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Issue II
For Scotland

Thank you to our contributors, our readers, and our constant supporters.
Created and designed by Gordon Johnstone and Declan Malone.
Twitter: @thegrindjournal

Richard Martin - Visual Art
Roy Moller - Poetry
Aimee Fox - Photography
Eva Abercrombie - Visual Art
Becky Catterson - Visual Art
Paul Docherty - Poetry
Cate Inglis - Visual Art
Declan Malone - Visual Art
Michael Morrison - Flash Fiction
Alishia Farnan - Photography
Sam Kolinsky - Poetry
Marina Tselepi - Photography
Iain McCall - Visual Art
James Duffy - Poetry
Craig Scott - Poetry
Tracy Ryan - Illustration
Ben McAteer - Illustration
Kim Campell - Visual Art
Thomas Clark - Poetry
Michael McCann - Photography
Emi James - Flash Fiction
Alan Gray - Photography
Liam Dunn - Illustration
Jim Ferguson - Poetry
Stewart Craig - Photography
Camila Cavalcante Pereira - Photography
Natalie Stypa - Poetry
Charis Edward Wells - Photography
Caitlin Higgins - Photography
Craig Thomson - Illustration
Robert Sanders - Flash Fiction
Ronnie Macintosh - Poetry
Su Grierson - Photography
Kat Gollock - Photography
Sophie Wills - Photography
Morgan Downie - Illustration and poetry