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most people have symptoms of
Panic attacks are a worldwide phenomena that affect millions of people, most of which do not
know what signs and symptoms to look for in order to handle this problem effectively. Panic is
real, and it comes out in many ways, both mentally and physically. Most of the time, people that
suffer from panic disorders have psychological issues. Irrational thoughts are usually the
precursors to panic attacks, so it is in your best interest, if you suffer from them, too change the
thoughts that you have. Several symptoms of anxiety disorder will be presented in this article.
Ever had a panic attack? These are definitely not fun to have. In today's world, being stressed is
very commonplace for most people. Healthcare issues, along with money problems, plague most
of us causing heightened feelings of anxiety and tension. Handling panic attacks begins with
knowing what symptoms they may cause; keep reading to find out how to handle these situations.
Personality variations with people all over the world originate, typically, at birth. Stress and anxiety
are a part of life that everyone has to learn to deal with. Some handle situations and come
through with flying colors, while others become nervous wrecks.
For some, even the smallest things can cause a panic attack. This article will present several
symptoms related to panic attacks that you should know about to help you should they arise. The
symptoms of panic attacks can be experienced by men and women of all ages. For those of you
who have had a panic attack you already know what they can do. Some of the symptoms can
also be very frightening if your not ready for them. And because there are no real warning signs
when a panic attack hits it is a surprise. Panic attacks are experienced by nearly three million
people in the United States alone. There are symptoms that are directly related to panic attacks
and we will be talking about some of them here. Having one panic attack is not a lot but you will
want to know the symptoms any way. Having a panic attack can be scary, but when it is part of
your everyday life it can be terrifying. You may be among the few who have had a panic attack
and never knew it. Of course for those of you who know you have had at least one panic attack it
is good to be able to recognize the symptoms. You will find that the majority of panic attacks are
brought on by a stressful environment.
A physical symptom that you should look out for in regard to this condition is neck pain and also
pain in your shoulder area. It is a good idea to think back to determine whether or not the physical
pain was caused by a physical injury or if you have stress in your life. Panic and stress causes
your body to tense up, and that tightens your muscles causing them to be in pain. Pain is most
often your body trying to tell you something, such as relax, slow down, or enjoy yourself. You can
also smile a little more, instead of frowning, to help with the relaxation process. Many symptoms
are involved when you are having a panic attack, something you need to know as you try to get
rid of them. Many people become scared as their heart begins to race and the heart palpitations
increase dramatically. If your heartbeat is so loud that you can actually hear it, you are more than
likely experiencing a severe panic attack of some kind. Some people will confuse their anxiety
attack with a heart attack simply because their heart is beating so fast. If it really was a heart
attack, it would be a continuous pain with a crushing sensation inside the chest. It is good to know
that panic attacks are much more common than heart attacks which means the discomfort that
you feel is not life-threatening. Different situations, and what is experienced, can have a dramatic

effect on the type of fear or anxiety that a person experiences. Phobias, the technical name for
this type of anxiety or fearfulness, are experienced by people placed in situations that can induce
these types of feelings. Many people will experience this type of anxiety, but few actually
understand where they come from. The fear of heights is one of the more dominant phobias in our
culture, along with a fear of certain animals and reptiles.
Some fears are more rational or understandable than others - for instance stepping on a crack for
fear of breaking your mother's back is one that falls into a fringe category. Phobias can be
situations that make you mildly anxious, or those that can cause full-blown panic attacks. Fear of
crowds, even small groups of people, is a common phobia that many people experience. As with
anything that can be debilitating, you need to get a handle on your fear and panic attacks if you
suffer from them. People who are in the middle of an attack, have the symptom of totally losing
control, even to the point of going insane. If you have never been through this yourself you can't
imagine what it is like to be that anxious and lose all control. Having a little stress once in a while
is one thing, but to become petrified of circumstances and not know when they are going to
happen, is hard to even imagine. Not everyone has such severe cases of panic attacks, and
some people only have to deal with them every now and again. Some people have turned to
therapists to try to deal with these panic attacks and many have had pretty good results, although
it can take a while. One of the symptoms of a panic attack will be when you have a very sudden
need to go to the bathroom. Have you ever seen a kid pee in his pants just because something
scared them? This isn't something that only happens to children, but adults do the same thing,
when they are in scary situations. Think about the times you have been in a situation that has
made you very nervous, and how you probably had an urge to go to the bathroom. The big
problem comes in when you are miles away from the nearest facilities. This is something that
happens to people when they have been in a car accident, or narrowly missed being in one.
Distorted perceptions, such as lifting out of your body or inhabiting someone else's, is common
with severe panic attacks that some people have. It is a dreamlike experience, something that
does not fit a normal category of everyday life. Some believe that the mind is able to cope with
stressful situations by creating the perception of another place and time. The mind is able to then
manipulate your emotional state into one of indifference; more than likely, this is a natural way
that the mind helps us cope with stress. Events such as these are often confusing, leaving us
wondering if it was a dream or reality. Dealing with panic attacks is most beneficial by becoming
peaceful and calm, especially when it is extremely emotional situation.
Panic attacks are also associated with the indicator of having shortness of breath; this is a second
symptom you should look for. It does not help that not being able to breathe makes us more
fearful, escalating how strong the panic attack will become. Anyone who has had trouble
breathing before knows how terrifying this can be. The less you can breathe, and more fearful you
become, and the worse the panic attack will be. The solution to this problem is usually found by
taking deep breaths instead of shallow ones. Breathing is a natural part of existing, something
that we all need to learn how to do well.
Another symptom that comes when people panic over stressful circumstances is getting a
headache. Maybe you haven't experienced one, but certainly you have heard of the term tension

