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GBU Mountain News

GBU Mountain News

April 10 , 2014 - LIV

independent - unbiased – professional
April 10, 2014 – LIV

EMS in Kern County –
flawed policies?
By Gunnar J Kuepper

Imagine the following: On a Sunday afternoon you hike
with your family in the Frazier Mountain area, let's say
near the Chuchupate Ranger Station, but in Kern County.
Suddenly your very active 10-year old falls more than 75
feet deep into a narrow canyon. He is severely injured
and bleeding.

You call 911 and within minutes the Kern County Fire
Department and Kern County Sheriff's Deputies arrive.
The rescuers immediately determine that the best way to
help the injured child is to call for a hoist rescue and
request a helicopter. A Paramedic Ambulance from Hall
Ambulance has also arrived.


GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

A short time later a Sheriff's Helicopter with two pilots
and a trained Emergency Medical Technician arrives and
with the help of fire and rescue personnel on the ground
the child is safely hoisted into the helicopter.
So far, so good - it seems. You would think that the
injured child will now be on its direct way via Helicopter
to a Trauma Center, probably arriving there in about 15

Cooperation & collaboration between a agencies will
provide the best level of service to accident victims: Kern
Fire, Hall Ambulance, and AMR Ambulance personnel tend
to a woman injured in a car accident on Frazier Mountain
Park Road on April 30, 2013

Not quite, because according to EMS policy the
Helicopter (ready and capable to fly the injured person
straight to the hospital) is forced to land at a nearby
landing zone, in this case the Frazier Mountain Baseball
field area, and to transfer the injured to a ground
ambulance for final transport. After the paperwork
between helicopter and ambulance crew is handled, the
ambulance is finally on its way to the hospital.
After an estimated 45 minute ride over bumpy freeways
and in heavy traffic the ambulance finally arrives at the
hospital in Bakersfield.
This sounds like fiction out of a bad novel? It is not - it is
reality and a mandatory EMS policy in Kern County!
And it happened -again- a few days ago, on March 28,
On that Friday, at 8:40 p.m. it was reported that a woman
had fallen 75 feet deep into a narrow ravine, next to
Highway 178 about six miles east into Kern Canyon.
Kern County Fire Department responded with two
engines, one truck, one patrol and members of the Urban
Search & Rescue (USAR) Team 52 & 61. A Hall
paramedic ambulance, Kern County Sheriff’s and CHP
responded as well.

Residents in the Frazier Mountain Communities are
blessed to have highly dedicated emergency responders
coming from Kern County Fire Station 56 (Lebec), 57
(Frazier Park), 58 (PMC), Los Angeles County Fire Station
77 (Gorman), Hall Ambulance (Frazier Park), AMR
(Gorman), the Los Padres National Forest Fire and the
Kern County Sheriff’s Office. However, the question
whether county policies fully support (or sometimes
hinder) the best efforts of emergency responders and the
needs of the people has to be answered.

First arriving fire crews made their way down the canyon
and found the patient had sustained serious injuries. A
rescue operation was started with firefighters utilizing
multiple rope-rescue systems. Due to the steep terrain, it
was determined that the best route for extrication was to
hoist the woman by helicopter. Kern County Sheriff
helicopter, Air 5, was dispatched and successfully
hoisted the patient out.
The ambulance crew was dispatched at 8:50 p.m. and
arrived on scene at 9:05 p.m. The ambulance EMTs
made no patient contact as Fire Personnel handled the
rescue in conjunction with the Sheriff's Helicopter Air 5.
According to Hall, the ambulance responded to the
rendezvous point at 9:41 p.m. and arrived there at 9:52
At 10:20 p.m. the Sheriff’s Helicopter crew had
successfully hoisted the injured woman out of the canyon
and was directed to fly to the rendezvous location at the
mouth of the Canyon. The airship landed there after a 4
1/2 minutes at 10:24 p.m.
--The flight time for the about 14 miles from the scene to
KMC would have been approximately 8 minutes. The
patient could have been arrived at the hospital at 10:28


GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

Most EMS Helicopters provided by private companies (i.e.,
Hall Ambulance, Mercy Air) have no rescue / hoisting
capabilities; most helicopters with advanced Search and
Rescue capabilities come from public agencies, such as
Sheriff’s and Fire Departments, Coast Guard, etc.

After the ambulance crew received the patient from the
Helicopter they continued the -now ground- transport to
Kern Medical Center.
So far, and despite repeated requests, neither Hall
Ambulance nor Kern County's EMS Agency have
disclosed the transport time (time when the ambulance
left the rendezvous point and time when the ambulance
arrived at Kern Medical Center). Six days after the initial
Request for Information (RFI) the management of Hall
Ambulance Inc. responded in saying: “any post-patient
contact information is protected health information and
will not be released.” It is certainly an interesting
argument that response and transportation times as well
as the use of lights and sirens by a 9-1-1 EMS provider
are considered protected health information. In light of
the fact that local governments are bound by a duty to
publish and promote openness, and that numerous
statutes require disclosure, this statement by Hall
Ambulance will probably not be upheld by Kern County
Nevertheless, the obvious delay in emergency room
treatment and the subsequent bumpy ride on a stretcher
fixed to the floor of an ambulance van is in no way the
fault of the highly dedicated Fire-Fighters, EMTs &
Paramedics, or Law Enforcement personnel involved in
the rescue operation.
There is no doubt in my mind that each of these first
responders, rescuers, and EMTs would like to see a
critical or suffering patient arriving at the appropriate
hospital in the shortest possible times, which is
oftentimes achieved by direct flight with a helicopter.

But, Kern County agencies and responders are bound by
the current policies set for Kern County EMS.
As the Kern County Fire Department stated “the transfer
from the helicopter was necessary due to Kern EMS
policy for hoist rescue using helicopter. Kern county fire
and sheriff do not a have a paramedic on board the
helicopter or the equipment for a critical patient. Kern
EMS policy states that the hoist helicopter will
rendezvous with ground ambulance or medical helicopter
as soon as possible for transport to hospital. All of the
possible medical helicopters were unavailable at the time
and is why ground ambulance was utilized.”
Is it perhaps time to review the policy, or to allow the
Ground Ambulance Paramedic to accompany the patient
in the Helicopter, or to have a Paramedic on each
Sheriff's and Fire Department Helicopter, or ....
Aside from the “inconvenience” for the patient resulting
from the long and bumpy street ride, any transfer from a
helicopter to another vessel comes with a certain risk. By
far the most accidents with airships happen during starts
and landings phase. A Helicopter landing at night outside
an airport is always a precarious endeavor.
Some Kern County authorities, particularly the Public
Health Department which includes the EMS Division,
have, despite repeated requests not provided any
information about the transportation issue at hand or
their policy. Therefore this story will continue.
Kern County’s EMS system is divided into 10
geographic ambulance-operating areas, which operate
without competition. Each ambulance company is
required to respond to every call for service. Hall
Ambulance Inc., founded in 1971, provides 9-1-1
paramedic service to the cities of Arvin, Bakersfield,
California City, Shafter, Taft, Tehachapi, Wasco, and the
unincorporated communities of Bear Valley Springs,
Boron, Buttonwillow, Caliente, Dustin Acres, Fellows,
Frazier Park, Golden Hills, Lamont, Lebec, Lost Hills,
Maricopa, McKittrick, Mettler, Mojave, North Edwards,
Pine Mountain Club, Rosamond, Valley Acres and
Willow Springs, California.
Following is a statement of Inspector Anthony Akins,
Public Information Officer (PIO) with the Los Angeles
County Fire Department describing the use of their
Helicopters for EMS purposes:
The Los Angeles County Fire Department (LAcoFD)
has six Bell 412’s and three S70 Firehawks. LACoFD
normally staffs three copters each day. They are staffed
with one pilot and two paramedics. One at Camp 8 in


GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

Malibu returns to Pacoima at 5pm each night; one at
Bracket Field in Pomona and one at Fire Station 129 in
Lancaster. The Lancaster ship MAY spend the day at
Camp 9 in Santa Clarita if there are elevated fire
conditions, before moving to Fire Station 129 for the
night. In the event of a brush fire, the ships may fly a
camp crew and a division qualified superintendent to the
If there is a Red Flag Warning, we will usually staff a
fourth ship at Camp 9 for the duration of the warning
period. That aircraft is a dedicated “fire ship” with a fly
crew, although it is available for EMS missions as
needed and as a last resort. (It takes a few minutes to
revert the interior of the fire ship back to an EMS mode)
All of these aforementioned aircraft will usually be
equipped with a water tank and hoist winch.
We may also choose to staff a fifth 5th aircraft as a
dedicated “Helco or helicopter coordinator” which
provides aerial supervision to helicopters operating at a

brush fire. Helco has one pilot and one or two senior fireground supervisors on board and is only used for that
We try to dispatch aircraft using the ‘closest resource’
concept. Any reported (daytime) brush fire will get four
copters (3 LACoFD & 1 LA City) plus the Heli-tanker
(2600 gallon S-64 Sky Crane) if it’s on contract.
Nighttime fires get one helicopter unless it’s a red flag
night then they get three. (We can’t put as many aircraft
over a fire at night for safety reasons)
As for medical responses; again we try to use closest
resource. We try to task our own aircraft first then we go
to a list of cooperating and assisting agencies. In no
specific order, we may get aircraft from LA City, LA
County Sheriff’s, Mercy Air, USFS, Cal Fire, CHP,
Ventura or San Bernardino County, the military as well
as others. LACoFD Paramedics from ground units may
accompany the patient or may transfer care to an equal or
higher medical authority on that aircraft.

Coordination, Collaboration and Common Sense Policies & Procedures are crucial to achieve the best possible patient care –
Policies that don’t fully support emergency responders & Us, The People are unacceptable


GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV


GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV







EMS in Kern County – flawed policies? by Gunnar J
California Reservoir Conditions on March 19, 2014
News from the El Tejon Unified School District
o I have never seen this district "Work Together"
so well in all my years (+25) here by Charles
o District Chess Tournament by Charles Mullen
o What’s for Lunch?
Frazier Mountain High School
o Sports
o Baseball & Softball Schedule by Jerry Quick
El Tejon School
Frazier Park School
o Frazier Park’s Finest for April 3, 2014 by
Michelle Penner
o 2014 Invention Convention
Peak to Peak Mountain Charter School
Gorman School
All Things Local
o 32nd Annual Pine Mountain Club Lilac Festival
by Rosetta Burgelin
o Frazier Park Water Rate Study Meeting on April
17 – Rate Increases Probable by Jonnie Allison
o Mommy & Me Calendar
o Second Installment of Real Property Taxes Due
April 10, 2014
o Frazier Park Public Utility District (FPPUD)
Board Meeting on April 11, 2014
o MCCASA Meeting on April 17, 2014 by Tina
o Green Dragon Farms Ground Breaking
Celebration in Pinon Pines
All Things Regional
All Things Global
Law Enforcement Corner
o Kern County Sheriff’s Office – Frazier Park
o Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
o California Highway Patrol
o Distracted Driving
Animals Matter
Our Library
o Calendar



Journalism Class for Beginners - a joint effort of
the Frazier Park Library and the GBU Mountain
Incidents & Accidents in our Region
o Homicides, Arrests, Traffic Accidents, Fires &
Rescues throughout Kern County
Arts – Music – Theatre
Business Affairs
o McCarthy Announces Annual High School Art
Nature, Science & Technology
o Frazier Park Weather Forecast
Kern County
o Board of Supervisors Meetings
o History of Kern County (Part 2)
Upcoming Events
Safety & Disaster Preparedness
o Six P’s for immediate evacuation
o Kern
Legislative Affairs
Where to Go – What to Do
Health & Fitness
Business Directory
Job Offers
Important Phone Numbers


GBU Mountain News is now on
See what’s happening in the Frazier
Mountain Communities


GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV


GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

News from the El
Tejon Unified School
District (ETUSD)
What’s for Lunch?
See the April 2014 Lunch Menus for the Frazier Park
Elementary, El Tejon Middle, and Frazier Mountain
High Schools at

I have never seen this district "Work Together"
so well in all my years (+25) here.
By Charles Mullen – Social Media
You know things are different when...
o The teachers Association embraces "work for free"
and the classified staff works for just summer comp
o Parents see to it that their kids get to school when
they don't have to despite the fact that some parts of
the hill are covered in snow.
o Administrators take on weekend duties regularly and
o A superintendent has a good idea and "asks" the
teachers for their input.
o Students run their student government and team up to
improve the climate.
o For every one family that leaves we get two > 3.00
high functioning families in return.
o The "troubled" kids help other kids with chess
o In the face of criticism and individual advocacy, the
Board takes the lead in demanding discipline even if
it hurts feelings.
o The clear majority of parents are demanding personal
responsibility from their kids.
o The teachers, community, admin, and classified
screen applicants to cull the list of administrative
o "Mommies" gladly graduate to "moms" before their
kids leave FP School and expect a likewise
adjustment from their kids.
o More dads are finding the time to help coach and
o A superintendent attends sporting events,
competitions, performances, and contests gleefully
and proudly.
o The Board seeks consensus before voting.


Teachers and principals look forward to spring
testing results (this year and probably next we won't
get to prove our dramatic increase due to the new
Common Core regimen).

District Chess Tournament
By Charles Mullen
Senior Kyle Kendrick won the District Championship
with a perfect score of 4.0. Top seeded 6th grader,
Winston Robertson, stumbled in the third round against
8th grader Miles Vivitiro, by allowing Miles to escape
defeat with a clever stalemating move. This 1/2 point
dropped Winston to Runner Up status but allowed him to
clinch the Elementary title with a near-perfect 3.5 score.
7th grader, Tyler Deatrick, pulled off winning the Junior
High Championship with a strong finish and a 3.0 score.
Miles was just behind Tyler with 2.5 points but able to
boast having had to play the tournament's toughest
6th grader Knight Jarecki (it is almost as if his parents
"knew" he was going to be a fantastic chess player), took
2nd place in the Elementary Division with a powerful 2.5
points. Frazier Park School was represented by 3rd
grader, James Janssen-Brown, who took home top
honors in the Primary Division.

Teacher Chuck Mullen with James Janssen-Brown,
3rd grader and winner of the Primary Division

Senior Chris Long, distinguished himself quite well by
scoring 3.0 and capturing 2nd place in the High School
Division. As mentioned earlier, fellow high schooler,


GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

Kyle Kendrick, scored a 4.0 which naturally won the
High School Division as well as District Champion.
There were some impressive games being played by
some walk-ins who took over for players that simply
quit. Christian Castro and Clifton Conemac, both 8th
graders, finished just out of the medallions but beat some
pretty stiff competition. Two other 8th graders, Jace
Welshman and Robert Kapugi, had tough schedules but
still managed to win half of their games. Also of note,
bespeckled 6th grader, William Edwards, knocked off a
medalist but it wasn't enough to earn himself a medallion
in a Division dominated by Robertson.

