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Original filename: The 90 Day Look Great Naked Challenge.pdf
Title: Find The 90 Day Look Great Naked Challenge
Author: admin

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Find The 90 Day Look Great Naked
The 90 Day Look Great Naked Challenge
Description and Review
The 90 Day Look Great Naked Challenge Review
Look Great Naked Challenge Product Price $199.00: Tax ,My 90 dayish fitness blog. I want to look good naked.,What
people are saying about the 90-day challenge: Support. Contact Us ,Look Great Naked Challenge. $199.00: Immediate
access to this product or service is available once payment is approved. TAX: $0.00 PAYMENT: , http://tiny.cc/no4ky
Are You Ready For The Look Great Naked Challenge? 3:13 Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge Before and After Pictures by
Topvisalusteam ,Click HERE to OPEN The 90 Day Look Great Naked Challenge Official web site in Full Page! Domain
Whois Details. The Whois information for The 90 Day Look Great ,New From Dax Moy, The Uks Leading Personal
Trainer, The Look Great Naked Challenge Is A Complete 90 Day Package Of Exercise, Nutrition And Motivation
Delivered,Are You Ready For The Look Great Naked Challenge? Click here to buy the 90 Day Look Great Naked
Challenge Now! Alternatively.,The 90 Day Look Great Naked Challenge Download Now Read more Added on : 2008-0-29 Category : Health and Fitness. Rank : 1772 Subcategory : Exercise and Fitness.,Are You Ready For The Look Great
Naked Challenge? Click here to buy the 90 Day Look Great Naked Challenge Now! Alternatively.

The 90 Day Look Great Naked Challenge Description
(If that’s just set your hype alarms off, don’t panic. This is both possible AND probable if you follow
the step-by-step, six year old simple system that I’ve built into the Look Great Naked Challenge.
Simply carry on reading and you’ll find out how you can apply the system to yourself with stunning

If you’ve been looking for a way to burn off the stubborn fat that been clinging to you for years,
strengthen loose, saggy muscles that make you look soft and shapeless and get back to a level of
fitness that makes you feel like the master of the body you wear (rather than a slave to it) then….
Oh hold on!
At this point, I’m supposed to say ‘Then this is probably the most important web page you’ve ever
read in your entire life’ and then go on to relate a whole bunch of reason why my system and ONLY
my system will get you results like no other.
You know what I’m talking about right?

You’ve seen those webpages that take a month to read, have 15,000 testimonials and a gazillion free
download bonuses if you sign up today haven’t you?
Well look, I’m not going to do that with you today…. I promise!
In fact, I’ll tell you right now that this page will not include ANY testimonials at all (You can Go
HERE if you’re really that interested) and I’m not going to ‘sweeten the pot’ with a truck-load of
bonuses either. In fact, there won’t be a single one.

I’m also not about to insult your intelligence by telling you that ‘the program I’m presenting
here is the only one in the entire world that will get you into great shape and that’s why you should
buy from me right now’. In fact, I’ll tell you the exact opposite as you go on reading.
(If the thought of no bonuses, no hype and no ‘death by testimonial’ hasn’t put you off yet that is!)
Now, you’re probably more than a little confused by my introduction and maybe even thinking
I’m a little crazy. After all, you’re supposed to go out of the way to ‘sell people’ on the internet, not
put them off right?
Well, if that makes me crazy then I’m happy to claim the title.
You see, I’m not a believer in ‘selling people’.
I’ve built an amazing career in Health and Fitness by being selective about those who I let work with
me and by ensuring that only those who’re ready to follow my systems get access to them. In effect, I
only work with people who ALREADY
want what I’m offering so I have no need to sell.
And I don’t intend to change that any time soon!
So look, to save you the time, the effort and potential disappointment of reading a long description of
the program only to decide it’s not for you, let me tell you upfront what I’m offering. That way, if it’s
not for you then you can simply continue your search for the program that best suits your
circumstances. Fair enough?

In short form…

On this page I’ll be talking to you about a 90 day program of motivation, exercise and
nutrition delivered daily into your inbox and designed to bring about maximum benefits in
terms of fat loss and fitness improvements in 30 minutes a day or less.

That’s it!
So, if that’s what you’re looking for then carry on reading, if it’s not then I bid you farewell and wish
you the best of luck in finding the program you’re looking for.

Still here?

The fact that you’re still here tells me either that you’re seriously interested or that you want to
see what else this crazy Englishman has to say. In either case, you’re most welcome.
Let’s get on with it shall we?