Your head literally feels like someone is squishing it, usually a byproduct of a tense or stressful
experience. Several types of headaches, including migraines, are not created by stress or
anxiety, though they can worsen as a result of these feelings. Those that do a lot of reading,
whether for work or leisure, are usually the ones that experience these painful headaches which
can also be modified by their emotional state. Relaxation techniques are often the best way to
prevent such headaches from occurring.
Choking is one symptom when people are experiencing a panic attack. Fifteen minutes is the
average time for a panic attack, and this can seem like an eternity for the person going through it.
The amount of stress that is involved when someone is suffering from a panic attack can be
astounding. While you never get used to something like this, but the very first time it happens you
could actually feel like you are dying. One more symptom that you may have already been aware
of is when someone is hyperventilating or breathing really hard and fast. People react so
differently to stress, because one person can't get their breath, and another one breathes too fast.
You will find that certain medical issues can also cause rapid breathing and it doesn't have to be a
panic attack. Unfortunately a panic attack can cause rapid breathing, and rapid breathing can
cause more panic, which can turn into a vicious cycle. Getting your breathing under control during
a panic attack can be done by telling yourself that nothing is wrong, this may help to slow your
breathing. Buy picking up a few meditation methods you may find you can calm yourself faster.
Panic attacks have several other symptoms, including heat flashes and chills that affect your body
and the way it feels. The nervous system of our physical body has many nerve endings which
allow us to feel. It is common for many people that have anxiety attacks to have their nervous
systems shut down causing it to act erratically. The body then reacts by making you feel cold or
hot, which is actually the result of the panic attack itself. Hot flashes, and cold flashes, are usually
attributed to the flu but many times it may be a panic attack that you are experiencing instead.
Your mind is a very powerful tool; that is why when it believes something, yet it is not true, your
panic attack may come full force because of this mental misperception. Excessive sweating is
also related to a panic attack, an issue that many people overlook. Imagine how embarrassing,
when you are at work, or out with friends, and all of a sudden you start sweating like you were
sitting in a sauna, and there is no reason for it. So, if you have not been running, working out at
the gym, or doing any type of physical exercise, and you begin to sweat profusely, you will know
that a panic attack is occurring. This excessive sweating can actually occur while relaxing in a
lounge chair for seemingly no reason at all. These upsetting situations have happened to many
people, most of which find such situations embarrassing and hard to deal with. In the beginning of
a panic attack, you may have tingling or numbness in your fingers and hands. Physical reactions
to mental stress are very common including the aforementioned symptoms. Also, if your stress
level is extremely high, it could inhibit blood flow which can cause a variety of issues.
Your extremities can actually suffer by having a lack of blood flow which is typically experienced
as a numbness in your feet and hands. Due to the fact that every person is different, it is hard to
determine how stress will affect each person's body. Stressful situations can definitely cause

numbness in your extremities, but the tingling may also be due to a medical condition, something
that you should consult your doctor about right away. Many people have also said that they have
thoughts they can not get rid of during the attack. Sometimes these thoughts are bad, or maybe
even of impending doom, but no matter how you try, you can't stop thinking the thoughts. Some of
these thoughts will start off as a simple concern you may have and then they begin to manifest
fears from those concerns. In fact you may even see disturbing images that end up scaring you
more than you already are. Many people also say that during the attack they feel like they are
losing their minds. Stress and anxiety throw off your whole body system. Many times when people
are stressed out they will end up getting major heart burn. Stress and anxiety can also cause
bloating which in turn will lead to abdominal discomfort. And normally when these symptoms are
caused by panic, you may find that you panicking even more because of the symptoms. Having
those symptoms alone can make you absolutely miserable. Not to mention that your stress level
will also increase when you are having more symptoms. And now you know all the things that
stress can do and why you should avoid any king of stress. Basically, having a panic attack is as
simple as over exaggerating a certain situation in life and becoming fearful of it. The greater your
fear, the greater you will be panicked, and the more anxious you will become. Panic attacks can
be stopped, but you need to get control of the fears that you have in order to do this.
If you have experienced only one of these symptoms at a time, it is probably not related to an
anxiety attack. Most of the time, several symptoms must occur simultaneously in order for them to
be related to a panic attack. It is possible to have any type of panic attack, ranging from extremely
intolerable to mild and forgettable. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, then you may
be at risk for having a panic attack. If you want to avoid having a panic attack, understanding the
related symptoms is your first step to avoiding them.
People that have never experienced a panic attack may not believe in them, however they are
very legitimate. Abrupt and scary situations will definitely reveal the reality of panic attacks to
those that experience such situations. Fear comes on a person for many different reasons, and
learning how to deal with it will keep panic attacks to a minimum.
How these people that deal with this on almost a daily basis is truly mind boggling. Panic attacks
is something that many people deal with, but if you are able to cut back on stress in your life you
may not have to deal with these attacks as often. By having an understanding of these symptoms,
you may be better prepared if you have a panic attack. Panic attacks should no run your life, and
if you are a chronic sufferer of these you should go and find a treatment that can help you beat
your panic attacks. Because stress is becoming a part of everyones lives the amount of panic
attacks people have keep rising. For people who have chronic panic attacks, you should learn
how to treat them so you can avoid them in the future. In regards to some people, they will find
that their panic attacks are short and don't disrupt their lives.
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