School (FMHS)

Frazier Park Elementary School
Frazier Park’s Finest for April 3, 2014
Info & photo provided by Michelle Penner



Travis Freutel, Alexander Steares, Mac Roberts

Info provided by Jerry Quick
Varsity Softball
o Friday, April 11th Home vs. Desert at 3:15pm
o Tuesday, April 22nd Home vs Bishop at 3:15pm
o Friday, April 25th @ Bishop at 3:15pm
o Tuesday, April 29th @ Rosamond at 3:15pm
o Friday, May 2nd Home vs Rosamond at 3:15pm
o Tuesday, May 6th Home vs Cal City at 3:15pm-no
JV baseball or softball
o Friday, May 8th @ Cal City at 3:15pm-No JV
baseball or softball

Annual Invention Convention
As it is tradition for 20 years or so, about thirty 2nd
graders displayed their inventions on Wednesday, April
10, in the cafeteria of the Frazier Park School. Principal
Keri St Jeor opened the little exhibition at 8:30 a.m. and
for an hour parents and other students could see the
inventions and ideas those kids came up with. And many
of the exhibiting students were eager to explain their
ideas and concepts.

Varsity Baseball
o Friday, April 11th Home vs. Desert at 3:15pm
o Tuesday, April 22nd Home vs Bishop at 3:15pm
o Friday, April 25th @ Bishop at 3:15pm
o Tuesday, April 29th @ Rosamond at 3:15pm
o Friday, May 2nd Home vs Rosamond at 3:15pm
o Tuesday, May 6th Home vs Cal City at 3:15pm (No
o Friday, May 8th @ Cal City at 3:15pm (No JV)
Junior Varsity Softball
o Friday, April 11th vs. Desert at 3:15pm
o Tuesday, April 22nd vs Bishop at 3:15pm
o Friday, April 25th @ Bishop at 3:15pm
o Tuesday, April 29th @ Rosamond at 3:15pm
o Friday, May 2nd vs Rosamond at 3:15pm

El Tejon Middle School

Taylor showed her “Study Helper” which displays all
information for students, from the Solar System, to the
Alphabet, to a Subtraction & Addition Table to even a bag
for supplies


GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

Stanley's Sunshine Ice Cream was the favorite by all,
students, parents, and teachers alike. His Sunshine Ice
cream is a made of Vanilla Ice cream with a Lemon Ice
Tea mix. It was delicious and within a few minutes he had
a long line of customers wanting to taste his creation.
As an upcoming business leader he delegated the task of
scooping the ice cream into cups and distributing the
product to a teacher (Susan Edwards) and some of his
peers. He networked and mingled with his fellow students.
Stanley’s stand is shown here at 8:38 a.m.

inspired by her friend’s pet
mouse. So Evalyn constructed
a mouse house complete with
bed and kitchen, as well as
movable door and windows –
Lucky Mouse!

Gracie invented her
with the green finger
tips for pans and
pots, and the purple
finger tips for cups
and plates.

Stanley’s Ice Cream Booth 6 minutes later at 8:44 a.m.
9:03 a.m.:
first adult
working for

Elva proudly displays her piggy bank invention
"pinkicilicous" made from an empty water bottle. Excellent
recycling idea. Everybody else is enjoying Stanley's
Sunshine Ice Cream.

10 | P a g e

GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

All Things Local

Frazier Park Water Rate Study Meeting
on April 17 – Rate Increases Probable
By Jonnie Allison

32nd Annual Pine Mountain Club Lilac
By Rosetta Burgelin PMC-CPOA Events Director
Take a typical southern California spring weekend in
May, add tall trees, snow-streaked mountain peaks, blue
sky and pine-scented air, and you have the beginnings of
a recipe for Family Fun.
Begun in 1982 as a way to forget winter and welcome the
approaching summer, the Lilac Festival started as little
more than a bake sale and a Maypole Dance, and has
grown into a full-fledged Mountain tradition. The Lilac
was chosen as a centerpiece for the Festival because it
thrives in our mountain climate, and its short flowering
season falls roughly at the same time as the Festival. The
powerful scent of lilacs is one of the few that outshines
the always-present scent of sugar pine.
This year’s Festival is Saturday & Sunday, May 17th &
18th, and begins at 9 am each day, and ends at 5pm or so.
The traditional Parade is at 11 am on Saturday. Over 100
Arts & Crafts booths will be open all day, along with
international food vendors, restaurants and unique shops,
live music throughout the Festival, and a kiddie
amusement area. There are also lots of places to sit,
relax, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Village
and all of Pine Mountain Club.
If you would like to be a vendor (Art & Crafts or Food),
participate in the Lilac Festival Parade, or help out as a
volunteer, please go to, or call
Rosetta Burgelin at 661-242-1996.

Rob Shirley, Water System Technical and Professional
Services consultant, will provide an informational
meeting to the residents and Board members of Frazier
Park Public Utility District on Thursday, April 17, 2014.
Mr. Shirley will present findings of the water rate study
which could include rate increases as part of the 7:00
p.m. special board meeting at the Community Building at
Frazier Park.
The residents and all interested parties receiving this
information are a vital part of this process. This special
meeting is to provide the results of the study by
reviewing all previous financial audits and past budgets.
As the residents know, there have not been any rate
increases since 2009. The study provides a similar
projection as other drinking water systems are facing
with the cost of providing services.
In compliance with Proposition 218, notices will be sent
to residents 45 days prior to a public hearing tentatively
scheduled for June 21, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. to review any
protests of possible proposed changes

Mommy & Me Calendar
Info provided by Amy Crippen, Family Resource Center
Wednesday, April 16: Mom's Day - Mom’s decide
what the activity will be and plan it all, (craft and
o Wednesday, April 23: CALM Zoo Bakersfield Meeting at 10:00am at CALM 10500 Alfred Harrell
Hwy, Bakersfield, 93306. The group is sponsored by
First 5 and funded by Prop 10 which will pay for 1
parent/caregiver and all children 0-5 for up to 30
families. We encourage you to carpool & bring a
lunch or snacks for you & your child.
o Wednesday, April 30, 10-12: Meet at the Park Planting Party, We will make our own Herb garden.
Let’s celebrate Spring!
The Mommy & Me group meets weekly on Wednesdays.
The group provides parents with social opportunities to
meet other parents in the Mountain Communities, while
offering fun, child development and stimulating activities
that everyone can enjoy. If you have any questions or
would like to know about upcoming events please
contact Amy Crippen at (661)245-4303.


11 | P a g e

GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

Second Installment of Real Property
Taxes Due April 10, 2014
Kern County Treasurer and Tax Collector, Jackie Denney
reminds the public that the second installment of your
Kern County property tax is delinquent if not paid by
5:00 p.m., Thursday, April 10, 2014. In order to avoid a
10% late penalty and a $10.00 delinquency fee, property
tax payments must be made in person or postmarked on
or before April 10, 2014.
Various methods of payment are available:
1) Via mail to: KCTTC Payment Center, P.O. Box
541004, Los Angeles, CA 90054-1004
2) In person at the Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office
located at 1115 Truxtun Avenue - 2nd Floor,
Bakersfield, CA 93301.
3) Via the Treasurer-Tax Collector's website at
Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover Cards
can be used for payments made over the Internet or in
person. Electronic Checks can also be used for payments
over the Internet.
Please access our website for
additional information.
If you do not have your tax bill, you may request a
substitute tax bill or you may obtain the amount of
property tax due by calling (661) 868-3490 or by
emailing Property tax and parcel
information are also available on our website.


Medication Take Back April 26th, 2014. Sign up to
volunteer at this fun event.
Updates on : C-BERR, MyC3, and Color the
MCCASA outreach at local Ridge Route Car Show
on May 24, 2014.


