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New this year at AVCC we will be offering travel teams.
These teams will travel to Ontario in 2014/15 for the Cheer Evolution Nationals, on top of all other
competitions attended by AVCC athletes.
There will be fundraising to help cover the costs associated with traveling for the away event.
It is our goal to add other events for travel teams in future years (UCA Nationals in Florida for
If you are interested in being considered for a travel team it is important that you indicate this on
your team placement form.
It is our intent to have two travel teams to cover a wide age span.
We would like to have a Youth Travel Team (ages 8-12) and a Senior Travel Team (ages 10-18),
this will, of course, depend on interest at placements and ability levels.
All fees and tuition for travel teams are the same as those listed on page 7, with the addition of the
fees required for the traveling and attending of Nationals.
This fee will be approximately an additional $500.00 per person (covers hotel, entry fee, and travel
to and from Niagara, activities such as the water park at Niagara, for which there will be ample
fundraising opportunities.
Expectations for travel teams will be high in terms of practice attendance, work ethic and past
performance in these areas will be considered.
We are so excited to offer these opportunities to our athletes to better their skills and experience
the world of cheerleading in bigger ways than before!