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Original filename: Real Estate Investors Build Massive Buyers.pdf
Title: Special Real Estate Investors - Build A Massive Buyers List Using Social Media
Author: admin

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Special Real Estate Investors - Build A
Massive Buyers List Using Social Media
Real Estate Investors – Build A Massive Buyers List
Using Social Media Description and Review
Real Estate Investors – Build A Massive Buyers List Using Social Media Review
Jeff Adams Real Estate wholesaling process is building your buyers list. way to connect with possible buyers. Take
advantage of the massive resources ,Follow Us on Social Media. Real Estate List Building Secrets Building a buyers list
is something that is an ongoing process, ,Jeff Adams Real Estate begin the wholesaling process is building your buyers
list. a list but of individuial buyers so investors such as you ,Real Estate Investors Build a Massive Buyers List using
Social Media; Build a Massive Buyers List using Social Media; Photography, widgets and Internet Marketing;,Here are 6
ways to build your buyers list. Follow Us on Social Media. Wholesaling and bird dogging are very popular strategies for
beginner real estate investors., an online service that helps you build buyers or sellers, real estate pros are social
media for real estate is setting up ,*****CLICK THIS http://romirizall.lsheriow74.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=romirizall
Now***** http://jbjafund.lsheriow74.hop.clickbank.net/ Build A Massive Free Real Estate Wholes BUILD A CASH BUYERS
LIST FAST AND ,Successful real estate investors build fortunes for building a killer buyers list using social how to use
social media to complete such ,Real Estate Investors – Build A Massive Buyers List Using Social Media http://tinyurl
Build A Massive Buyers List Using Social Media http://tinyurl.com ,Successful real estate investors build fortunes All you
need is the How to Build a Massive Buyers List Using Social Media ecourse which will tell you

Real Estate Investors – Build A Massive Buyers List Using
Social Media Description

Tuesday, 9:35 a.m.
From the desk of: Lolita Sheriow
Dear fellow real estate investor,
Successful real estate investors build fortunes with great lists.
There’s simply no way around it … if you want to be successful you need to build a “massive,
million dollar list.”
The good news is that with the social media sites that are now available, including Twitter,
Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more, building that list is easier and faster to do than it ever
has been before.
Now you don’t have to wonder who will fill up your list … social media marketing makes it
possible to gather targeted buyers from around the country and around the world.
You can quickly and easily gain access to millions of people online for FREE – and what could
be better than that? Now you can target and specifically find hungry buyers ready to buy real estate
deals and real estate related products all with a few simple clicks of your mouse.
If You Want to Grow Your Business, Social Media is Definitely the Kind of Marketing Tool You Want to
Have in Your Toolbox!

Unfortunately it takes time and effort to master all of social media’s features, applications and
possibilities. With so many tools and networks and features, available, it’s easy to wander down the
wrong path.
You can definitely waste a lot of time learning how to best use Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn …
and time is one thing that most real estate investors don’t have to waste.
That’s why I’ve written the “How to Build a Massive Buyers’ List Using Social Media”
e-course. This detailed, yet easy-to-follow guide will tell you exactly what you need to do to start
using social media to grow your business and explode your profits.
Here is just some of what you will learn:

My complete blueprint for building a killer buyers’ list using social media!
Discover the key things you MUST have on your profile … not having these things will
lose you thousands of clients a year!
How to build and maintain a superb online reputation with little effort!
How to use social media to give yourself more money and more time!
How to succeed in social media with no special skills and no prior experience!
How to automate your online social media system to drive massive buyers into your
database and communicate with buyers instantly and automatically … while making
HUGE profits fast!
A list of over 100 social media resources and tools
And much, much more!