Green Dragon Farms Ground Breaking
Celebration in Pinon Pines
On Sunday, April 6, Green Dragon Farms broke ground
at their new farm, The Pines, in Pinon Pines. More than
thirty people were in attendance including Gigi
Nommensen, Agriculture Teacher at Frazier Mountain
High School (FMHS), April Hemingway, Shelley &
Lance Borgstrom and Green Dragon Farms President
Linda Robredo.


Frazier Park Public Utility
(FPPUD) Board Meeting


As usual the Frazier Park Public Utility District invites
everyone to the Board Meetings to keep you informed.
The next scheduled meeting is April 10th, 2014 at 6:00
p.m.. We are also having a very important Townhall
Meeting on the 17th at the parks recreation hall. Hope to
see you there!

MCCASA Meeting on April 17, 2014
by Tina Fessia, MCCASA
This is just a friendly reminder that next week on April
17, 2014 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. we are having our
MCCASA (Mountain Communities Coalition Against
Substance Abuse) Meeting at the Family Resource
Center (downstairs meeting room) in Frazier Park.
We look forward to seeing all of you there. Here is an
overview of the agenda for the meeting:

Green Dragon Farms President Linda Robredo (middle)
with Angela and Yoshi Muki

12 | P a g e

GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

this new community project. The Mountain Communities
Family Resource Center will have an opportunity to refer
families and individuals in need to receive free installed
growbed with drip irrigation, seeds, and seedlings.
At the same time Green Dragon Farms celebrated its 4th
birthday with a little cake. The not-for-profit
organization, certified organic by the California
Department of Food and Agriculture, was founded on
March 6, 2011.
Other activities that afternoon included the planting of
apple and cheery trees, as well as the construction of
gopher proof grow beds.
Farm work: Planting Trees and Building a
Gopher proof Grow Bed

All Things Regional

Also participating were three of Green Dragon Farms'
scholarship students for 2014, Copp Collins, Jamie
Bizzini, and Taylor Mason.
At the ground breaking ceremony Angela and Yoshi Muki
were recognized for making their property available for

13 | P a g e

GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

Dear Frazier Park Residences,
Due to the recent Proclamation of a State Emergency by Gov. Jerry Brown pertaining to the prolonged drought your Frazier Park
Public Utility District (FPPUD) has implemented a Water Conservation Plan (available for review in the district office as well as an
electronic copy emailed to you upon request). It consists of four parts.
The voluntary Conservation Measures (that we ask everyone to abide by year round) and three stages of drought response
which are
Warning Stage,
Alert Stage, and
Emergency Stage.
At present, while we evaluate our water supply and the drought, we are at Voluntary Conservation Measures.
In an effort to promote conservation and voluntarily conserve water, Frazier Park PUD is adopting water-use regulations to
promote water conservation during non-emergency situations. These regulations include the following non-essential water use
and are currently voluntary unless specifically noted:
1) No use of water through any connection when the district has notified the customer in writing to repair a broken or
defective plumbing, sprinkler, watering or irrigation system and the customer has failed to make such repairs within 5
days after receipt of such notice.
2) No use of water which results in flooding or run-off in gutters, waterways, patios, driveway, or streets.
3) Use of water for washing aircraft, cars, buses, boats, trailers or other vehicles without a positive shut-off nozzle on the
outlet end of the hose.
4) Use of water through a hose for washing buildings, structures, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, patios, parking lots,
tennis courts, or other hard-surfaced areas in a manner which results in excessive run-off or waste.
5) Use of water for watering streets with trucks, except for initial wash-down for construction purposes (if street sweeping
is not feasible), or to protect the health and safety of the public.
6) Use of water for construction purposes, such as consolidation of backfill, dust control, or other uses unless no other
source of water or other method can be used.
7) Use of water for more than minimal landscaping in connection with any new construction.
8) Recommend the use of water for outside plants, lawn, landscape, and turf areas on a Odd/Even Program (Odd numbered
addresses Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday. Even numbered addresses Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday). Watering of plants,
lawn, landscape, and turf areas are prohibited between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Recommend no watering of
plants, lawn, landscape, and turf areas allowed on Mondays.
9) Use of water for watering outside plants and turf areas using a hand-held hose without a positive shut-off valve.
10) Use of water for decorative fountains or the filling or topping off of decorative lakes or ponds. Exceptions are made for
those decorative fountains, lakes, or ponds which utilize recycled water.
11) Use of water for the filling or refilling of swimming pools.

For valuable information on conserving water we recommend that you visit

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GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

All Things Global

Law Enforcement Corner
Kern County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) – Frazier Park Substation
Sergeant Mark Brown from the Kern
County Sheriff’s Substation in Frazier
Park released the following information about law
enforcement related incidents and activities between
March 26 and 30: *
1) On March 26, 2014, deputies completed an
investigation regarding a woman, Los Angeles
County resident EK, allegedly offering to sell
marijuana to a teenager at a school bus stop in the
area of Lebec Road and Lebec Oaks Road the day
before. A criminal complaint requesting an attempt
to furnish marijuana to a minor charge against K was
filed with the District Attorney’s Office.
2) On March 26, 2014, at about 11:40 AM, a deputy
was dispatched to a house on the 1500 block of
Linden Drive in PMC to investigate an identity theft.
Unknown person(s) used an ATM card number to
make three fraudulent on-line purchases totaling over
3) On March 27, 2014, deputies completed an
approximately 2-1/2 year investigation regarding a
burglary that occurred at Frazier Park Elementary in
Frazier Park on August 10, 2011, after a latent print
analysis identified a possible suspect. A criminal
complaint requesting a burglary charge against Adam
Shelton-Bermudez was filed with the District
Attorney’s Office.
Adam Philipp Shelton, born 1990, was arrested on
January 20, 2014 for Burglary in the 2nd degree,
forgery of a legal document, and petty theft
4) On March 28, 2014, at about 11:35 AM, a deputy
was dispatched to a store on the 600 block of
Monterey Trail in Frazier Park to investigate the
passing of a $50.00 counterfeit bill. Two days later,
the deputy contacted the suspect, MP, at a house on
the 500 block of Wyoming Trail in Frazier Park, and
arrested him for suspicion of passing fictitious U.S.
5) On March 28, 2014, at about 7:10 PM, a deputy was
dispatched to a house on the 2800 block of Polar
Way in PMC to investigate a theft. An unknown

man called an elderly woman, claiming to be her
grandson, and said he had been involved in a traffic
accident and was incarcerated in a jurisdiction
outside of California. He asked her to call another
man to make arrangements to bail him out of jail.
The victim called the other man and left a message
for that man to call her back. He called her back and
told her to send $1,000.00 in cash, inside a birthday
card, to an address in Montreal, Canada. The victim
sent the money the next day. It turned out that the
woman’s grandson was not incarcerated and did not
request or receive the money. This is a common
telephone scam that scammers use to prey on the
elderly, and people must be vigilant to not fall for it.
Never send anyone money after being asked to do so
during a phone call, unless you are 100% sure that it
is going to the person you intend for it to go to.
Always confirm that it is really your loved one
asking for the money before sending it.
6) On March 29, 2014, at about 2:25 PM, a deputy
contacted Elizabeth Seck on the 600 block of
Monterey Trail in Frazier Park, and arrested her for
suspicion of being under the influence of a control
Elizabeth Seck, born 1979 was arrested on April 25,
2007, on May 28, 2007 and on May 21, 2008 for
possession of Narcotics, on June 10, 2009, and on
March 29, 2014 for being under the influence of a
controlled substance
7) On March 30, 2014, at about 9:15 PM, a deputy was
dispatched to a hotel on the 600 block of Wainwright
Court in Lebec to investigate a vehicle being stolen
from in front of a house on the 4200 block of Decator
Trail in Frazier Park. Later that night, at about 12:50
AM, the deputy stopped the reported stolen vehicle
in the same hotel’s parking lot and arrested the
driver, Timothy Largent, for suspicion of taking a
vehicle without the owner’s consent and possessing a
stolen vehicle.
Anyone having information about any of the above
incidents is asked to contact the Kern County Sheriff’s

