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Gaming Jobs Online
You Can Earn Money Playing Video Games
Complied by Dana Laney

Beta Game Testers Needed - Earn Up To $120 An Hour Playing Video Games From
Your Room!
By Anthony Uccello
Game Developers Spend Millions On Their Games And Beta Game Testers Are Sorely Needed Read on to find out
how you can find video game testing jobs and earn up to $120 an hour playing video games.
A word of caution. You need to take action. This is only information, but to make a career in gaming a reality you
need to take the necessary steps. Be willing to work at it! With that in mind, let's move in.
Beta Game Testers Needed....Fact Or Fiction?
It's not too good to be true. You can make a very honest living getting paid to play video games. Beta game testers
are needed to insure quality game production. The cost of paying you a few thousand dollars to play their game v.s.
the cost of a million dollar (or more) game recall should make it clear: you save the game developer millions of dollars
on costly recalls of buggy games. Plus you preserve their reputations.
Why don't the programmers find the bugs?
Programmers are paid $40-$50 an hour to program the game not play it. Given the amount of variation in game play
and the time required to test the game it would be impossible to expect the programmers to find all the bugs.
You are the white knight, coming in and saving the game from errors and glitches. It's an important, but sometimes
tedious, job.
Where do I find these jobs?
Simple. You keep a diligent eye on a bunch of game developer websites. Keep checking them until you see a posting
for beta testers.
Here is a short list of some game developers:
What are the requirements for getting hired as a beta tester?

Usually you need to be over 18. But other than that, no specific education is required. A strong passion for gaming is
a plus.
What are some tips to getting hired for my first video game testing job?
1. Find out the name of the person in charge of hiring the game testers
2. Write or call them and let them know you are interested in becoming a tester for their company.
3. Start building a relationship with people in the gaming industry: it's not what you know, it's who you know.
4. Offer to work your first job for free. This will really help get your foot in the door. Besides, working your first job for
free isn't as bad as it sounds, you're still playing video games!
Now you have a good understanding of becoming a video game tester and why beta game testers are needed. Now
it's up to you to get out there and start building your gaming resume.
Anthony has been an avid gamer for the past 20 years. He is currently into first person shooters.
To really make money playing video games, you should learn from a professional gamer who is actually doing
it. Click here to get the hottest and most up-to-date strategies and tips from a professional gamer and land your first
testing job in a few days!
P.S. You can land your first job in your first few days of diligent search---but just in case you can't, click the link, it has
a 6 month to 2 year program from a professional video game tester who is making a living playing video games. He
will keep you updated every month and provide on going support until you land that first game testing job. Click here
now to get your video game testing career started today!
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anthony_Uccello
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1065243

Role of Game Testers in the Video Game Development Process
By Anjali Goswami
Designing Video game involves a series of development steps. When a game product is developed with all desired
features and specifications, then the manufacturers look for people who can play their newly developed product and
in turn help them in dealing with every possible error which might be present in their product model. This type of
playing is generally termed as beta testing and these people are called beta testers.

Thus, beta tester is one who tests a game product before it is officially released to the market for commercialization.
They help video game companies to identify undesirable effects and thus eliminate any weak point present in the
game. As customer are given maximum priority and their satisfaction is indeed the most important objective of any
company, these game companies offer jobs as game testers and pay them for testing their products.
Beta testers need to test several aspects of a game and make them error free, so that these are ready to be delivered
to the market. Though it appears to be simple and easy option to work and earn incomes, but it is not actually the
case. Testing games involves lot of hard work and patience from the testers. No doubt, they are able to access
advanced and sophisticated game versions, but most of the times they need to play and perform same actions
repeatedly for several hours to find out all the bugs in the games. Thus, these types of jobs are somewhat tedious
and gruelling.
Beta tester jobs can be both in-house and out-house. There are several companies which are specialized in beta
testing services. These game companies hire beta testers and offer them choices of either work from home or within
the lab environment. Also, different video game companies hire them to test their own designed game models. In
both the cases, these testers have to sign confidentiality bond with the companies and are not allowed to discuss
about the game details with the outside world.
For more information on Paid To Play Games and the requirements of Video game tester please visit the mentioned
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anjali_Goswami

Video Game Tester - Skills to Develop
By Diego Pires
Testing video games is a serious job that takes skills some may find difficult to develop. But if you're a gamer you
should learn these skills in NO TIME. So what kind of skills could someone who plays video games to make money
possibly need?
Well for one, you're going need to understand computer and video games. These skills are important if you want to
become a successful game tester. Gaming companies are serious about who they pay to test their games, without
these skills there's a chance you won't even get hired.
Game tester use computers to do the "actual work" portion of their job. So you're going to need to know more than
where the power button is, and how to open up the web browser. You must be familiar with the Internet and all it's
components., like downloading files, sending emails, and instant messaging.

