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Elite Fighting Force gaming community
Community structure
Document P 1.01
This document is created to explain the current structure of the E.FF community as of March, 16 2014. Please be sure to look at the document from time
to time to make sure it has been updated. We will also let you know in advance if any section is going to be modified. Also please know that the E.FF
community has full rights to modify and edit this document without any consent from the community.

Table of Contents

ToC(Table of Contents)………..…….Page. A1
A Message…………………………….Page. 01
Members……………...........................Page. 02
Recruitment……..……………………..Page. 03
Meetings/Voting……….......................Page. 04
Senatorial/Officer Program…………..Page. 05
Administration………………………....Page. 05
Ministry of Finance…………………...Page. 06

E.FF Gaming community
Dear Community,

What is E.FF? We are a group of gamers that want to offer people more opportunities to enjoy video games.
Originally the founding group of E.FF came from another clan, but events and injustices led to the banning of some of the
founding fathers of E.FF and removal from that clan’s servers. However that event has given E.FF the chance to focus
and grow our community, we are not a clan. While we may operate like one or use similar tactics as other clans/groups,
our goal is solely to provide a place for people to join and have a good time. While we do seek to add members, we will
not force or impose on people to join E.FF as you can contribute to E.FF without having to be an official member. E.FF
seeks those who just want to have a good time and can control themselves from mishaps. If your good at video editing or
something else and want to help, feel free to drop by our website and seek details. If you do want to become an E.FF
official member please note that you still don’t have to do anything, there are no rules that prohibit those who are part of
other clans/groups to join. While certain E.FF members do have responsibilities, only you are the one that accepts and
conforms to these responsibilities.
Our group runs a tight ship, while we may promote a “Relaxing” and “Do what you want” environment, we take
cases and other “mishaps” quite serious depending on the problem. We are not a “democratic” group, we will take action
where needed. As one would say “If it ain’t blue shoot”, but this does not mean we will trample over the opinions of our
community as it is impossible to run a community without its support. So we will be hosting scheduled “general forums” so
that should a problem or event occur we will be debating it. To help keep E.FF members in check we have “eyes”
watching us so no member can abuse their power should they have any. These eyes will also be checking for trolls and
the like.
As a community we understand that we all need to cooperate to get things done. Our goal in the end is to have
multiple groups/clans that will collaborate with E.FF to accomplish great works. If you have a clan or group that need a
temporary voip server like Team Speak 3, we will be glad to work with you and check out the options you have. You can
even have your own channel in our TS3 servers (there are requirements). You can even call it home if you want! Just
simply stop by our website and apply to be a clan affiliate and we can work things out. We also seek to create community
events and offer rewards.
Our end goal is to provide multiple servers that multiple groups/clans can call home. A place where you can
connect to and just have fun, all we ask is that you behave in a civil manner. We do have protocols and active
administrators to help keep our servers in check. We will be offering raffles and steam codes from popular titles for give a
ways and events for E.FF members. So if you do want to become an E.FF member there are indeed reasons for you to
stay with us. Feel free to stop by our website and check it out!

Matrosov Yotsuba (AKA Nic700)

Page 01

E.FF Members

At the E.FF community we have a diverse range of members, to compensate that we have different types of
members. We recognize that everyone does not want to commit to working with paperwork or other actions that does not
pertain to gameplay and that is okay. Some people want to just log in and not deal with any responsibilities, as an E.FF
member you are not required to do any work for the community. All we ask is that you enjoy your stay and have fun. For
those who want to help out, you will be given the appropriate titles and perks that come along with it.

E.FF Regular Member

A regular member is a person that enjoys playing on E.FF servers. They have applied and have been accepted to
be a member. Some duties of a regular member are to just vote on severe voting topics or to report any
inconsistencies or errors on our servers. These members don’t have any responsibilities.

E.FF Executive Member

These people are the front line troops of our servers. These members hold any administrative rights; they also are
in charge of keeping the peace in our servers where ever possible. While an executive member may have
multiple “admin” rights to several servers, they can be removed from this group by the Senatorial Committee.
These members may be part of the Senatorial Committee; these members also have to report any actions that
may have occurred.

E.FF Committee Member

These members are the core group of the E.FF community. They have “admin” rights to most servers and with
the proper approval from the senatorial committee; they can remove or ban E.FF members. They can also commit
to actions without the previous approval from any party but will have to report what they have done and have the
situation audited/investigated.

E.FF Representative

These members are the representatives of a group; these include clans and other communities. These people are
the ones E.FF will ask to speak to if their clan/group’s attention is needed. They are also in charge of voting on
topics that pertain to E.FF affiliates.

E.FF Affiliate

These people are groups or clans that are affiliated with the E.FF community. These groups contribute and help
report any issues on E.FF servers. They may hold “admin” rights but those rights are to be decided by the
Senatorial Committee.

E.FF Officer

These people are regular people that usually occupy E.FF servers. They hold very little “admin” rights if any.
These people show that they are dedicated to the E.FF cause and will help keep E.FF servers in peace. They are
not official members of the E.FF community.

