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Orzechowski 9
VIII. Budget:
1. Funds to conduct primary research
2. Funds to orchestrate concerts
3. Funds to establish and hold successful fundraisers
4. Funds to employ sales representatives in pharmacies
5. Funds to purchase important buyer information from pharmacies and insurance
6. Funds to provide scholarships in conjunction with Rotary Club

IX. Calendar:
Week 1: Begin conducting research on the target audience, both primary and secondary.
Hold focus groups, conduct social media research (the least costly), and begin obtaining
shopping patters of our target audience. This, and for the first month into the launch of
the campaign, will be the time during which we will establish the crucial knowledge of
our audience.

Week 2: Begin to establish presence in social media. Create Facebook and Twitter
accounts and immediately begin posting about product information, promotions, deals,
etc. Incorporate promotions of our social media platforms into our products that we are
selling in-store. Get our sales representatives into pharmacies, as they will also have the
job of promoting our social media through deals and incentives.
Weeks 3-4: Begin production of the magazine; begin to promote it on social media
platforms. Get our initial press releases out on radio broadcasts; in this phase, the audio