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Article #1
Easily get out of Green side Bunkers
By: Jim DeLarme
The easiest way is to pick it up and throw it out however the rules do not allow us this easy
I have seen people pick up the ball and toss it on the green after leaving it in the bunker
multiple times.
Greenside bunker shots do not have to be this hard.
I know the professionals make it look easy and it is for them but we are talking about the
average player who plays maybe once a week and has no chance to practice during the week.
These players need a tried and true way of getting out of these bunkers every time.
Can this really happen?
Yes, definitely yes, is the answer.
This technique is the basic way to get out of greenside bunkers.
Just as in life the basics must be learned first before beginning any advanced techniques.
If the ball is not buried or in some crazy awkward lie you can get it out and on the green easily
following the technique outlined below.
Remember that this shot is just like a pitch shot the only difference is that the ball position is
moved forward in your stance about 1 inch.
Dig your feet into the sand just enough not to have your feet slide.
Take aim at the sand 1 inch behind the ball.
(You are not trying to hit the golf ball, you are trying to hit the sand.)
Take the club back using your shoulders like all other shots and begin to bend your wrists right
away. When you reach the half-way point of your backswing, stop your swing.
(This is when the club is pointing toward the sky.)
From this point snap the club head toward the sand using your wrists.
After having hit the sand follow through just like a pitch shot and finish about half way to the
(This is when the club is again pointing toward the sky.)
That is all there is to it, sounds simple, right. Well it is. Do not complicate this basic system. Do
not try to get it close to the hole. This strategy is for accomplished players. Just try to get it on
the green and have an opportunity to putt the ball. This swing creates one distance and one
distance only. Do not try to change the swing for different distances. Distance control is achieve
by using different wedge lofts for the different distances. I recommend the use of 4 wedges in
your bag because most people lose a majority of their shots around the green and this 4 wedge
system will help them shave some shots off of their score.
Get the book GOLF THE JOURNEY "A Book of Living & Learning" and learn all of the basics of
the game.
You will never regret it....