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All athletes that wish to be a part of AVCC’s All-Star Program, which is our fully competitive teams; must attend a team
placement. Upon receiving results of team placements parent/guardian and athlete must attend a registration night. If
Registration night is not attended, athlete is not considered registered, and thus, cannot start practices with the team.
Teams will then start their summer practice. If you are not able to attend a team placement, but wish to be part of the
All-Star program, please contact Megan at av_cc@hotmail.com. Private placements are based on availability.

What is a “Team Placement?”
Team placements are for coaches to evaluate your skill-set, flexibility, and fitness level. Athletes will be put into stunt
groups of similar age and abilities to demonstrate the above. EVERYONE is welcome to attend the team placements, even
if you have never cheered before.
Athletes will be placed on a team that best suits their age, ability level and mental preparedness.
For 2014-2015, AVCC anticipates offering the following teams, level of team will be determined by coaching staff and is
eligible to change throughout the season based on team progress.

Youth Level 1

Ages 12 and younger Youth 1

Youth Level 2

Ages 12 and younger Youth 2

Junior Level 1 or 2

Ages 12-14 Junior 1 or 2

Senior Level 1 or 2

Ages 10-18 Senior 1 or 2

Senior Level 3

Ages 10-18 Senior 3

Senior Level 4

Ages 10-18 Senior 4

Open Level 4.2

Ages 14+ Open 4.2

*Age is based on how old athlete is as of August 31 of current year for Youth-Senior, Open 4.2 age is based on how old
athlete will be in the competition season 2015).
Team Placement Forms (found at the back of this packet) must be brought to team placement.

Youth (10 and
Junior (12-14)
Senior & Open
(10 and over)
Flyer Evaluation

@ Berwick Town Hall Gym
June 7 from 1pm-3pm
June 7 from 3pm-5pm
June 7 from 5pm-7pm
June 7 7pm-7:30pm

AFTER TEAM PLACEMENTS THERE WILL BE REGISTRATION DAYS JUNE 10, 11, 12 and 13. Parent and athlete must attend
registration with all forms, and payment and to participate in mandatory meeting regarding policies and expectations. Practices
start the week of June 16 , athlete will not be permitted to participate in practice if registration was not attended.
POTENTIAL TEAMS: The number and type of teams at AVCC will be based on the interest and abilities displayed at placements.

We practice out of Central Kings, in Cambridge, centrally located in the Annapolis Valley!
Even though we don’t have our "own" gym (yet), the facility has everything needed to ensure athletes receive proper
training. We have all the needed equipment which includes: FULL 9-strip competition size matted floor, a 6x12 fully
sprung tumble strip, and tumbling equipment (octagons, handspring wheels, crash mats, etc.)
September 2014 we will be adding a BRAND NEW air trak for tumbling!
We also have a parents viewing area that is OUTSIDE of the gym, with windows for the parents to enjoy watching their
child, without distraction for the athletes!
During the summer months we practice at Berwick Town Hall Gym where we have the full matted floor as well as the
tumble strip set up each week.