Now, before I get to the program itself, I guess it’s only right that I introduce myself right?
After all, if you’re going to make changes to your lifestyle, your nutrition and your exercise habits
then you want to know who’s advice you’re following don’t you?

Well, My name Is Dax Moy and for the last 8 years I´ve been fortunate enough to be counted
among the foremost conditioning coaches in the UK with a client list that ranges from Actors to
Athletes, Pop Stars to Polar Explorers and Soldiers to Stay-at-home Mums.

I´ve written for and been featured in just about every magazine
you can imagine from Health and Fitness to Mens Fitness, Bella, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Red, Reveal,
Vogue and many, many more.

I´ve been quoted in many of the world´s top news publications
from The New York Times and The Washington Post in the US to The Evening Standard and The
Telegraph in the UK and many more besides.

I´ve been a guest expert on TV shows on every UK terrestrial channel as well as several satellite
ones and have a video in the high street stores as well as a best selling goal achievement program

called The Magic Hundred that sold over $100,000 in the first 7 days.
In addition I operate 2 very success UK personal training studios, a training academy for personal
trainers and am a regular speaker at many of the personal training industry conferences.

Why am I telling you this?
Well, it´s not because I enjoy blowing my own trumpet.
Far from it, in fact.

It´s just that I think it´s important for you to know that this program isn´t created by an industry
newbie with 5 minutes of experience and a background in marketing who sees an opportunity for
‘easy money´ on the internet.
The fact is, I´ve paid my dues in this industry by serving ‘in the trenches´ with real clients, and any
recognition I´ve gained within it has come from one single, simple fact.

I get results!
You see, my systems aren´t fancy.
They don´t require a ton of equipment.

They don´t require membership to your local ‘Hi Tech´ gym

(In fact, you don´t need a gym at all)
They´re not full of gizmo´s and gadgets.
They´re not based upon what´s ‘in´.

They don´t follow fads.
They´re not trendy.

In fact, I´ll be honest with right now. My systems are pretty basic. Pretty straightforward. Pretty
Yet for all their simplicity, they work to bring about results that are, frankly, extremely rare at the

The Health and Fitness Industry, almost daily, seems to introduce a new diet fad, a new piece of
‘no effort´ equipment, a new ‘skinny´ milkshake, a new ‘fat blasting pill´ all in a fanfare of hype-filled
marketing backed up by numerous ‘scientists´ and celebrities who swear by all they hold dear that
they´ve uncovered and delivered to you (at great expense to themselves) ‘the absolute best answer
to your fat loss worries´.

Yeah, right!
You´ve heard that before. You´ve tried more than a few of them too haven´t you?
Did they work?

The answer is ‘No´ isn´t it?
Now, you may try and defend them by saying that they ‘sort of´ or ‘kind of´ worked but you know
they didn´t don´t you?

If they did, then you wouldn´t be reading this page today because you´d be in great shape already
and wouldn´t waste your time searching the internet for answers to your fatloss and fitness problems
would you?

So, they didn´t work.
They didn´t give you results that last (if, indeed, they gave you results ever!)
Well, that´s where the Look Great Naked Challenge is different.

VERY different!
You see, it´s the very simplicity of the programs I create that make them so effective at both getting
great results and keeping them in the long term.
I mean, what could be simpler than committing to a healthy, balanced diet for 90 days?

What could be simpler than committing to 30 minutes of exercise daily for 90 days?
What could be simpler than holding a clear and definite image of the body you want to achieve in
your mind for 90 days?

You see where I´m going with this don´t you?
You´re ‘getting my drift?´
If not, let me spell it out for you.

Just because I said my systems are simple does not mean they´re easy.

In fact, simple is rarely easy!
‘Simple´ just means that something lacks complexity.

It´s straightforward.
But, as you know, it´s these ‘straightforward´ aspects of getting into great shape that have always
defeated you in the past right?
You know what I mean.

You bought a book, a video or a DVD that got you really fired up
and really determined that ‘this time´ you would finally get into shape. ‘This time´ you´ stick it out.
‘This time´ you´d actually stay the course and get to see the ‘new you´ that everyone talks about
staring back at you from the bathroom mirror.

Then what happened?
A week or two went by and then you realized that ‘this time´ was just like all the others…

At that point you probably told yourself all kinds of things that made sense to you at the time
“I was too busy’
“The program was too hard’
“The diet was too strict’
“Nothing seems to work for me’

Or the perennial favourite of most people;
“I didn´t have enough time’
And at that point, the point where you said one of these things (or your own version of it) you gave
yourself permission to fail.

