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Alumni  Relations  
Asian  American  Pacific  Islander  Facility  &  Staff  Association  
Asian  Pacific  American  Studies  
Ethic  and  Intercultural  Services  
Office  of  the  Vice-­‐President  for  Intercultural  Affairs  
Tom  Arteaga  
EJ  Asuncion  ‘16  
Stephanie  Chau  ‘15  
Dr.  Constance  Chen  
Corina  Gonzalez  
Dr.  Maria  Grandone  
Marki  Hackett  
Dr.  Mimi  Hoang    
Evelyn  Jiang  ‘16  
MJ  Kim    
Huachen  Li  
Nic  Mansilla  
Chimin  Lee  Metzler  
Trent  Nakamura  ‘15  
Trish  Naumu  
Christian  Nguyen  ‘16  
Dr.  Edward  Park  
Van  Partible  
Rich  Rocheleau    
Dr.  Curtiss  Takada  Rooks  
Al  Tipon  Jr.    
Bryson  Wallace  


THE  CLASS  OF  2014  
Asian Pacific American
Graduation  Celebration  Memory  Book  

Friday,  April  25,  2014  
Loyola  Marymount  University  

API Graduating Class of 2014
                             Allison  Yee      

                       Meng  Meng  

Hsuanwei  Fan                                Nina  Frances  Abonal  

Albert  Ko  



Alexander  Lee  

Farah  Kerawala  

Kiana  Otsuka  

Allyson  Escobar  

Gina  Hirose  

Kristina  Williams  

Alyana  Roxas  

Jasmin  Takemoto  

Linda  Tenerowicz  

Andrew  Bordenave  

Jeremiah  Fajardo  

Mark  Valenzuela  

Angelyn  Bernardino  

Jessica  San  Luis  

Markus  Kimura  

Anna  Cho    

Jodie  Yamashiroya  

Michelle  Siu  

Anna  Michaela  Diaz  

Joseph  Crawley  

Mindy  Kim  

Anthony  Francis  

Joshua  Napial  

Pooja  Patel  

Bailey  Moon  

Kaitlyn  Higa    

Quinten  Nishime  

Bianca  Francisco  

Katherine  Daily    

Reed  Tsuda  

Brian  Carlo  Chuapoco  

Kathrina  Consing  

Sabrina  Jen  

Brian  Chris  Canave  

Katrina  Camus  

Sara  Layon  

Britney  Nicole  Calucag  

Katrina  Malaiba  

Sarah  Bush  

Chelsea  Lei  Rabanal    

Kayla  Murata  

Therese  Blanch  

Danielle  Lee  

Kellyn  Kawaguchi  

Thuthiri  Lwin  

Denise  Villanueva  

   Kevin  Cacabelos  

         Tien  Cotter  

Eric  Joseph  DeLara  

   Kevin  Chin  

         Vittorio  Banez    



A PI Graduation Ceremony Program  
Ceremony  begins  –  5:15  PM  
Cultural  Performance  by  Taiko  Center  of  Los  Angeles  
Procession  of  Graduating  Students    
Welcome  –  5:30  PM  
Aristotle  Mosier  
Director,  Asian  Pacific  Student  Services  
Invocation  –  5:32  PM  
Fr.  Paul  Vu  
Assistant  Dean  of  Students  
Cultural  Performance  –  5:35  PM  
Na’Kolea  and  Isang  Bansa    
Welcome  and  Introduction  –  5:45  PM  
Maria  Grandone,  Ph.D  
Executive  Director,  Ethnic  &  Intercultural  Services  
Richard  Rocheleau  
Associate  Vice-­‐President  of  Student  Life    
Curtiss  Takada  Rooks,  Ph.D  
Assistant  Professor,  Asian  Pacific  American  Studies    
Student  Speaker  &  Introduction  of  Keynote  Speaker  –  5:50  PM  
Evelyn  Jiang  
Asian  Pacific  Student  Services  Programming  Assistant    
Keynote  Speaker  –  5:55  PM  
Van  Partible,  BA  ‘93  
Class  of  2014  Presentation  –  6:10  PM  
Presentation  of  Names  –  Aristotle  Mosier  
Presentation  of  Cords  and  Lais  
Dr.  Curtiss  Takada  Rooks  
Dr.  Mimi  Hoang  
Nic  Mansilla    
Dr.  Maria  Grandone  
Al  Tipon  Jr.    
Reception  –  The  Hill  

