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Paige Church

EDN 303-002

Verbals—what are they?
Concept: Understanding the function of verbals in writing

Grade: 8th English/Language Arts

NCSCOS Standards Addressed: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.8.1A Explain the function of verbals (gerunds,

participles, infinitives) in general and their function in particular sentences.
Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing
NETS Standards Addressed: Design and develop digital age learning experiences. Model digital age
learning and work.

General Goals

Learn the definition, be able to differentiate, and understand the function of the three
verbals—gerunds, participles, and infinitives

Specific Objectives

Given the notes on verbals they copied down from the presentation, the students should be
able to accurately underline each gerund, participle, or infinitive from a short passage in 20
minutes of less.
Given 30 minutes to free write a short narrative with no notes allowed, the students should
be able to properly use each verbal twice with 100% correct usage.
Given 20 examples and non-examples of the three different verbals, the students should be
able to accurately differentiate between the three by explaining why each example is or isn’t
a gerund, participle, or infinitive with 90 % accuracy on a quiz.

Required Materials:

Prezi presentation on verbals
Sticky notes with fill in the blank verbal sentences
Handouts of short passage containing verbals
Short narrative prompt
Computer lab
Handouts of quiz containing 20 examples and non-examples of the different verbals

Paige Church

EDN 303-002

Day 1: Step-by-Step Procedure






Get them thinking- Pass out a sticky note to each student with a participle,
infinitive, or gerund phrase and have them feel in the blank. They already use
verbals, they just don’t know it! Tell them to hold on to the sticky notes, and
come to them later. (See appendix 2)
Example) ____ is my favorite activity. (Inserting the word ―reading‖ would
be a gerund)
Example) I would love to ____ tomorrow after school. (Inserting the word
―dance‖ would be an infinitive)
Example) I walked away from the ____ (word ending in –ing or –ed)car.
(Inserting the word ―sparkling‖ here would be a participle)
Present the Verbal presentation. Require them to fully copy the notes down
and encourage questions along the way. (See appendix 1)
-Accommodation: provide a take home audio copy
Check for understanding of the material to ensure they are learning by having
practice questions built into the presentation.
Transition to a class activity:. Ask the students to figure out which verbal
phrase they filled in the blank for on their sticky note. Create three columns
on the white board, one for each verbal, and have the students one at a time
come up and place their sticky note in the correct column. Then have them
read off their sentence. Have the class work as an audience by having them
judge which sentences are in the correct spot.
Transition to handout of short passage containing verbals. Instruct the
students to independently work by reading the passage and differentiating
between the different kinds of verbals, underlining each with a specific color.
(See appendix 3)
-Accomodation: Provide a large print copy
Handing in the completed worksheet will be their ticket out the door.

Paige Church

EDN 303-002

Day 2: Step-by-Step Procedure





Warm up: Allow the students 5 minutes to review their notes from yesterday,
and then give minutes to try writing one sentence containing a participle, one
containing a gerund, and one containing an infinitive.
Transition to a 30 minute free writing session in the computer lab. Present the
students each with the same prompt that is connected to what they are learning
in social studies that week and allow them 30 minutes to type a short narrative
worthy of being turned in that contains each verbal 2x. Make sure they
highlight/underline each one with a different color. Print. (See Appendix 4)
Group work: Assign partners and conduct a 30 minute writing workshop. Have
the students proofread their peer’s papers for ONLY the correct usage of the
verbals. 15 minutes should be used for peer review, then 15 minutes should be
used to retype their short narrative.
Collect the short narratives for a grade.
Assessment: Pass out the quiz handout that contains 20 examples and nonexamples of verbals. It will be fill in the blank, multiple choice, and short

Star in a commercial!

Ask the students write a 1 – 2 minute commercial to use at home when
asked, ―What they learned in Language Arts class over the past two days?‖

Allow a few volunteers to share theirs.


Paige Church

EDN 303-002

1. Verbal presentation with Prezi :


Fill in the blank:

2. Sticky notes with fill in the blank verbal

_____ is my favorite
Fill in the blank:

I would love to _______
tomorrow after
Fill in the blank:

I walked away from
the _______ (word
ending in –ing or –
ed) car.

3. Short passage containing verbals:

Paige Church

EDN 303-002

I hope to drive a beautiful red Ford Mustang once again. The racing tires made it go fast, and the
white stripes down the side made it look fierce. Although it was my dream car, my mom refused to
allow me to drive it as a daily car. She insisted that it was only for the race track. I treated that
exciting vehicle like a baby, but during the six months I owned it, a lot of people said that “your car
needs washed.” I would just laugh at them because I washed that beauty every day, but they
couldn’t tell because I lived three miles down a dusty dirt road. However, just so I could take them
for a ride, I would say “Let’s go riding!” Before they knew it, those burning tires were going a mile a
Word = gerund Word = infinitve Word = participle

4. Writing prompt that connects to what they are learning Social Studies class.
For the past 9 weeks you have been concentrating on learning about the tree different regional
areas in North Carolina—the coastal region, the mountains, and the piedmont. I want you to recall
information you have learnt about each and incorporate that into your short narrative. What are
their distinct characteristics? Is there one that you like better than the other? How does the region
you live in compare to your favorite? You are free to take any direction with this writing prompt;
however, you are required to use the gerund twice, the participle twice, and the infinitive twice. If
you fail to meet that simple requirement, you will not pass the assignment.
Time limit: 30 Minutes
Where: Computer lab room 151
Be sure to proofread your paper, then print off one copy. Once you have printed off your copy,
raise your hand.

5. Assessment: 20 Question Quiz

Key :
Gerund=Yellow Infinitive=Green Participle=blue


Use the correct colored pencil to outline each verbal
My car is beautiful, but I agree that it needs washing.
Babysitting was a fun experience, but the crying babies gave me a headache.
Her mother told me that her number one dream was to fly a helicopter over a volcano.
I noticed that the working father carried a leather brief case onto the subway.
My aunt took me shopping yesterday evening for nail polish.
The end of grade tests are coming up, and to pass we all need to study for at least an hour per
The wrecked train was still on the tracks.

Paige Church

EDN 303-002

8. Since I was a little boy I have wanted to skydive.
Multiple Choice & Short Answer
9. When can verbals be the main verb of the sentence?
a)When it is an adjective b)When it is a noun C)Never D)When it is a gerund
10. Which verbal is preceded by the word “to”?
11. Which verbal can be a noun, adverb, or adjective?
12. Write a sentence using one infinitive and one gerund.
13. In the following sentence identify the verbs and verbals:
Supporters of the new cookware fail to inform the customers that the handles have the ability to burn
human skin to the third degree.
14. Write a sentence using one gerund and one participle.
15. Construct a 6 or more sentence paragraph about your thoughts on school uniforms. Be sure to
include at least one of each type of verbal.
-Extension: Construct a 3 paragraph argumentative essay about your thoughts on school uniforms. Be
sure to include at least two of each type of verbal.

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