15 | P a g e

GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

Office at (661) 861-3110, contact Secret Witness at (661)
322-4040 or send an anonymous text to TIP411
(847411). Type the key word, “KCSO,” prior to the
You will notice that the names of arrestees and suspects are not always
published here. The presumption of innocence means that one is to be
considered innocent until proven guilty in a fair and open court of law.
Individuals that have been arrested, but not convicted and that do not
pose a risk for others should not be subject to public humiliation.
However, if you have been arrested and convicted before, and you have a
considerable criminal record, your full name AND your criminal record
will be published. If you are a repeated offender you will be considered a
threat to our Youth and risk to the community.

Los Angeles County Sheriff (LASD)
California Highway Patrol (CHP)
Distracted Driver Awareness Month
April is National Distracted Driver Awareness Month.
The California Highway Patrol, California Office of
Traffic Safety, and Allied Law Enforcement Agencies
are launching the fourth annual Distracted Driver
Enforcement and Awareness Campaign. This is a month
long effort targeting distracted drivers as well as bringing
awareness to the public of the deadly consequences of
driving while distracted.

Distracted Driving
Distracted driving is any activity that could divert a
driver's attention away from the primary task of driving.
Types of distractions include:
o Texting
o Using a cell phone or smartphone
o Eating and drinking
o Talking to passengers
o Grooming
o Reading, including maps
o Using a navigation system
o Watching a video
o Adjusting a radio, CD player, or MP3 player
The number of people killed in distraction-affected
crashes was 3,360 in 2011 and 3,328 in 2012. An
estimated 421,000 people were injured in motor vehicle
crashes involving a distracted driver in 2012, up from the
estimated 387,000 people injured in 2011.
10% of all drivers under the age of 20 involved in fatal
crashes were reported as distracted at the time of the
crash. This age group has the largest proportion of
drivers who were distracted.

As of December 2012, 171.3 billion text messages were
sent in the US (including Puerto Rico, the Territories,
and Guam) every month. Five seconds is the average
time a driver’s eyes are off the road while texting. When
traveling at 55mph, that's enough time to cover the length
of a football field blindfolded.
A quarter of teens respond to a text message once or
more every time they drive. 20 percent of teens and 10
percent of parents admit that they have extended, multimessage text conversations while driving.

What is an Electronic Newspaper?
An electronic Newspaper is a self-contained,
reusable, and refreshable version of a traditional
newspaper that acquires and holds information
electronically. (The electronic newspaper should not
be confused with newspapers that offer an online
version at a Web site.)
What is the difference between a Newsletter and
a Newspaper?
A newspaper publishes stories and information for
and about a city/region/state/country and covers a
variety of topics, events, and developments.
A Newsletter is published by a specific organization
(school, club, business) and informs mainly about
the organization's activities.

Animals Matter

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GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

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GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

Frazier Park Library (‫)ک تاب خان ه‬

April 11: 3:30 p.m. Foreign Intrigue Book
Discussion: Read & discuss the book
Zen Attitude by Sujata Massey

9-9:30 a.m. Free Beginning Piano
3:30 -5:00 p.m. Reading of the Classics
by local actors and community; all are
April 26: 10:00 a.m. Quilt & Chat - learn
techniques, share ideas, & work on
group projects
May 3: 10:00 a.m. “I used to Be” Photography
Presentation by Gerald Smith, one of the
Last great studio photographers of the
glamorous Hollywood era presents
photos and stories from a time gone by.
Listen and see what you otherwise only
read in history books.

Library Hours & Calendar

11am – 7pm
11am – 7pm
11am – 7pm
9am – 5pm
9am – 5pm


11:30 a.m. Family Storytime with
Christine Kearns-Brown


3:30 p.m. Chess Everyone is welcome.
Chess Coach, Bill Hopper available to
teach beginners.


11:30 a.m. Personal Computer Coach.
3:30 p.m. Barks & Books with Donna
Marie Kuehn; children build their
reading skills by sharing stories with
therapy dog Ginger Snap.
3:30 p.m. Sign Language Class by
Anita Anderson. All ages welcome!

Please call 661-245-1267 for more info.

April 10: 3:30 p.m. Beginning Excel – Learn the
Basics of Microsoft Excel

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GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

In-N-Out Cover to Cover Club
"In & Out" fast food restaurant has a contest at the
Library from March 1st to April 12th for children ages 4
to 12 years old. Each child interested in participating
1. picks up a reading log at the library counter,
2. fills out the books they have read.
3. When 5 titles are filled in, the parent signs the card
that the books have been read, and
4. they bring the card in to the library and
5. the library staff will issue a gift certificate for a free
hamburger or cheeseburger from "In & Out".

Children have a chance to receive up to three
hamburgers or cheeseburgers.
As of March 28, nearly 20 local children have
received an In-N-Out Burger, up to six kids have

Journalism Class for Beginners - a joint
effort of the Frazier Park Library and the
GBU Mountain News
Friday, April 11, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. is the start
of the first Journalism Class for Beginners.
Everyone between the age of 14 and up is invited to
You must, however, have some working knowledge
about Computer, Microsoft, and have used the Internet
before for e-mail and research.
In the beginning you will learn and understand
o how to cover the WHAT - WHO - WHEN - WHERE
- WHY of any story
o how to research and find facts and sources
o how to check and re-check the reliability of sources
o to read different features in newspapers, magazines,
and on the Web
o how to write one article of 500+ words per month
o how to come up with story ideas
o to pay attention, take notes, ask questions
o the writing styles for news, features, reviews,
opinion, columns, sports, press-releases
o history, ethics, laws, and guiding principles of the
This is intended to be an ongoing class for each Friday. If
you have any questions please call the Frazier Park
Library Manager Marie Smith at 661-245-1267 or

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GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

20 | P a g e

GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

Incidents & Accidents
Throughout Kern County
Wasco - Methamphetamine in a Day Care
by Kern County Sheriff’s Office
On Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at approximately 0630
hours, Officers from the California Multijurisdictional
Methamphetamine Enforcement Team (CAL-MMET),
with assistance from the Southern Tri County HIDTA
Task Force and the Kern Narcotics Enforcement Team
executed a search warrant in the 400 block of F Street in
the City of Wasco.
The search warrant concluded a narcotic investigation
that was instigated after public complaints regarding the
sales of narcotics coming from the residence. During the
search, officers located just under a half of a pound of
suspected methamphetamine with an estimated street
value of just over $20,000. Officers had determined that
there was a day care being ran out of the home and
served the warrant prior to any children arriving.
Officers have notified state licensing agents of their
Arrested at the scene was 24 year old Wasco resident
Angel Soto. Soto was booked into the Kern County
Sheriff’s Office Jail for various narcotics related charges,
destruction of evidence and participation in a criminal
street gang.

