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MHRPhalanx .pdf

Original filename: MHRPhalanx.pdf
Author: Brian Liberge

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Alexarchos of Sparta


*One Man Army
*Spartan Mercenary
*What Haven't I Done?



XP: ____

+1 PP

PP: ____

Power Sets


Godlike Stamina

SFX: Multiplication - On a successful reaction against a physical attack, convert your opponent's effect die into a BLESSING OF ARES stunt or, if
the effect die is d10+, add a die to your Mob power until the end of the scene (maximum 5d8). If your opponent's action succeeds, spend 1 PP to
use this effect.
SFX: Absorb - Spend 1 PP to eliminate any errant duplicate-related complication that you are nearby. If this duplicate resists or had any kind of
stress, step up your mental stress. Phalanx can also use this to avoid dying of old age, having a young duplicate absorb an old one.
SFX: Did I Do That? - During a Transition Scene, you may create duplicate-based resources for heroes in other scenes in which you are not
SFX: Plenty for Everybody! - Target multiple opponents. For every additional target, add a d6 to your pool and keep an additional effect die.
SFX: Human Shield - On a successful attack action against you spend 1 PP to ignore the effect die and remove a die from your Mob power.
Recover the power dice after a Transition scene.
Limit: Rebellion - Add a BLESSING OF ARES d8 Complication to gain 1 PP. If you are suffering emotional stress or trauma, step up this
Limit: Mob Cohesion - Mob dice can be targeted individually or by Area Attack SFX. D10 Physical Stress inflicted removes a die from the Mob
power. Recover Mob dice after a transition scene.


Laser Blast

Enhanced Durability

SFX: Discipline - On any roll including a HOPLITE TRAINING die you may replace two dice of the same step with one die +1 step higher.
Limit: Lay Down Your Arms - Shutdown any HOPLITE TRAINING power and gain 1 PP. Make a roll against the Doom Pool to recover or spend a
Transition Scene.


Combat Master

Mystic Expert

Menace Expert

Medical Expert


History of Violence

1 XP when you declare an NPC an old foe or ally
3 XP when you deal Physical Trauma to an old foe or ally
10 XP when you either kill an old foe or ally, or change a foe to an ally or vice versa

Leads from the Front, Back and Sides

1 XP when you give an order in the midst of battle
3 XP when you take stress because you are putting yourself into the most dangerous parts of the conflict
10 XP when you either hand leadership over to another member of the group or leave the team to do things on your own




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