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The Revised Edition
The Position of the Latin Language in Linguistic History
A Brief Survey of Latin Literature
The Alphabet and Pronunciation
I Verbs; First and Second Conjugations; Adverbs; Reading and Translating
II First Declension Nouns and Adjectives; Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjections
III Second Declension Masculine Nouns and Adjectives; Apposition; Word Order
IV Second Declension Neuters; Adjectives; Present of Sum; Predicate Nominatives;
V First and Second Conjugations: Future and Imperfect; Adjectives in -er
VI Sum and Possum; Complementary Infinitive
VII Third Declension Nouns
VIII Third Conjugation: Present System
IX Demonstratives Hic, Ille, Iste; Special -īus Adjectives
X Fourth Conjugation and -iō Verbs of the Third
XI Personal Pronouns Ego, Tū, and Is; Demonstratives Is and Īdem
XII The Perfect Active System; Synopsis
XIII Reflexive Pronouns and Possessives; Intensive Pronoun
XIV I-Stem Nouns of the Third Declension; Ablatives of Means, Accompaniment, and Manner
XV Numerals; Genitive of the Whole; Ablative with Numerals and Ablative of Time
XVI Third Declension Adjectives
XVII The Relative Pronoun
XVIII First and Second Conjugations: Present System Passive; Ablative of Agent