Keynote Speaker
Van Partible

Congratulations Class of 2014

Writer/Producer of Johnny Bravo

Dr. Valenzuela

Congratulations on your fine accomplishment!
Warmest regards,

Van  Partible  is  best  know  as  the  
creator  of  Cartoon  Network's  tent  
pole  animated  series,  "Johnny  
Bravo"  which  ran  on  Cartoon  
Network  from  1995-­‐2003  and  was  
most  recently  revamped  in  2011  in  
an  international  special  entitled  
"Johnny  Bravo  Goes  To  Bollywood."  
The  show  was  originally  conceived  
here  at  LMU  over  twenty  years  ago  
at  a  time  when  the  school  only  
offered  two  animation  classes:  
beginning  and  advanced.  While  at  
LMU,  Van  was  involved  in  
everything  from  the  Men's  Chorus  
to  Conferences  and  Scheduling.    He  
has  been  teaching  off  and  on  in  the  
animation  department  since  1995  and  currently  teaches  the  
character  design  class  here.  Van  was  originally  born  in  the  
Philippines  in  a  barrio  outside  of  Manila  called  Bacnotan.    He  moved  
to  the  states  when  he  was  nine  months  old  and  grew  up  in  Salinas,  
California,  the  birthplace  of  John  
Steinbeck  and  the  lettuce  capital  of  the  
Campus  Involvement:  Orientation  
Leader,  Men’s  Chorus,  Teaching  
Assistant  for  animation  classes,  
Freshman  Retreat  Leader.    

Congrats Na Kolea Seniors!
What a journey it has been.
You guys have made such a
huge impact in our lives in
the past few years and all of
us in Na Kolea are so
blessed to not only call you
guys friends, but family.
We've laughed and we've
cried together, but most
importantly, we created
lasting memories together.
This isn't a sappy goodbye because once you're family...you are always family!
So...see you soon! ...or at next year's lu'au (: We will miss all of you so much, but we
are so excited to see you go and conquer the world. You have our full support and
from everyone in Na Kolea, congratulations!
Nick Chiu
Your NaKo Ohana (:

Dear API Class of 2014,
“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” It is with gratitude that I congratulate you
on one of your greatest accomplishments. Reflect upon your college career, your
academic life, and the people that you have met. Find comfort in knowing that the
values of the Jesuit and Marymount traditions that surrounded you will help guide
you. Na Kolea students, you continue to hold a special place in my heart (and Aunty
Koa’s heart). These past four years have been extremely fun, successful, and
educational. We will always be your LMU `Ohana and will be here (or there) for
you. It has been an honor to serve you. Thank you all for allowing me takes part in
your transformation and for sharing your time with us. I know that LMU has
provided you with the tools to be successful. Now “go forth and set the world

on fire” St. Ignatius of Loyola.
Go Lions!
A hui hou e malama pono,
Al Kaim`ipono Tipon ‘81
Sr. Director for Facilities Management
Advisor for Na Kolea

Tien Cotter
Major:  Economics  
Involvement:  Finance  Society  and  Economics  Society  
Dedication:  I  am  grateful  for  my  
grandfather  and  stepdad.  They  
have  inspired  me  and  taught  me  
that  nothing  is  out  of  reach  as  
long  as  you  are  willing  to  put  in  
the  time  and  effort.  Hard  work  
pays  off!    
Favorite  LMU  Memory:  Being  
surrounded  by  the  city,  beaches,  
mountains,  and  meeting  amazing  
College  experience  in  one  word:  
Life  after  the  bluff:  Working,  traveling,  fulfilling  my  dreams!    


Message from Director of Asian
Pacific Student Services

To  the  class  of  2014,  

Congratulations!  What  an  exciting  
time!  Just  as  your  family  and  friends  
share  in  the  joy  of  your  
achievement,  your  LMU  community  
is  also  happy  for  you.  As  the  
Director  of  Asian  Pacific  Student  
Services,  I  want  to  say  how  proud  I  
am  of  the  accomplishments  of  the  
2014  graduating  class.  It  has  been  
an  honor  to  serve  you.  
Asian  American  and  Pacific  
Islanders  have  roots  that  span  the  
globe  and  represent  a  rich  diverse  community.    Your  success  today  
embodies  a  rich  diverse  story  of  striving  and  success.    A  story  of  
people  who’ve  helped  build  this  strong  vibrant  country.    As  you  
embark  upon  and  progress  through  your  professional  careers,  I  
urge  you  to  always  remember  to  give  thanks  to  the  people  who  
have  provided  you  support  and  to  reflect  upon  the  sacrifices  that  
you  have  endured  in  order  to  make  this  special  day  happen.    
In  the  coming  years,  I  would  ask  that  you  not  forget  the  lessons  
that  you  have  learned  during  your  time  here  at  LMU.    Continue  to  
learn  and  to  grow  in  your  passion  for  service  to  others.    As  in  the  
words  of  St.  Ignatius  of  Loyola,  “go  forth  and  set  the  world  on  fire”  
as  you  share  your  gifts  and  talents  with  the  world  around  you.    
Congratulations  again  to  our  graduates.    
Aristotle  Mosier  

