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Arizona Coonhound Association Field
Trials and Bench Show
By Holly Baker

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ve enclosed a few of the
Arizona Coonhound Association’s Field Trial on February 15th and 16th.  We
had a great turn-out, despite the record hot weather.  I would like to give our
members a big thank-you for their help in running the event, and for all the
young adults who helped in handling dogs.    Arizona Coonhound Association
(ACA) will hold a UKC Bench Show in Buckeye, AZ. on April 5th, 2014.  We will
have more Field Trials this fall, and hopefully a nite hunt or HTX Hunt Test.  
Central Arizona Trail Hound Association (CATHA) has 4 Field Trials in the summer. 
They are held up north in the cool, green pine country, and have great camping
areas, perfect for the whole family.  They are scheuduled to have a UKC Bench
Show, Field Trial, and Water Race in May.  They mainly have events for unregistered dogs, but do the UKC Events once or twice a year.  There may also be a
UKC Event in July.  This event date is tentative.
CATHA’s Dates are as follows:
• May 24/25th 2014 - UKC Bench Show/FT/WR • There will also be FT/WR for
grade dogs.
• June 28/29 2014 • Grade dogs
• July 26/27th 2014 - UKC FT/WR Event, Tentative!! • There will also be FT/WR for
grade dogs.
• August 30/31 2014 • Grade dogs and year-end awards and raffle.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me.  The ACA also has
educational seminars and fun runs bi-monthly. Thank-you!
Holly Baker,  480-951-8118 (h)  480-220-1636 (c)

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