Let Me Give You a Quick Example of the Power of Just
One Social Media Outlet – Facebook

When I first got started in real estate investing I struggled (like most investors do) finding buyers
and growing my list.
I tried all the traditional marketing methods and nothing worked. I had two, what I considered to be
very valuable houses, and no buyers.
I was sinking fast – but then one day I was talking to an Internet marketing friend and she just
happened to mention that she was making a killing selling a generic wedding ebook that she got as a
free bonus for buying an Internet marketing course.
She said that the book was old, not very good and widely available. So why was she making a
Because she realized a simple little technique that allowed her to make easy money without talking to
In particular, she started marketing the book on Facebook to women ages 20-40 who listed their
marital status as engaged.
After she started using Facebook, she said sales exploded. She went from selling three ebooks total in
the previous month to selling an average of 15 a day!
And I thought then and there, if social media works for ebooks why won’t it work for houses?
So that’s when I went full-fledged into social media marketing.
Here’s what I found – social media enables real estate investors to engage in targeted
marketing that we could only have dreamed about a few years ago.
For example, Facebook users complete profiles that contain such information as hometown;
employer; religious beliefs; interests; education; favorite books, TV shows and movies; and much
All of this information can help us tailor specific messages for specific demographic groups.

In Fact, I Now Firmly Believe That If You Want to Make BIG Money as a Real Estate Investor You MUST
Use Social Media!

The concept of social media – using online tools such as websites, micro-blogs and social networking
forums to communicate with others – is quickly taking the real estate world by storm.
More and more investors are using Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools to build massive
It’s reaching the point where if you are not one of them you risk falling behind and maybe even
losing your business.
Social media has become the great equalizer: With a good strategy, you can compete with the
biggest real estate investors out there. Before, it took money. Today, it’s less about money and more
about establishing a successful online identity.
One of the best things about social media is that anyone can use it — whether you’re a complete
technophobe, a new investor or an experienced one.
Using social media doesn’t take a lot of technical savvy, all you need to know are a few simple tips
and techniques that I reveal in “How to Build a Massive Buyers’ List Using Social Media.”
And remember, one of the best things about social media is that for the most part using it is FREE!

Get this e-course quick!!!

Grab a favorite soft drink, get a comfy spot and sit down and read this little gem of “secrets” written
by an investor who talks the talk and walks the walk…… get busy and do yourself a favor and pay
attention on How to Build a Massive Buyers list by using Social Media effectively. There is tons of
information out there on this subject, but not for Real Estate Investors by a Real Estate Investor. I
started using Lolita’s “secrets” and now Buyers from all over the WORLD are signing up on my site.
Thanks Lolita for sharing what’s hot in today’s market!
Stacie Meeker

Hi, my name is Le’Ron King the Deal Creator.

I want to share with you about Lolita and this great product “How to Build A Million Dollar Buyers List
using Social Media” e-course, it is a must have. I mentored Lolita when she first became a real estate
investor several years ago and so proud to see her grow and flourish as an investor and leader. I

encourage you to get this great content filled e-course she has put together to help you build your
buyers list using the POWER of Social Media. We all know social media is here to stay, ever changing
and this e-course will get you set up and running strong”
Le’Ron King,
The Deal Creator

My name is Antwan Stevens and I would like to congratulate,acknowledge and give
credit where credit is due. After reading Lolita’s E-course I’ve realized that there is so
much for one to learn,it’s a process and steps that need to take place. I’ve also
learned from Lo’s E-course is that it’s a good idea to have an opt in box for people
that are interested in what it is that you have to offer,your list is a goldmine and
without a list you really do not have a Business, my advice would be to read this E book and reread it
again and again,next step implement,education without action is an illusion.
Antwan Stevens
Creator – www.freerealestatenetworking.ning.com

Who Else Wants to Start Building a Massive Buyers’ List for FREE?