On Monday, April 7, 2014, four-months-old Mia Rios
was found unresponsive at 400 Block of Jeffrey Street in
Bakersfield. The infant was transported to the Emergency
Room of Bakersfield Memorial Hospital where death
was pronounced on April 8, 2014 at 12:34 p.m. An
autopsy was performed on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 and
the cause of death is pending histology and toxicology
Lake Isabella - Fatal Traffic Accident
On Tuesday, April 8, at 1:29 p.m. a fatal Head-on
Collision occurred on the stretch of State Route 178 that
overlooks Isabella Lake at Kissack Bay.
A 1990s model white Chevrolet Blazer with Arizona
license plates was traveling eastbound at an unknown
rate of speed, crossed the double yellow line and hit an
oncoming early 1960s Camouflage colored Dodge Town
Wagon that was traveling westbound. The 65-year-old
driver, a resident of Caliente, was transported by
ambulance into Lake Isabella and then airlifted to Kern
Medical Center (KMC). There he was pronounced dead
at 2:44 p.m. Kern County Fire Department used the Jaws
of Life to free the female diver, 48-year-old Theresa Ann
Bell out of the wrecked Blazer. The resident of Lake
Isabella was then transported to Kern Valley Hospital
where she succumbed to her injuries at 2:37 p.m.
Two dogs traveling in the Blazer were rescued and
handed over to Kern County Animal Control.

Delano - Arrest & Seizure of Firearms
by Kern County Sheriff’s Office
On April 8th, 2014, Kern Narcotics Enforcement Team
(KNET) detectives, with the assistance from the
Enforcement Team (Cal-MMET), executed a search
warrant in the 1500 block of Almond Tree Way in
Delano, California. During the execution of the search
warrant, detectives located evidence of marijuana sales, a
large amount of U.S. currency, and four firearms. Jose
Espinoza (32 years old), was arrested for participation in
a criminal street gang, possession of a firearm by a felon,
and possessing ammunition by persons prohibited from
owning or possessing. Espinoza was booked into the
Central Receiving Facility on the above listed charges
Bakersfield - Death of an Infant
by Kern County sheriff's Office Coroner Section

Kern Canyon Highway 178 - Hoist Rescue
by Kern County Fire Department
On Friday, March 28, at 8:40 p.m. the Kern County Fire
Department responded to a call from the Kern County
Sheriff's Office to assist in a rescue. Two engines, one
truck, one patrol, USAR 52 & 61, and two additional
units with a total of 18 fire personnel were dispatched to
a woman who had fallen 75 feet off Highway 178 about
six miles east in Kern Canyon.
First arriving fire crews made their way down the canyon
to the patient and found her with serious injuries. A
rescue operation was initiated utilizing multiple rope
rescue systems. After tending to the patient’s injuries, it
was determined that, due to the steep terrain, the best
route for extrication was to hoist the patient by
helicopter. Kern County Sheriff helicopter, Air 5, was
dispatched and successfully hoisted the patient out and to
an awaiting ambulance at the entrance of the canyon on
Highway 178. The woman was transported to Kern
Medical Center.

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GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

22 | P a g e

GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV



McCarthy Announces Annual High School Art
By US Congressman Kevin McCarthy Office
Congressman Kevin McCarthy announced today that he
is inviting all high school students in
the 23rd Congressional District to
compete in the 2014 Annual “An
Artistic Discovery” Congressional Art
Competition for high school students.
High school students from portions of
Kern, Tulare, and Los Angeles
counties who reside in the 23rd
Congressional District can submit
artwork on a wide variety of subjects
and mediums. The deadline for submission is Friday,
April 11, 2014. Entries will be accepted at McCarthy’s
Bakersfield office.
The winning entry from
Congressman McCarthy’s 23rd Congressional District
will be displayed in a corridor leading to the United
States Capitol for one year.
The artwork must be an original concept, two
dimensional and no larger than 28” x 28” (the
measurement should allow for framing) and 4” in depth.
Paintings (oil, watercolor, acrylic, etc.), computer
generated art, photography, drawings, collages and prints
(lithographs, silk screens, monotypes, woodcuts and
intaglio methods) are acceptable.
The winner of the overall competition will receive
roundtrip airline tickets to travel to the exhibit opening in
Washington, D.C. in June.
In addition to the overall winner of the competition,
awards will be given to those who place first, second and
third in the following three categories: photography,
computer generated art, and artwork of all other
All artwork will be exhibited to the public at an awards
reception on Friday, April 25, 2014 at Metro Galleries,
1604 19th Street in Bakersfield from 6:30PM-7:30PM.
For further information, please contact Congressman
McCarthy’s Bakersfield office at (661) 327-3611 or any
high school art department in the 23rd Congressional

Frazier Park Weather Forecast:
Friday, April 11:
Saturday, April 12:
Sunday, April 13:
Monday, April 14:
Tuesday, April 15:
Wednesday, April 16:
Thursday, April 17:

high 79°F
high 70°F
high 75°F
high 81°F
high 72°F
high 68°F
high 64°F

low 43°F
low 48°F
low 50°F
low 43°F
low 46°F
low 43°F
low 39°F

Snowiest US Cities based on Average Snowfall:
Stampede Pass in Washington State with 430 inches,
Valdez in Alaska with 321 inches, and
Mount Washington in New Hampshire with 260 inches.

Nature, Science & Technology

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GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

Kern County
Board of Supervisors Meetings
The Kern County Board of Supervisors meets every
Tuesday at 9:00 am and 2:00 pm in the County
Administrative Building at 1115 Truxtun Ave. in
At each meeting Members of the Public can address the
Board on any matter even if it is not on this agenda but
under the jurisdiction of the Board. Board members may
respond briefly to statements made or questions posed by
the public. They may ask a question for clarification,
make a referral to staff for factual information or request
staff to report back to the Board at a later meeting. Also,
the Board may take action to direct the staff to place a
matter of business on a future agenda. Speakers are
limited to two minutes and asked to state and spell their
names (for the record) before making a presentation.
If you are interested to receive the agenda(s) for
upcoming or the minutes for previous Board meetings,

Kern County History – from Basket-Weaving
Indians to Supersonic Airplanes (Part II)
1850 – California became the 31st US state with the Kern
area being part of Mariposa County
1852 – Edward F Beale arrived as Superintendent of
Indian Affairs
1853 – Gold discovered in Greenhorn Gulch
1850 – California became the 31st US state with the Kern
area being part of Mariposa County
1854 – Fort Tejon established
1854 – Phineas Banning started stagecoach service
between Los Angeles and Fort Tejon
1857 – U.S. Camel Corps reached Fort Tejon
1857 – Fort Tejon Earthquake
1860 – Telegraph Service from Los Angeles to San
Francisco through Kern
1864 – Gold discovered at Havilah
1864 – Fort Tejon abandoned
1865 – Buena Vista Oil Refinery began operations in
Temblor area
1866 – Kern County became incorporated with Havilah
(located just south of Lake Isabella in the mountains) as
County Seat
1872 – County seat is moved to Bakersfield
1888 – Telephone Service began in Bakersfield with 29
individuals (i.e., H.F. Condict, B. Brundage, Alfred
Harrell) and businesses (i.e., Black’s Drug Store, Buffalo
Brewery, Drury’s Drug Store, Dinkelspeil Brothers,
Arlington Hotel, County Jail)

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GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

25 | P a g e

GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

GBU Mountain News is an electronic newspaper
that currently reaches out to 3,954 residents,
businesses, and organizations throughout the
Frazier Mountain Communities as well as public
and elected officials in the Kern-Los AngelesVentura Counties area. The GBU Mountain News
is published and distributed twice to four times a
Publisher & Editor: Gunnar J Kuepper
Tel.: 661-402-2717 (always dial area code)
The electronic format allows the readership to be
always informed in a timely fashion.