If you're testing games on your computer, sometimes you have to install certain programs into your computer in order
for you to be able to play the game.
So you'll need to learn how to install software into your computer. Fortunately, if you don't know how to do any of
these and don't know anyone who can show you, all the information about installing software and any computer
issues can most likely be found on the Internet, and with a little research you should have no problem finding it.
Understanding video games shouldn't be a challenge. If your completely oblivious to them, just rent a few games of
all different types and play through them. You should have a lot of gaming experience to become a successful game
It helps if you have an understanding of how video games are created. this will help you scope out the little glitches in
the game easier. For anyone who doesn't play video games, you can find information on it by simply goggling it.
(Don't you love the Internet? :D)
Getting a job as a game tester is pretty hard on your own. You don't have to do it alone though. There are
membership communities all over the internet that help you get a video game tester job.
The community I am currently a part of really helped me kick off my new career. They provided me with a "Video
Game Tester Guide". This guide helped me change my perspective on a game as a I play it. I notice that now, I'm
constantly looking for little secrets and places I don't think I was meant to go to in a game. Helped find those little
secret spots in the games I was testing.
The best thing about the community is they have a web page with a list of jobs. I'm ALWAYS on this page. They have
over 120 gaming companies listed with jobs for video game testers. Not only that, but they update it daily, adding
about 20 new jobs every week. So as you can expect, I'm ALWAYS working.
The best part about it is, the community I'm a part of only charged me once for their services. Services I use everyday
for free! This community really helped me become a game tester, which is why I recommend it to everyone.
Check out http://www.squidoo.com/MakeMoney-PlayingVideoGames for more information on becoming a video
game tester.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Diego_Pires

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2455261

How to Land More Game Testing Jobs - 3 Ways to Get More Jobs As a Game Tester

By Kathleen Rivero
In this day and age of computers, more and more people are getting a career just dealing with them on a day to day
basis. Even video gaming enthusiasts are finding careers as video game testers. It is easy to become one as long as
you have the passion and the professionalism that is needed.
So, if you want to be able to engage your passion for video gaming and, at the same time, earn a decent wage by
being a video game tester, below are the things that you can do:
1. If you already have an experience being a video game tester and was already able to deliver to the video game
manufacturing company what they need you to deliver, ask them to give you a feedback on what you were able to do.
If you are professional and efficient enough to be given a really favorable feedback, let them know that you are willing
to undertake another assignment with them. If they have no vacancies as of the moment, ask them to draft a
recommendation letter for you so that you can also have it included in your curriculum vitae.
2. During times when you do not have a job, game testing or otherwise, take time to promote yourself. Post your CV
online through job sites and job forums, especially those that are dedicated for game testers like you. Thinking like a
freelancer is also a great approach to being a game tester since you will be able to possibly get more and more
assignments that can not only give you a steady flow of income but also, help you enhance your game testing
3. Be exposed in the game testing world through attending gaming conventions and related activities. You can also
step your game up a bit by communicating with different video game companies via email. Physical meetings is also
a great way for you to have a good reputation as well as attending gaming industry functions like PAX, Blizzard Con,
and E3 since you will be able to establish really valuable contacts through them.
To sum it all up, to be able to really put yourself out there in the game testing world, you need to make sure you do a
follow up on the video game companies you have previously done a project for, promote yourself through free online
portals and forums, and be present in gaming functions so that you can have the chance to establish valuable
contacts. Good luck!
Do you want to know more about how to land a video game testing [http://gamertestingground-review.com/] job?
Learn all about being a game tester at Gamer Testing Ground Review now.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kathleen_Rivero