Social media has many applications, even for real estate investors. If you’re in the business of buying
and selling property, you know how important it is to build an effective buyer’s list.
Whether you do one transaction a year or 1,000 or concentrate on wholesales, REOs or short sales,
your success is highly dependent on your list, because that list is what you’ll use to sell the properties
that you find or acquire.
It’s pretty simple: If you don’t have a buyer’s list, you don’t have people to buy the
properties that you acquire or find.
That’s what makes “How to Build a Massive Buyers’ List Using Social Media” so valuable.
In this ecourse, I’ll tell you how to use social media to your advantage as a real estate investor to
maximize your time and efforts in building a massive buyers’ list.
By the time you’re finished reading this course, you’ll have effective “eye catching” profiles in place
at the major social media sites and you’ll know how to use social media the right way and not waste
any of your valuable time or money.
You’ll get a complete road map to follow. You’ll learn the easy route to take through the social media
haze. Instead of figuring it all out the hard way, you will learn how to succeed with social media “the
easy way.”
For example …
When Using Social Media You DON’T Want to Communicate the Same Way as You Do Through

Traditional Marketing …

On Facebook and Twitter the typical “buy-buy-buy” message usually doesn’t fly. These sites are often
more about interacting than outright selling … but if done right they can explode your profits like
nothing else out there.
On Facebook and Twitter you can interact with your best prospects. You can get them excited about
your houses or products. You can listen to what your prospects have to say … and you may even get
ideas for how to improve your business.
Of course, you can’t just hope to jump on the bandwagon and start using social media effectively
right from the beginning. Social media has a learning curve – a long learning curve – that you can
dramatically shorten with my “How to Build a Massive Buyers’ List Using Social Media”
With this ecourse you’ll get years of social media experience in a mere matter of hours.
Here’s more of what you’ll learn:

What you need to know about social media and its history to be successful
The simple paint-by-numbers, step-by-step way to properly set up your accounts FAST so
that you are earning profits in no time!
How to make your profiles shine and ensure they capture prospects’ attention
How to use social media effectively even if you’ve never used it before
How to build a horde of loyal fans quickly and easily
Stealth techniques you can use to market to people without them ever realizing they are
being marketed to
How to get free social media tools that will make running your accounts even easier
And much, much more

Getting “How to Build a Massive Buyers’ List Using Social Media” Is Your Chance to Become a Social
Media Expert in No Time!

There’s a reason everybody from celebrities to friends and family members are flocking to Facebook,
Twitter and other social media outlets.
And that reason is that social media is fast becoming THE communication tool of the 21 st
In fact, social media is one of the biggest societal shifts since the Industrial Revolution. It took
radio 38 years, TV 13 years, Internet 4 years and the iPod 3 years to reach 50 million users.
It only took 9 months for Facebook to reach 100 million users!
To me it’s a no brainer that everyone who wants to grow their business should be using social media
to gain access to a sea of potential leads and buyers for FREE!

And now to help you start using social media there’s “How to Build a Massive Buyers’ List Using
Social Media” – what I consider to be THE social media ecourse for real estate investors looking
to gain a better understanding of this phenomenon – and then take advantage of it to send their
profits skyrocketing!
Instead of trying to learn social media on your own through costly and frustrating trial and error …
you can quickly learn each step you need to complete to use social media effectively
through my convenient ecourse.
You’re also going to learn how to use social media to complete such important online business
growing tasks as:

Building a responsive list
Establishing yourself as an expert in your market
Recruiting eager private investors
Reaching prospects in local, national and even global markets with no increase in effort
or expense
Driving thousands of qualified prospects to your websites absolutely FREE
And much more!

The Real Estate Investment Game is Changing …
Social Media is Now a Key to Making BIG Money!

Successfully marketing houses in today’s economy is tough. Newspaper and Yellow Pages advertising
are in severe decline and driving traffic to your website through traditional methods can take a lot of
time and money.
Fortunately, social media is available to simplify everything. By tapping into the power of the
millions of people who flock daily to social media sites, you won’t have to learn or use ANY of those
cumbersome, frustrating, and downright boring traditional marketing methods.
Social media is an opportunity unlike anything we’ve ever seen before but ONLY if you know how to
use it the right way. All you need is a simple and easy step-by-step guide that shows you the way.
And that’s exactly what I’m offering you today, the step-by-step guide that will allow you to
master social media!
Here’s a Few Examples as Proof That Social Media Rocks!

A cash buyer I met on Facebook in
one of the groups purchased, one
of my real estate deals. He paid via

Added 132 new targeted followers on Twitter within 24 hours!

This person found me on Facebook and sent this email.

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