If you are interested in receiving GBU
Mountain News regularly, just send an email to
Previous issues of the GBU Mountain News can be downloaded free of
LIV – April 10, 2014:
LIII – April 5, 2014:
LII – March 28, 2014:
LI – March 20, 2014:
L – March 13, 2014:
IL – March 6, 2014:
XLVIII – Feb 27, 2014:
XLVII – Feb 15, 2014:
XLVI – Feb 5, 2014:
XLV - Jan 31, 2014:
XLIV – Jan 27, 2014:
XLIII – Jan 20, 2014:
XLII - Jan 13, 2014:
XLI – Jan 4, 2014:
XL – Dec 30, 2013:

– Dec 20, 2013:
TThXXXVIII – Dec 17, 2013:
XXXVII – Dec 11, 2013:
XXXVI – Dec 8, 2013:
XXXV – Nov 28, 2013:
XXXIV – Nov 22, 2013:
XXXIII – Nov 14, 2013:
XXXII – Nov 10, 2013:
XXXI – Nov 6, 2013:
XXX – Nov 1, 2013:
XXIX – Oct 24, 2013:
XXVIII – Oct 16, 2013:
XXVII – Oct 12, 2013:
XXVI – Oct 9, 2013:
XXV – Oct 2, 2013:
XXIV –Sep 25, 2013:
XXIII – Sep 19, 2013:
XXII – Sep 16, 2013:
XXI – Sep 10, 2013:
XX – Sep 5, 2013:
XIX – Sep 2, 2013:
XVIII – Aug 28, 2013:
XVII – Aug 23, 2013:

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GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV
XVI – Aug 21, 2013:
XV – Aug 14, 2013:
XIV – Aug 9, 2013:
XIII – July 31, 2013:
XII – July 25, 2013:
XI – July 19, 2013:
X – July 16, 2013:
IX – July 14, 2013:
VIII – July 10, 2013:
VII – July 6, 2013:
VI – July 4, 2013:
V – July 2, 2013:
IV – July 1, 2013:
III – June 29, 2013:
II – June 28, 2013:
I – June 26, 2013:
S3 – 2013 Fiesta Days from Aug 6, 2013:
S2 – Rancho Fire from July 22, 2013:
S1 – Lebec Fire from July 7, 2013:

Safety & Disaster Preparedness
Six P’s for immediate evacuation
If you have to leave / evacuate your home immediately,
remember the six “P’s”:
1. People & Pets
2. Purse: ID, driver’s license, credit cards, cash, keys
3. Personal Computer (laptop): critical information
4. Pills: medication, eye-glasses
5. Papers: important insurance, financial, and other
documents (can also be scanned and stored on PC)
6. Pictures: irreplaceable memorabilia (can also be
scanned and stored on PC)

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GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

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GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

Legislative Affairs

Distances from Frazier Park
Pine Mountain Club
Laval Road/I-5
Santa Clarita, Shopping Centr
Bakersfield, Panama Lane
Bakersfield, Truxtun Avenue
Los Angeles, Downtown
Santa Maria
Las Vegas, NV
Sacramento, CA
Washington, D.C.
Kiev, Ukraine
Kabul, Afghanistan

14 miles
18 miles
32 miles
41 miles
41 miles
46 miles
54 miles
75 miles
78 miles
120 miles
298 miles
320 miles
2,700 miles
6,300 miles
7,700 miles

Open Editorial (Op Ed)
An op-ed, abbreviated from opposite the editorial page, is a newspaper article that expresses the opinions of a named writer
who is usually unaffiliated with the newspaper's editorial board. These are different from editorials (which are usually
unsigned and written by editorial board members) and letters to the editor (which are submitted by readers of the

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GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

30 | P a g e

GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

Health & Fitness

Family Dentistry
for the Mountain Communities
Peter Porazik, D.D.S. & Mimi Porazik, D.D.S.
We serve seniors, adults, and children in the Mountain Communities since 1997
We do: Crowns and bridges, esthetic filling and veneers, gum treatments, minor oral surgery and implants,
orthodontics and invisiline, endodontics, full and partial removable dentures, full mouth reconstructions,
bleaching, temporomandibular joint treatments ... and more.
We are: Peter Porazik has 38 years of experience in dentistry, is licensed in California since 1996. Our
daughter Dr. "Mimi' Maria Porazik added orthodontics to our treatment offer and she is very good with
children. All our younger patients love "Doctor Mimi". Our dental assistant Alicia speaks Spanish fluently
and can overcome any language hurdles.

Tel 661-245-1434 or 661-644-5456
We are located in Lebec at 2045 Lebec Road,
near the Lebec Post Office and just north of the I-5 Lebec exit.

We are here for you Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. And we are available for
appointments on Saturdays.
We use modern technologies which allow for drill-less and painless care with no needles needed.
We accept most insurances – City Healthcard - Care Credit

California Department of Health Warns
Consumers Not to Eat Five Varieties of Del
Castillo Foods Mexican Pastries Due to
Undeclared Milk Allergens
On Thursday, March 26, the California Department of
Public Health warned consumers with milk allergies not
to eat five varieties of Del Castillo Foods Mexican
o La Campana Panaderia – Conchitas (Sea Shells)
o La Campana Panaderia – Cemitas (Sweet Rolls)
o La Campana Panaderia – Cuernitos (Horns)
o La Campana Panaderia – Novias (Brides)
o La Campana Panaderia – Chilindrinas (Crystal Sugar
Del Castillo Foods of Lodi, California, is voluntarily
recalling all five varieties because they contain milk that
is not declared on the product labels. The recall was
initiated after CDPH identified the labeling omission

during a routine inspection of the facility. No illnesses
have been reported at this time.
The Conchitas, Cemitas, Cuernitos, Novias, and
Chilindrinas are packaged four pieces to a bag. The clear
plastic bag is labeled with the following brand name, La
Campana Panaderia and has a net weight of 11 ounces.
Product photos can be viewed on the CDPH website.
Del Castillo Foods has segregated its inventory and is
notifying consumers not to eat these products if they
have a sensitivity to milk allergens. Consumers that have
the recalled products should return them to the place of
purchase. People who have an allergy or severe
sensitivity to milk run the risk of a life-threatening
allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, which requires immediate
medical attention.
Consumers that have experienced an allergic reaction
after consuming any of these products should contact
their health care provider. Anyone observing the products
being offered for sale is encouraged to call CDPH’s toll
free complaint line at
(800) 495-3232.

31 | P a g e

GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

Business Directory
Automobile Repair & Service
 DunnRight, 3811 Mount Pinos Way, Frazier Park,
Tel 661-245-3866
 Martin's Garage Auto Repair, 1441 Frazier Mountain
Road, Lebec, Tel 661-248-6000
Computer Repairs
 Computer & Games, 633 San Gabriel Trail, Frazier
Park, Tel 661-242-1214

Day Spas
 LeBeau Organic Day Spa and Wellness Center,
23460 Cinema Drive, Suite E, Valencia, CA 91355,
Tel 661-287-5828 -
 The Ivy Day Spa, 24320 Town Center Drive,
Valencia, CA, Tel 661-260-1244
 La Ti Da Salon & Boutique, 2025 18TH Street,
Bakersfield, CA 93301, Tel 661-631-1112
Grocery Stores
 Trader Joe’s Bakersfield, 8200 Stockdale Highway,
Tel 661-837-8863
 Trader Joe’s Santa Clarita, 26517 Bouquet Canyon
Road, Tel 661-263-3796
 Ralphs Grocery Store, 29675 The Old Road (at
Hasley Canyon Rd), Castaic, CA 91384
 Holiday Inn Express, 612 Wainright Ct, Lebec, CA
93243, Tel 661-248-1600
 State Farm, Mitch Wood, 3015 Mt Pinos Way,
Frazier Park, Tel 661-245-3728
Pet Food & Supplies
 Petco Animal Supplies, 26501 Bouquet Canyon
Road, Saugus, Tel 661-297-6936
 Petco Animal Supplies, 8220 Rosedale Hwy,
Bakersfield, CA 93312, 661-587-1097

