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Crazy Bitch Incorporated
Application to Date My Best Friend
Please fill out the application completely.
Applicant Information
Full Name:



Street Address

Apartment/Unit #


Home Phone:




Postal Code

Blood Type:

What are your
overall intentions:

InVoluntary Information
This information is being requested in accordance with the Best Friends terms of agreement. You have no
choice but to answer all the questions below. We can and most likely will use this information against you if
you break her heart or hurt her in any way. We reserve the right to burn all your shit, sell it on Ebay, or any
other nasty ass thing we can possibly think of. You have no recourse and we don’t care if you don’t like it. We
are here to protect her and if that means kicking the shit out of you later then you better stop at Walmart and
buy some runners big guy.
How would you describe yourself?

White Canadian

Stupid Canadian

What’s a Canadian?

French Canadian

Slow Canadian

Molson Canadian

Bat Shit Crazy

☐ Normal Crazy

How would others describe you?

Crazy as a Shithouse Rat

What are you most afraid of?



☐ Snakes



☐ This Application Form