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The morning breeze has died down. The restless movement of the sea has
ceased, the water is silent. The sun rises from the haze and its glow
whitens. The sea gull floats under the dark cloud, frozen in space. The day
is already scorchingly hot.
The squire JONS is awakened by a kick in the rear. Opening his eyes, he
grunts like a pig and yawns broadly. He scrambles to his feet, saddles his
horse and picks up the heavy pack.
The KNIGHT slowly rides away from the sea, into the forest near the beach
up towards the road. He pretends not to hear the morning prayers of his
squire. JONS soon overtakes him.
Between a strumpet's legs to lie
Is the life for which I sigh.
He stops and looks at his master, but the KNIGHT hasn't heard JON'S song, or
he pretends that he hasn't. To give further vent to his irritation, JONS
sings even louder.
Up above is God Almighty
So very far away,
But your brother the Devil
You will meet on every level.
JONS finally gets the KNIGHT'S attention. He stops singing. The KNIGHT, his
horse, JONS'S own horse and JONS himself know all the songs by heart. The
long, dusty journey from the Holy Land hasn't made them any cleaner. They
ride across a mossy heath which stretches towards the horizon. Beyond it,
sea lies shimmering in the white glitter of the sun.
In F‰rjestad everyone was talking about evil
omens and other horrible things. Two horses had
eaten each other in the night, and, in the
churchyard, graves had been opened and the
remains of corpses scattered all over the
place. Yesterday afternoon there were as many
as four suns in the heavens.
The KNIGHT doesn't answer. Close by, a scrawny dog is whining, crawling
towards its master, who is sleeping in a sitting position in the blazing hot
sun. A black cloud of flies clusters around his head and shoulders. The
miserable-looking dog whines incessantly as it lies flat on its stomach,
wagging its tail.
JONS dismounts and approaches the sleeping man. JONS addresses him politely.
When he doesn't receive an answer, he walks up to the man in order to shake
him awake. He bends over the sleeping man's shoulder, but quickly pulls back
his hand. The man falls backward on the heath, his face turned towards JONS.
It is a corpse, staring at JONS with empty eye sockets and white teeth.