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You are applying to date my best friend. If you fail the application you will end up like the last
guy. Do you see him anywhere?? Exactly. What do you think we did with him?

I am afraid to ask

I think he ran away

Pulled a Lorraina Bobbit

They will never find him

Went all Jeffery Dalmer on
his ass
He is in the basement

I don’t talk mean about my
exes (Liar)

We Shot Him

Buried him alive

What are we really eating?

She is okay but Thank God
that truck hit her

How would you describe your EX?

BatShit Crazy

I don’t even remember her

I can live without her

I haven’t seen her since I
dropped her off at the
Royal Ottawa
I have an ex-boyfriend does
that count?

I’m not allowed to describe
family members to strangers
Nice Girl..Not my type
(Chicken shit)

Have you ever been caught Masturbating?

I have no idea what you are
talking about
Have you been talking to my

I don’t do that!

Does the Cat or Dog count?

Sort Of Explain _________

Oh for Christ sake…YES

Where is the craziest and or riskiest place you have had sex?

I never leave the bedroom

In the shower

At the Bus Stop

In a Car / Truck

In a closet

In a bathroom

In a hotel hallway

In the woods

On my front yard on the