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To get into Virtual Pool 4 and start playing right away:
Double-click on the Virtual Pool 4 icon on your desktop
Click on Quick Play
Click OK
To Aim, move the mouse side to side to change direction of shot; back and forth to
change angle of view
To Shoot, hold down S-Key and slide mouse backward then forward keeping the S-Key
held down; the faster you move the mouse forward, the harder you will hit the cue ball
To quit the game, press the ESC-Key and click on Quit Match, then click on Yes.
To quit Virtual Pool 4, click Cancel, click on Exit.

Playing pool is all about:
Taking aim
Striking the cue ball with the cue stick
Pocketing or potting the object (colored) balls into the pocket. The order of pocketing
the balls depends on the game you are playing (see GAMES in the Virtual Pool
Reference Manual)
Moving the cue ball around the pool table
Virtual Pool 4 (VP4) can be played right away without using the reference manual by:
Moving your mouse to navigate around the screen, taking aim, and shooting
Holding down the left or right mouse buttons to make selections
Pressing on keyboard keys to do a variety of different things (see Shortcut Keys in the
Virtual Pool 4 Reference manual)
As you progress in your skill level for playing Virtual Pool 4, you will have an arsenal of
different features and options that will help you elevate your game even higher.

Virtual Pool 4 Made Easy

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