 GBU Photography, Frazier Park, Tel 661-402-2717,

 The Gorman Real Estate Co., Ron & Karen Blevins,
 Carol Swanston, All Seasons Realty, Pine Mountain
Club, Tel 661-242-3752
 Greg & Monica Brackin, Alpine Village Realty,
16215 Pine Valley Ln, PMC, Tel 661-242-2685

 Outback Steakhouse Valencia, 25261 The Old Road,
Newhall, CA 91321, Tel 661- 287-9630
 Outback Steakhouse Bakersfield, 5051 Stockdale
Hwy., Bakersfield, CA 93309, Tel 661-834-7850
 Elephant Bar Restaurant, 27063 McBean Parkway,
Valencia, CA 91355, 661- 799-8640

 Your T-Shirt Man, Jerold Parker, 3441 Mt Pinos
Way, Frazier Park, Tel 661-245-2350

Travel Agent
 Teri Pierce, Protravel Inc., Lake of the Woods,
Tel 661-245-4798

Toys & Games
 Computer & Games, Scott Parson, 633 San Gabriel
Trail, Frazier Park, Tel 661-242-1214

 Valencia Veterinary Center, open 24/7, 23928
Summerhill Lane, Santa Clarita, CA 91354
Tel 661-263-4770

Pet Services
 Blue Rose Pet Salon, 3429 Los Padres Drive, Frazier
Park, for appointments call 661-245-3635
 Walgreens Castaic, 27983 Sloan Canyon Road,
Tel 661-775-0840
 Rite Aid Castaic, 31910 Castaic Road,
Tel 661-295-0966


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GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV


Job Offers

Cars for Sale

2000 Black Chevy Truck as is, licensed and
smogged; please submit offer (661) 248-6872 Lebec County Water District
 2000 Dodge Van – lift for disabled, 7 passengers,
tinted windows, new tires, $8,500 OBO; 661-8084643 or 661-204-9597
 2001 Nissan Quest – V6 engine, automatic, A/C,
power windows, P/L, runs good, clean title, 138,000
miles $4,800; 661-204-1833
 Ford Explorer 1994 Sport, 5-spd, Runs Great New
Tags, Need Some TLC, $1,650/OBO, Call 661-8731189
 2000 Ford Explorer XLS – automatic, AC, clean
title, runs great, 134,000 miles, 661-335-2174
 1995 Dodge Ram Sport – good condition, Sport, V8
with longbed, extended cab, and liner, $2,900,, 760-468-2669, 661-7485610
 1998 Dodge Durango – 4x4, A/C, runs & looks
good, V8, all power, $4,000 OBO, Jesus, 661-3010531
(For private / non-commercial sellers: list your car,
trailer, motorcycle, boat, or airplane for FREE
throughout the month of April)

Rental Equipment

Lebec County Water District is looking for daily,
weekly, and monthly rental rates for the Use of a
backhoe from local companies or individuals; please
submit bids (661) 248-6872


For Garage Sales: After your sale, call us to come to
pick up unwanted items at no fee & we will give you
a tax donation receipt for our 501 Organization. 661245-1342

The El Tejon Unified School District is accepting
applications for a Business Manager. Please apply
online at
PMCPOA, Inc. is currently accepting applications
for Recreation & Event Program Manager,
Janitorial/Custodial, Stable Hand and Lifeguard.
Pre-employment drug screening, DMV and
background check are required for all positions. For
more information about these positions visit the
PMCPOA website at
Under the “PMC Main Menu” (on the left side of the
Home Page), click “The Association”, then click
“Breaking News/Employment”. Under the “Business
Office” heading you will find the job descriptions
and a downloadable employment application. For
additional information you can also call the
PMCPOA Business Office at 661-242-3788
Looking for Local (Lebec-PMC) Contractors and
Handymen for yard clearance, lawn mowing, refuse
removal, etc.; must be absolute reliable, no criminal
records, valid California Driver’s license – apply at
Medical Social Worker: Make a lifetime difference!
Join our unique team of professionals who are
committed to providing compassionate hospice care
to Kern County families facing a final season of life.
Excellent problem solving and communication skills
a must. Enjoy the flexibility and independence in a
most rewarding Profession that serves others in their
greatest time of need. Masters in Social Work
required Bilingual Preferred Apply in person at:
Hoffman Hospice, 8501 Brimhall Road; Fax resume
CSUB #1736 - Student Outreach Counselor
(Student Services Professional ll) - FT perm. position

33 | P a g e

GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

available in University Outreach Dept. File by:
tatus%20Inquiry/index.html Use position number
when applying. EOE
Assistant Manager needed for Bakersfield auto
recycler. Need good leadership & communication
skills. Knowledge of auto parts & fork lift operation
a +, good salary / benefits. Email resume to
The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is hiring
between 4 and 6 Dispatchers for the Bakersfield
area. Applicants should be willing to work nights,
weekends, holidays, overtime and unusual hours.
The duties include operating the radio, computer
related equipment; dispatching appropriate personnel
and resources such as officer, emergency equipment,
allied agencies; screening calls from officers, public
media and other allied agencies and taking
appropriate action. Handling 911 calls from citizens
who are difficult to communicate with (e.g., upset,
abusive, intoxicated, suicidal, young/old, or speech
impaired). Applications will be accepted from now
till April 3, 2014. Interested applicants can log on to
Dispatcher. Completed and signed applications must
be submitted to:
California Highway Patrol, Selection Standards and
Examinations Unit, P.O. Box 942898, Sacramento,
Ca 94298 - Questions can be directed to Public
Safety Dispatch Supervisor, April Manuel at 661864-4444.
Habitat for Humanity: Office Manager/Bookkeeper
Habitat for Humanity is seeking a full time office
manager/bookkeeper with strong bookkeeping skills.
involved>employment Salary: $35,000 - $40,000
Please email resumes to:
Stevens Transportation Inc. at 210 Fairfax Road in
Bakersfield: Drivers Reg. Full Time Class A License
w/DBL 661-366-3286

Newspaper Delivery in Bakersfield - Nightly routes
available in all parts of Bakersfield delivering The
Bakersfield Californian. Pay ranges $220+ per week
depending on route size, terrain, and number of
routes. All newspapers are picked up in Bakersfield
each night for all deliveries. Need some extra income
and live in Bakersfield call us today. Call Kara at
661-392-5742 to schedule an appointment today and
learn about route profit information. Must bring
vehicle registration, valid driver's license, social
security card, and proof of insurance
 Arvin Union School District Certificated: 7th/8th
Grade Special Day Class Teacher Mild/Moderate
Salary: Current Salary Schedule Application
deadline: Open until Filled

Important Phone Numbers
Sheriff or CHP
Frazier Park Sheriff Station
Frazier Park Public Utility/Water District
Lebec County Water District
Southern California Edison
Southern California Gas
Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE)
El Tejon Unified School District 661-248-6247
Frazier Mountain High School
Frazier Park Library
Pine Mountain Club Patrol
Supervisor David Couch
Fire Station 56 (Lebec)
Fire Station 57 (Frazier Park)
661-245- 3706
Dentist Porazik, Lebec
661- 245-1434
The Photographer (fires, accidents, weddings, & all other disasters)

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GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

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GBU Mountain News
April 10 , 2014 - LIV

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