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3714238

The Basic Know Hows of Starting a Video Game Tester Career
By Michel Gerard
There is a new hype among video gaming buffs for one of the coolest jobs to have. That is, being a video game
tester. It is a job that allows one to work in shirt and jeans, sit down in front of the monitor beside some pizza and a
pile of soda bottles, and get paid for soaking in video games all day. One is paid by simply pointing out mistakes of a
certain video game. Could there be anything easier and more enjoyable? Before rushing for this alleged virtual gold
mine, one should think about several things first.
Video game testers engage in video games all day, but they have more stuff to do than just play around. They search
games under development for bugs and other defects. While hardcore gamers may have some edge, good testers
need to have more to offer than their familiarity with controllers. More than that, the job takes in-depth knowledge on
the game's operating systems since game companies require video game testers to be experts in the job.
In order for a video game tester to find bugs and glitches, he must be attentive with the computer screen to know
exactly what is happening. Thus, vigilance is a must in this type of career. A game tester must be able to spot
anomaly on the fly and be able to spot anomalies lying around and be able to distinguish "ordinary" from "irregular".
To be able to carry on with this type of career, one must be able to do that well because if not, then one should exert
more effort to practice and progress.
Another must for video game testers is the need of good written and verbal communication skills. This is for them to
accomplish the detailed reports that they will have to submit as part of the job's demands. They need to be competent
with the above mentioned skills in order to effectively communicate the documented anomaly report so it will be
effortless for game companies to understand and fix the bug report and create developments.
In addition, a very important aspect of the game testing career is networking. It can boost up advancements in this
type of career. Having a reliable network can help one meet clients both for short term and long term durations. Aside
from that, a video game tester can gather more knowledge in several websites and forums about the game industry.
It is just the right place to start building and enhancing the game testing career.
This type of job requires a lot of much-needed patience and keen attention to details. Most importantly, hard work is
necessary in doing this type of job. Working in a game for 60 to 80 hours a week requires a lot of stamina and hard
work. As opposed to a common taboo about video game testing, this job is definitely not for video addicted slackers.
As to it being an easy way to make big bagfuls of cash, that may be true to a very precious few. The truth is that the
job could be very physically and psychologically taxing. If there is truly an easy way to siphon money into your
pockets, game testing is not the way to do it. Regarding the pay, it is quite like any ordinary career. Many starters

begin quite low. Most of them get 9 bucks an hour. However, it does offer a lot of possible step-ups into the industry.
It is a good stepping-stone for those who have ambitions for being a game designer or programmer.
Video game testing is not exactly as easy as some people wish it to be. However, it really is a fun way to make a
living! Those who choose it for a career also enjoy the perks that come with it, like free gaming sessions during timeoffs and casual, goofy working environments. If you are into this kind of thing, and you got the skills and attitudes that
you need to make you last the projects, then you might just have found the perfect job for you.
Michel Gerard is an independent author living in Asia. His expertise is wide and varied in a number of topics. Visit the
Video Game Tester Career [http://www.videogametestercareer.net/game-testers-wanted/the-perfect-game-testingguide-finally-revealed] site and learn how to get game tester jobs =>> [http://www.videogametestercareer.net]
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michel_Gerard
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5064446

Game Tester Job Openings - Best Kept Secrets to Find Openings As a Video Game Tester
By Shara Roudebus
Since the video gaming industry is so big today - it is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing - there are probably
more options today than ever before for game tester job openings. The problem is most people do not know where to
look for the jobs.
If testing video games sound like it is right up your alley, you will want to display your best side to those who are
hiring. They will need to see some qualifications, strong dedication and self motivation. Choose public beta tests
which are used for many of the games that are in pre-launch mode. Try to do as much of this as you possibly can and
don't hesitate to load them down with feedback.
These companies spend plenty of money to get their sites noticed because the gaming industry is a money-maker.
Bringing in billions of dollars per year, the launch of a new game depends on it being just right and the need to recall
it can be devastating.
This will ready you for the way the professionals do it and before you know it you will be applying for game tester job
openings. The other advantage of public beta tests are you can meet some influential people while you are doing this
as well. A lot of the time, this will be the tool you need to use to get that testing job. They can direct you to the right
place to go.

If that all sounds, too much work for you, then you will need to know that average game tester's salary is about
$37,210 according to International Game Developers. But that is just for the starters, and not the experienced ones.
So, if you have even the slightest interest in becoming a game tester, then go for it.
When using public beta testing as a way of getting your foot in the door you will no doubt hear of
[http://www.betagamingtesters.info] as many others have. Keep a list of the ones you hear about from reliable
sources [http://www.betagamingtesters.info] and when you need to find them it will be quite simple to do so.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Shara_Roudebush
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5156953

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