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On Wednesday, April 16th, we will
dye hard boiled eggs in preparation
for our Easter Egg Hunt and Easter
Party on Thursday, April 17th.
Parents can help by donating one
dozen hard boiled eggs or by helping
to provide light lunch refreshments
(Easter Cookie, fruit, cheese). Please
let us know what you would like to
bring by signing up at pick-up time.
*Because the children come from
many religious backgrounds, our
focus at school will be on spring and
the celebration of new life.
HELP We need to build a storage
shed in Waimea and move our
playground structure in Kohala to
our Waimea campus this month.
Please let us know if you have a
truck or skill in dismantling and
rebuilding the playground structure
and would be willing to help.
REMINDER: Please label your
child’s lunch box with their name.
We now have 22 (!) students with
19 staying for lunch. It would be a
tremendous help to all of us,
especially when there are two
identical lunch boxes.

Nithera working with
the Long Rods

We have New Readers !!
We are excited to have several
children who are on the verge of,
or just beginning to read. Our
new readers are gaining skills as
they begin to build words and
write stories on their own. It is a
slow process and takes patience as
each child reads individually with

Addison with the Large
and Small Bugs

an adult. It is a big help to us and
a labor of love, if you would like to
volunteer time in the morning to
listen to early readers, please let
Miss Bonnie know. We will set up
a short workshop to teach you
how we listen to new readers.

Maya working with the
Circle Inset

Primary (3-6 years old) Students
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday, April 18th

Amy (Abigail’s Mom) & Rebekah
(Henry’s Mom) took advantage of a
rare sunny day to weed the front
flower bed. Thank You!!!

Toddlers (2-3 years old) Students
3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Thursday, April 17th
Call (or email) Summer in the office
at 887-9214 to schedule your
conference, or sign up for a time at
drop off or pick up time.

Dad’s Night is one of the children’s
favorite school events. The children
enjoy showing Dads their favorite
work at school, as well as serving &
sharing fruit salad they will prepare.
Dads are invited to come to school
with their child any time between 5:00
& 7:00 PM & stay as long as they
want. Don’t worry Dad, it is very
casual & relaxed & lots of fun for
everyone. We are asking each child
to bring at least 2 pieces of fruit to
school on Wednesday, April 23rd to
add to the fruit salad they will be
making for Dad’s Night.
There is a sign up sheet available at
pick up & drop off for the Dad’s Night
fruit you will be bringing.
Thank you so much for your help!
Please make sure to pick up your child
by 3:30 PM on Dad’s Night so that
teachers can get the classroom ready
for this special evening.

Aiden watering our
patio plants.
Montessori principles to guide you in helping your
children participate in tasks at home.
✴ Children want to do real
✴ Children perfect their skills
work, with real tools,
working along with
members of their family.

✴ Teach a task in small steps,
and let the child master
each step to feel successful
while learning.

by repeating them many
times, and enjoy the

✴ Young children are more

interested in the process
than in the product.

May Day

Boys’ Day

We will celebrate May Day and
Spring on Thursday, May1st at school
by making leis with flowers from our
garden and sharing a group snack
together. Students will be dismissed
at their regular times.

We will have a little party at school
on Tuesday, May 6th in celebration
of Boy’s Day. We will be doing
some special projects and would
like to enjoy a group snack
together. Students will be
dismissed at their regular times.

You can help by:
✴ donating fruit
✴ picking and preparing flowers to
make leis
✴ helping make leis with the children
at school
✴ make Haupia for our group snack

April 17 ~ Easter Pa

April 17 ~ 2 yr Conf

April 18 ~ 3-5 yr Co
April 24 ~ Dad’s Ni



May 1 ~ May Day

You can help by donating:

May 6 ~ Boys’ Day

✴ musubi
✴ fruit
✴ mochi
✴ arari
✴ another traditional favorite?

April 1, 3, 8, 29 ~ PA

May 1,6,8,13,15, & 20


Introducing Our Newest Staff Members
Volunteer Items
1. Donate Materials for shed
You will be receiving a report from
Summer detailing your volunteer
2. Build a Storage Shed

activity at the school for the
3. Move from Hawi Storage
2013-2014 school year. When you
receive your report, check it carefully
4. Move Play Structure
to determine if you have been
5. Mow Lawn
credited for all of your volunteer
6. Gardening
hours. If not, please make the
appropriate changes, adding the
7. Hang Curtain Rods
name of the activity, the date and the
Hereiti Karsin
8. Hang Towel Racks
time spent, and return it to school.
Hereiti Karsin was born and raised in
Subtract hours worked from the 30
9. Hang Towel Dispenser
Waimea where she is currently being
hour requirement to determine how
home-schooled in the 11 grade. She
10. Playground Supervision
many volunteer hours you have left,
attended MECH herself when she was in
11. Listen to Beginning
Preschool through the 4th grade. Hereiti
determine how much you would owe
enjoys music, dance and cooking in her
if unable to volunteer any more.
spare time. Hereiti is volunteering as a
12. Sort Library Books
Families have until May 15th to
classroom helper in the mornings.
complete their volunteer hours. You
13. Wash Windows
will receive a statement on May
Becky Adams
15th indicating the balance of
Becky Adams was born and raised in
your account. There will be
Seattle, WA, where she was a pediatric
opportunities over the next 6
Thank you Ken Kroe
nurse for 10 years. Becky and her family weeks of school, so don’t panic
sch for
moved to the Big Island in 2009 and live if you haven’t worked off all of
hanging the cabinets
in both
in Waimea. She has been married for 13 your volunteer hours. We need
buildings. We finally
have storage
years to Danny and they have two
help with building a storage
ssrooms! Thank
beautiful children, Maleah (9 yrs) and
shed, (we have to move out of
Xaden (6 yrs). In her free time Becky
elle Sullivan for
our storage space in Hawi by
loves to be outdoors and has a passion
the donation of towels
the end of April), washing
....and to
for fitness and health. Becky finds joy in windows, gardening, sorting
Stephanie Cook for
cutting and
each new day and believes there is a
library books, playground
sewing them into ch
difference in being alive and truly living
ild sized hand
supervision, and listening to
life. Becky will be helping in both
towels. Stephanie als
beginning readers. We need
o made beds
classrooms in the mornings.
parents to help with moving
for the baby cradles
in both
the play structure from Hawi
classrooms ,repaired
Jay Antonio
our babies
as well. Please let us know if
Jay Antonio also attended school at
quilt and trimmed ou
you want to help with any of
r Guinea Pig,
MECH during her pre-school years. She these projects.
Yoyo’s nails.
also worked as a classroom aide when
she was in high school. She is back to
help in both toddler and 3-6 classrooms.
Jay loves to surf, garden and work with
children. She is happy to be back at
school and is looking forward to working
in the garden with all the children.

Need a Housesitter this Summer?
Miss Bonnie’s niece, a trained Montessori
teacher, is coming to teach during our
summer program this year. Please let us
know if you know of any available
housesitting options.

Egg Carton Tulips
Supplies: Foam egg carton, green pipe cleaners,
markers, glue
Cut the egg carton sections to look like a tulip
Color the sections using markers or paint (if using paint, let dry
Twirl one end of the pipe cleaner into a spiral shape (this will be
glued to the base of the tulip)
Glue the spiral to the tulip and let set for a few hours

Now your tulip is ready!

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