see various shots of the city, exterior storefronts,
people going about their lives and some wider shots of the
As they continue, the hour gets progressively later in the
day until the final sequence which takes place at night.
Over this we hear our guy, PATRICK (30).
PATRICK (V. 0 . )
To people who grow up here, this city is
like family. The thing about family,
about the city, about the church, about
the people you grow up with-- is that no
matter how much they hurt you, no matter
what the cost is, you still love them.
And despite all our flaws-- what we do to
each other-- what is done to us-- I've
always felt proprietary about it all.
Like the old commercial for dog food:
'doesn't your dog deserve to be treated
like a member of the family?' I've always
believed it depended on the dog. Beyond
that, the most I thought about anything
was what I wanted to do. Who I wanted to
be. To rise where my father said I
couldn't go, to succeed. To be a man.



A playground at night, completely empty. One of the swings
drifts back and forth . . .
The back door to a home is open. A piece of light cuts across
the porch from inside . . .
Up the back stairwell another door is open, leading into an
apartment . . .
Down the hall, a third door opens to reveal a small, sparse
bedroom. A small mattress on the floor holds a dirty-faced
little girl asleep under her blanket . . .
Footsteps heard, quietly moving through the house . . .

A three foot gate hangs open. A car starts and pulls away.