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Copyright © Basil Blackwell Ltd 1994
First published 1994
Blackwell Publishers
108 Cowley Road
Oxford OX4 IJF
238 Main Street
Cambridge , Massachusetts 02 142
All rights reserved. Except for the q uotation of short passages for the purposes of crit icism and
review, no part of th is publ ication may be reproduced , stored in a retrieval system, or
transmitted, in any form or by any means , electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recordi ng or
otherwise, without the pr ior perm ission of the publisher.
Except in the United States of Amer ica, this book is sold subjec t to th e condi tio n that it shall
not , by way of trad e or otherwise, be lent , resold, hired out , or oth erw ise circul ated irhout th e
publisher's prior consent in any form of bind ing or cover oth er than that in which it is
published and without a similar condition includi ng thi s condi tion being imposed on th
subsequent purchaser.

British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data
A OP catalogue record for thi s book is available from the British Library .

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Vygotskil, L. S. (Lev Semenovich), 1896-1934.
[Essays. Selections . English]
The Vygotsky reader I edited by Rene van der Veer and Jaan Valsiner.
p. em .
Translated by Theresa Prout and Rene van der Veer.
Includes bibliographical references and index .
ISBN 0-631-18896-7 (a1k. paper). - ISBN 0-631-18897-5 (pbk.: a1k. paper)
I. Veer, Rene van der , 195 2- . II. Valsiner, Jaan . III . T itl e.
BF109.V95A251 3 1994
150 - dc20
93-3735 3

Typeset in 10 on 12 pt , Garamond 3
by Best-set Typesetter Ltd , Hong Kong
Printed in Great Britain by T.]. Press Ltd, Padstow, Cornwall
This book is printed on acid-free paper