Alexander Lee

Sarah Bush

Major:  History  
Involvement:  Zeta  Phi  Rho    
Dedication:  It's  been  an  
interesting  4  years  at  LMU  with  
as  many  ups  as  downs,  but  I  am  
grateful  for  everyone  that  I've  
met  during  my  time  at  LMU.  
Without  them,  this  would  not  
have  been  the  same  experience  
for  me.  So  thank  you  to  my  
fraternity  brothers,  my  friends,  
my  sis,  and  my  family.    
Favorite  LMU  Memory:  I  
honestly  don't  know.  There's  so  
many  memories  with  different  
people  at  different  points  during  
my  college  career  that  there  
really  isn't  one  single  favorite  
memory  to  recall.    
College  experience  in  one  word:    NWTS  (Nothing  was  the  same)  
Life  after  the  Bluff:  Work,  travel,  Grad  school    

Major:  Film  and  Television  Production  
Involvement:  Sursum  Corda,  Isang  Bansa,  Lion's  Den  
Dedication:  Everyone  who  
helped  me  get  to  this  point  is  a  
great  inspiration  and  blessing  in  
my  life,  especially  my  parents.  I  
never  would  have  experienced  
so  many  wonderful  times  at  
LMU  if  they  didn't  support  me  
in  my  education  and  dreams.  All  
my  thanks  goes  to  them.  
Favorite  LMU  Memory:  My  
sophomore  year  I  had  the  
pleasure  of  being  one  of  the  
screenwriters  for  PCN  and  then  going  on  to  direct  it  with  one  of  my  
roommates  and  fellow  screenwriters,  Sara  Layon.  That  is  by  far  my  
favorite  experience  in  IB.  Starting  during  the  summer  with  late  night  
Skype  writing  sessions,  to  revisions,  to  casting,  rehearsals,  heaven  
week,  and  the  final  performance  -­‐  it  was  the  ride  of  a  lifetime.  I'll  
never  forget  Sara  and  I  watching  in  the  audience  as  everything  we  
had  helped  create  over  the  past  ten  months  came  to  life.  It  was  magic  
before  our  eyes  and  I  was  so  proud  of  the  entire  cast  and  crew.  I  
started  to  tear  up  in  the  audience  as  the  emotions  of  the  moment  
struck  me.  I'll  always  remember  that  PCN  as  my  favorite.  
College  experience  in  one  word:  Heart-­‐lifting  
Life  after  the  bluff:  Discovery  


Sara Layton
Major:  Studio  Art  –  Graphic  Design  
Involvement:  Gryphon  Circle  Service  Organization,  Isang  Bansa,  Mane  
Dedication:  Dedicated  to  my  family.    
College  experience  in  one  word:  

Allison Yee  
Major:  Master  of  Arts  in  Urban  Education    
(Concentration:  Digital  Literacy)  
Dedication:  First,  I  would  like  to  
thank  my  family  for  all  the  support  
they  have  given  me  throughout  my  
whole  life.  I  love  you!  Second,  I  
would  also  like  to  thank  Teach  for  
America  for  teaching  me  how  to  
lesson  plan,  teach,  and  inspire  my  
students.  Third,  I'd  like  to  thank  
Professor  Tabaldo  for  teaching  me  
everything  I  know  about  technology  
in  the  classroom,  Dr.  Knotts  for  
helping  me  get  through  my  thesis,  
and  my  Digital  Literacy  classmates:  
Hsuanwei,  Kris,  Mariana,  and  Karly.  
Finally,  special  shout-­‐out  goes  to  my  
co-­‐workers  at  Manual  Arts  Senior  
High  School:  Alyssa,  Derek,  John,  Stephanie,  and  Zach  for  helping  me  
get  through  these  past  two  years  of  teaching.    
Favorite  LMU  memory:  My  favorite  LMU  memory  is  when  Professor  
Tabaldo  scheduled  a  virtual  class,  but  as  students  we  all  met  at  LMU  
because  we  had  to  be  present  for  our  second  class.  So,  we  set  up  four  
laptops  and  signed  into  Google  Hangouts  so  that  Professor  Tabaldo  
could  see  us  from  home,  even  though  we  were  all  facing  each  other.  
It  was  rather  silly  seeing  us  all  on  our  computers/Google  Hangouts  
even  though  we  were  in  the  same  place.  
College  experience  in  one  word:  Brief  
Life  after  the  bluff:  Medical  School    