Now, please understand, I´m not judging you in any way.
I´m simply stating what I´ve seen thousands of times over the course of my career with people who
told me that they´d tried every exercise system out there and every dietary system around and yet
still, despite following what they´d been instructed to follow, they´d fallen off the wagon and ended
up feeling like a useless failure who was doomed to forever live in a body that they were unhappy

It was for these people, the ‘tried it all and failed´ crowd
that I created The Look Great Naked Challenge.
You see, I figured out something about people who´re perpetually failing in their health and fitness

It´s got nothing to do with a lack of exercise information
Sure, there are some that are better and some that are not so great but let´s face it, EVERY exercise
program works to some degree doesn´t it? If a person committed to exercise on a daily basis, no
matter what form that exercise took, they´d get fitter, firmer and stronger wouldn´t they?

It´s got nothing to do with a lack of nutritional information
The fact of the matter is that people already know what they should be eating and what they should
be avoiding but, well, they´re simply not! Instead they go back to eating the very foods and drinking
the very drinks that have gotten them into a bad shape in the first place.

It´s got nothing to do with a lack of motivation
Many people mistakenly believe that those who fall off their goals simply lack motivation but this
isn´t true at all. A lack of motivation relates to those who fail to even start toward their goals, not
those who fail to achieve them. The fact is, it´s often the truly motivated individual that fails the

So, If it´s not a lack of exercise information, nutritional information or motivation that
stops people from achieving incredible fitness and fat loss,
then what is it??!

The truth of the matter is, all of the information we need in order to achieve a great body is
already available. There are hundreds, thousands even, of great books, video´s, DVD´s, websites,
forums and seminars, led by honest-to-goodness fitness experts who can tell you absolutely
everything you need to do to in order to get into great shape quickly and keep it that way forever.
(I know, I´ve researched a ton of them and count many of the industry´s leading authors and experts
as personal friends)
Yet, and this is no disrespect to them (besides, all of them will agree with me), all of their programs
are absolutely worthless in terms of getting you the results you seek, whilst they remain information
and information alone.
You see, we already have a ton of information, I already said that.
You could say that we´re drowning in it!

Yet, despite the fact most people are drowning in fat loss and fitness information,
they continue to seek out more and more and more of the stuff, adding to their confusion and
frustration even more. Your being at this page now proves my point…
But the thing is you don´t need more information. You simply need a strategy to follow and a support
structure that ensures that you´ll follow it.

Now don´t get me wrong, the Look Great Naked Challenge is absolutely Jam-packed with great
information that is based upon science fact (and not science fiction like so many other routines
you´ve come across) but nevertheless, what makes it special, unique even, is that it is structured in
such a way that encourages you to stay the course and complete the program… and of course, get the

Imagine this…

You wake up this morning to an email
that tells you exactly what you need to do today to stay on course toward your goal.

In that email you receive the download link to today´s exercise program along with a video link
so that you can watch the program and follow along in ‘real time´ learning from a professional coach
rather than a ‘flat´ before and after picture.

You get a printable workout sheet with pictures and explanations of each exercise you´re going
to complete as part of the program so that you can complete your workouts in the safest, most
effective manner possible… and in under 20 minutes.

You get a downloadable audio presentation that helps you to stay motivated and on track so
that you never feel like you´re slipping off your goal.

You get dietary instructions relating to what you can eat today along with a variety of potential
recipe ideas

You get links to forums and support groups so that you can ‘chat´ to others who´re going
through the program too and benefit from their experience of the very same program as well as
avoiding the feeling that you´re all alone

You get access to an ever-increasing archive of articles, audios and videos all designed to help
motivate, inspire and keep you on track.

Now imagine that EVERY DAY FOR 90 DAYS and tell me…
Do you think that with that kind of support structure in place that you could possibly fail to achieve
something dramatic in terms of your fitness and fat loss?
I mean, this isn´t far short of having your very own personal trainer is it?
In fact, you could say it´s better!

After all how many people can afford to have a personal trainer
pop around to their home every single day for 90 days?
At £150 an hour I´m easily the most expensive coach in the UK and I can tell you, this program would
cost you a minimum of £10,800 (that´s around US$32,000) if you want me to deliver it personally.
(And that´s real money, not the hyped-up monopoly money that people often use on websites. Check
out my website for my fees
www.daxmoy.co.uk )

Think about it…
You´re getting daily support.
You´re getting expert exercise instruction.
You´re getting top-notch nutritional advice along with recipe ideas to keep you enjoying your food.
You´re getting a feet-to-the-fire accountability system that means that you can´t ‘forget´ or get
too busy to achieve your goals.

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