Page 02

E.FF Recruitment

Want to be an E.FF member? Do you want to join the group looking to expand and host servers for all our gaming
needs? Like editing videos? Maybe you like to lead projects and help others. Or maybe you just want to play your games?
Feel free to apply to become an E.FF member! E.FF will always be searching to add members; while we do allow any
person to join they must go through a process. This process may take more than a month. The process may be shortened
depending on the individual. The recruiting process may change and E.FF holds all rights to change the recruiting process
at any time. Under no circumstance will we permit any user who has “registered” violation(s) in anti-hack organizations to
be an official member of E.FF.
We also hold an Officer program, more information on that will be explained in another part of the document.
What E.FF wants

People who seek to play games
People who can play more than one game.
Enthusiastic people
Mature Gamers
Logical Users
Open minded

Recruiting to become a Regular Member
To become a member just simply apply to be a member at our website. While we do accept anyone to become a member
we require that you should at least remain active in our TeamSpeak server. During this time we would like you to go to our
forums and give an introduction to yourself. You don’t have to tell us everything about your life, just simply tell us what you
play and what group of people you want to play with. When your application is accepted you will be an E.FF recruit, this
means that you are in the process of becoming a regular member. We would like for you to behave and act civil during
this time. If you were an officer before applying you will automatically have your recruiting time shortened. Your
application may be denied.

Recruiting to become a Committee member
To join this group you must be invited, you must also be recommended by someone in the Committee to join.

Recruiting to become Executive Member
To join this group you must prove that you are mature to handle “admin” power. You must be a member for at least three
months before you can apply to join this group. You may also be invited to join the group, please note that more than
likely most applications will be denied if you do not have any recommendations.

Page 03

E.FF Voting/Meetings

E.FF will have scheduled meetings and voting sessions to amend or ratify protocols or meeting topics. E.FF
meetings are to be held at least once every two weeks, scheduled public “forum” events must also occur for serious
meeting topics before it can be voted on. Every meeting is to have a PDF laying out what will discussed during that
meeting/voting session. Any member can have something to discuss at the meeting but they must add their topic in the
website forums so it can be a valid topic to be discussed during the meeting. No more topics will be accepted within 24
hours of the scheduled meeting, this can only be ignored if the voting topic is a level 3 topic. While E.FF is not a
democratic group we do respect the opinions of our members and the community, when a voting/meeting sessions should
occur that will affect other clans/groups we will ask their representatives to be present during the meeting.
Level 1 Voting/Meeting Topics

Any topic that can be ignored for more than two weeks.
Any topics that are “suggestions”
Any topic that will not affect the E.FF community as whole
General announcements

Level 2 Voting/Meeting Topics

Any topic that involves clan affiliates
o This includes “rumors” or events that may have occurred within their group that might affect the E.FF
Any topic that involves the discussion or review of other clans/groups
o This includes discussing if any group or clan affiliate is worthy to keep their current status.
Any topic that involves “server” changes or minor changes to E.FF servers.
o This includes map changes or of the like

Level 3 Voting/Meeting Topics

Any topic that involves the removal of a clan affiliate(s)
o This includes the removal of one or more members from a clan affiliate
Any topic that involves or announcement that severely changes server settings
o This includes website “mottos” or website domain change
Any topic that involves the removal of an E.FF member
o When removing an E.FF member all members must state if they support or are against the proposal
Severe announcements that involves E.FF members.
o This includes the addition of executive members or Committee members

Page 04

Committee and Officer Program
While E.FF has many servers and types of members, the Committee is the group that holds all immediate
power. This small group will act when needed, and attempt to keep our community happy and content. This group
is in charge of making immediate decisions that will affect the E.FF community and its affiliates. While E.FF will
attempt to schedule meetings to handle most problems, we understand that we need to react as quickly as
possible to certain situations that need to be dealt with. In general the Committee is the QRF (Military term for
quick reaction force) for E.FF, as stated we will do all we can to discuss with all involved parties should situations
arise, but we will not sit and do nothing should something occur within our servers or community.
The committee may make immediate decisions but at the end of the day the decisions of the committee
will be reviewed and should any reprimanding should be needed it will be decided by E.FF members.
Officer Program
The officer program is a program where we seek “pubs” or people who are not official E.FF members, and
are given bare minimum administration rights or perks that are not attainable by anyone but E.FF members. The
goal of this program is to promote that E.FF will reward those who support the community even if they are not
official members. This does not mean they can automatically have “admin” rights but are given more opportunities
to join events that are usually only available to clan affiliates and E.FF members.
Another aim for this program is so that the public will see that E.FF has active public members, this way we can
promote that we are truly a community.
Here at E.FF we hope to have many servers, but that means we will need people to help us. We do have
an administration request application but there are requirements and we highly recommend that you have a
committee member support your request. Not all applications will be accepted, and we will have a limit on how
many people can have “admin” rights. Please note that committee members automatically have the rights to
request for “admin” rights, but anyone who asks for it must have that pertaining game and be active with it. Admin
applications don’t have a time frame as when it will be accepted or denied so we ask that you remain patient
should you put in an application.

Page 05

Ministry of Finance

What does one need to run multiple servers? Unfortunately we use actual monetary currency to keep up with our
servers. This means that we not only do we need the help from the community to create content but we would also
welcome any donation. Now we are not forcing anyone to give donations, but should you do so we thank you very much!
We cannot go to in depth in how exactly we will “role” with the funds we have, but we will make sure to make the best use
of it.
The Ministry of Finance will be run by one or two individuals, they will be in charge of making sure our servers will
be sustained and should E.FF ever be low on funds, these people will let it be known. The Chief of Finance (Ministry of
Finance head) will be announcing monthly financial reports and where E.FF stands when it comes to its funds. The Chief
will automatically be included in the Committee, and its perks will be available to them.
E.FF will do its best to ask for opinions and thoughts. From that we will decide what servers we will be launching
or if we will be adding on to current servers. Please note that once funds have been transferred to E.FF, you may not
know how exactly it will be spent. It may be used to sponsor events or raffles, whatever the case it will be used to its

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