Allyson Escobar  

Sabrina Jen

Major:  English  
Involvement:  Isang  Bansa,  Sigma  Tau  Delta  (English  honor  society),  
Campus  Ministry,  First  Year  Retreat,  Christian  Life  Community  (CLC),  
The  Station,  Asian  Pacific  Student  Association  (APSA),  Han  Tao,  
Underwings,  Ignacio  Companions  
Dedication:  Who  I  am  is  because  of  
the  people  who  surround  me,  the    
love  that  fulfills  me,  and  the  God  
who  made  me.  Thank  you  to  my  
family  and  friends,  for  always  
supporting  me  during  this  incredible  
four-­‐year  journey.  To  the  mentors,  
teachers,  and  role  models  who  have  
been  there  every  step  of  the  way.  
Most  especially  to  my  parents,  for  
never  giving  up  on  me.  You're  the  
best.  Also  special  shoutout  to  my  
CLC,  Campus  Ministry,  The  Station,  
Isang  Bansa,  and  #MCC  families-­‐-­‐I  
wouldn't  know  where  I'd  be  without  
you  guys.  <3  
Favorite  LMU  Memory:  I  can't  choose  just  one!  Meeting  the  best  
friends  I  could  ever  ask  for,  living  in  McCarthy  sophomore  year,  
Casa/Ignacio  Companions  trips,  leading  First  Year  Retreat,  four  PCNs  
(Taking  Chances  +  #teamBANGKOforever),  senior  year.  EVERYTHING.  
College  experience  in  one  word:  Life-­‐changing    
Life  after  the  bluff:  We'll  see!  Trusting  in  God's  big  plan  :)  

Major:  Biology  
Involvement:  Han  Tao,  Lions  for  VFC,  BBB  (Biological  Honors  Society)  
Dedication:  I  am  
inspired  by,  grateful  
for,  and  give  all  my  
thanks  to  my  
parents.    They  have  
supported  me  
throughout  my  entire  
life,  providing  me  
with  anything  I  need  
and  ask  for,  and  only  
expect  that  I  give  my  
best  effort  in  all  that  I  
do.  For  these  two  
people  to  come  from  
nothing  to  being  able  to  give  me  the  lifestyle  I  have,  I  am  truly  blessed  
to  have  been  born  to  this  amazing  pair.  
Favorite  LMU  Memory:  I  really  can't  think  of  just  one  favorite  
memory  here  at  LMU.    But  I  can  say  that  being  involved  in  Han  Tao  
and  the  campus  API  community  has  been  an  invaluable  experience.    I  
know  that  if  I  had  gone  to  another  school,  I  would  not  be  the  same  
person  -­‐  whom  I  am  proud  to  be  -­‐  now.  I  have  grown  and  developed  
myself,  been  able  to  enhance  other  students'  LMU  experiences,  
forged  life-­‐long  friendships,  shared  my  cultural  heritage,  and  gotten  a  
better  grasp  on  what  it  really  means  to  be  Asian  American.    As  a  
graduating  senior,  I  can  honestly  say  that  I  am  glad  I  came  to  LMU.  
College  experience  one  word:  growth  
Life  after  the  bluff:  Osteopathic  medical  school  


Reed Tsuda

Anna Cho

Major:  Film  Production  
Involvement:  Na  Kolea  
Dedication:  Al  "Kaimi"  Tipon,  Na  
Kolea  E-­‐Board,  LMU  Ohana    
Favorite  LMU  Memory:  
Studying  abroad  in  Rome,  
Springfest  '11  &  '14,  and  
hanging  out  with  Na  Kolea!  
College  experience  in  one  word:  
Life  after  the  bluff:  Film  

Major:  Psychology  
Involvement:  APSS,  KASA,  Han  Tao  
Dedication:  I  express  my  gratitude  
to  my  parents  who  supported  me  
during  my  four  years  at  LMU.  I  am  
thankful  for  all  the  wonderful  
friendships  that  were  created.  The  
various  higher  education  
professionals  at  LMU,  who  have  
helped  me  to  confirm  my  passion  
in  working  toward  a  higher  
education,  inspire  me.  
Favorite  LMU  Memory:  No  one  
memory  could  be  pinpointed.  
Overall,  the  times  spent  with  
friends  would  be  my  favorite  LMU  
College  experience  in  one  word:  Transformative  
Life  after  the  bluff:  More  School  :)  


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