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June 2, 2009 The Dartmouth Review Page 


Greg Fossedal, Gordon Haff,
Benjamin Hart, Keeney Jones

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win
great triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than
to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy
much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray
twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”
—Theodore Roosevelt

A.S. Erickson
Editor in Chief

Nicholas P. Hawkins

Charles S. Dameron
Executive Editor

Sterling C. Beard
Managing Editor

David W. Leimbach, Jared W. Zelski
Senior Editors

Blair Bandeen, Brian Nachbar,
James Chu, Tyler Brace
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Mostafa A. Heddaya
Vice President

Michael DiBenedetto Katherine Murray
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Sports Editor

Nisanth A. Reddy, Michael J. Edgar
Web Editors

Cathleen G. Kenary, Brian C. Murphy, Tyler Maloney,
Elizabeth Mitchell, Aditya Sivaraman, James T. Preston Jr.,
Michael Cooper, Christine S. Tian, William Aubin, Lane
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Faraci, Michael Randall, Samuel D. Peck, John N. Aleckna

Mean-Spirited, Cruel and Ugly
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The Review Advisory Board
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Theodore Cooperstein, Dinesh D’Souza,
Robert Flanigan, John Fund, William Grace, Gordon
Haff, Jeffrey Hart, Laura Ingraham, Mildred Fay
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Panero, Hugo Restall, Roland Reynolds, William
Rusher, R. Emmett Tyrrell, Sidney Zion
“Except for the Sig-anythings.”
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Goodbye ‘09s
Goodbye President Wright

It is commencement season—a time for fond remem- amalgam of alumni controversies, veteran affairs, and ice
brances, a time for disillusioned gazings into the future, cream socials on the Green.
a time for celebrating an achievement, and a time for
The exhibit understandably glosses his most controplatitudes to replace, well, other platitudes.
versial acts as president (like the reorganization of campus

Around this time of year, commencement speakers northward, away from the Green), or leaves them out
and editorialists alike try to distill the diploma into few altogether—S.L.I. and the Board Restructuring. Even
words, to translate what the last four years will mean for so, one comes away from the exhibit with little sense of
the rest of your life.
what vision he had for Dartmouth, if any. His time at the

One hears phrases bandied about like (the standard) College as an administrator was marked by administration
“entering the real world,”
and not vision.
(the Dartmouth related) “oh

Yet, Wright’s legacy is
the places you’ll go,” and
far from written in stone.
(the current events specific)
He has demonstrated lead“please stay optimistic.” The
ership and vision when it
truth is this: it’s a grim time to
comes to a new G.I. Bill of
be leaving college, but you’ll
Rights. If he continues to
probably be fine. I won’t
successfully advocate for the
trot out any advice because,
rights of returning veterans,
quite frankly, I haven’t any.
that may very well become
You’ll leave Hanover, and
the defining memory of
you’ll find your way.
President Wright. In what

As we prepare to say
has been a quiet year for
goodbye to the ‘09s, the ColWright, there is already a
lege will also be saying goodsense of rehabilitation. The
bye to President Wright. He
Student Life Inititiative is
A.S. Erickson
came to Dartmouth in 1969,
ancient news; the alumni
a young marine veteran who
controversy has fallen from
had just gotten a Ph.D. in American History. After forty the headlines since the Association of Alumni withdrew
years at the College on the Hill, he is handing over the the lawsuit last summer; Ed Haldeman, Chairman of the
reins to President-elect Jim Kim this summer.
Board of Trustees, has been so prominent an advocate

As part of the process of letting go, the library orga- in the controversy that Wright has been able to take a
nized an exhibit chronicling Wright’s time. I wandered backseat. In short, Wright can likely look forward to a
down the main hall of Baker, reading through the large controversy-free retirement.
posters detailing Wright’s life and his achievements at
At the end of each convocation, President Wright was
Dartmouth. There were pictures from the Galena mines fond of telling each incoming class, “We have work to do,
and his time in the marines—he was also pictured in you and I—and it is time to begin!” President Wright’s
his office with veterans currently attending Dartmouth. work at Dartmouth has come to a close. All we can hope
Viewed chronologically, the panels not only tell the story from him now is that his abiding interest in facial hair
of Wright at the College, they also tell the story of his continues unchecked. I said earlier that I’ve no advice
evolving attitude toward facial hair.
for our graduating seniors, and that’s true—but I do

To a generation of Dartmouth students he will be have something of a plea: stay involved with Dartmouth.
remembered as the man who regaled them with stories of Your work here, as an alumnus or alumna, is never done.
the Wild West. To others he’ll be remembered as Presi- For some of you that will mean serving on the Alumni
dent James Freedmen’s protégé. The generation before Council, Association of Alumni, or Board of Trustees,
mine will undoubtedly remember him as the man behind but for most it will simply mean sending in a check and
the disastrous Student Life Initiative (S.L.I.). What will voting during elections. Stay informed, stay involved,
this last generation remember Wright for? Probably an stay a son or daughter of Dartmouth.

Inside This Issue
TDR’s New Alumni/a
President Wright at Dartmouth
Speech Returns to Dartmouth
The Debate on Stem Cells
The Tucker Foundation
John Sloan Dickey: Guiding Light
TDR Interview: Peter Kreeft
The Dark Side of the Moon
The History of Fraternities
Acclaimed Author Returns to Gilead, Iowa
TDR Interview: General Abizaid
Prof. Hart on the Task before Kim
Civilize, Don’t Patronize: Miss Esfahani-Smith’s Final Editorial
Barrett’s Mixology & The Last Word

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