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Welcome to the world of All-Star Cheerleading
with Annapolis Valley Cheer Club.
If you are not yet an AVCC member, you’re
about to find out what it feels like to be a part
of our AVCC family. If you are a returning
athlete, we’d like to welcome you back to
another unforgettable season!
Annapolis Valley Cheer Club is entering its 7th
season. For the past 6 years our athletes have
grown in leaps and bounds. Our athlete’s
achievements and accomplishments, as well as
our incorporation of recreation and precompetitive teams, along with having the most
highly certified cheerleading coaches in the
area, have helped to make AVCC the most
successful Cheerleading program in the
Annapolis Valley.
The last 6 years have seen AVCC athlete’s
capture over 25 Division Championship titles at
various competitions and 5 National
Championship titles.
All of our teams, All-Star, Prep and Recreation,
are equally important to our program; as a
result they will all receive the same expert
training with coaches certified at the highest
levels in cheerleading with USASF (stunts,
tumbling and tosses). Our athlete’s get to work
with some of the most well known coaches and

choreographers in the industry, no matter what
We provide quality instruction in a fun,
welcoming, and SAFE environment.
Cheerleading has offered something new to
local youth; we have had over 200 local youth
from Windsor to Middleton come through the
program in the past 6 years. Cheerleading offers
the values of traditional sports, but targets
youth who are interested in performance as
Cheerleading focuses on the team working
together to achieve a common goal, that being
the performance of a flawless routine that
incorporates stunts, dance, tumbling,
gymnastics, and therefore they need to be fit,
strong, athletic, learn to work as a team, have
confidence and respect. AVCC fosters the
growth and development of these youth while
teaching them lessons in commitment,
dedication, teamwork, and responsibility that
they will carry with them in life well beyond
the realm of cheerleading.
This info. package is meant to give you a
greater understanding of the commitment
athletes and families make when deciding to
become part of AVCC’s All-Star competitive
If you have any questions regarding this
information, or our team placements, please do
not hesitate to contact us by phone: (902) 6913331 or by email: av_cc@hotmail.com
How to become an AVCC Athlete
✭ Decide which program suits you best (All-Star, Rec or
✭ If you decide All-Star, attend June 7th team
placements with team placement form
✭ Than attend the Registration Night June 10th,11th ,
12th or 13th with:
-Registration/Waiver Form
-Signed Policies
-Payment (see page 7 for details)
 If you decide All-Star Prep or Recreation, send in
your registration form prior to September by mail
 OR attend Berwick Youth Registration Night Sept.5th
6pm-9pm or Sept. 7th 9am-12pm (See Rec or PreCompetitive Info Packet)