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GBU Mountain News
May 23, 2014 - LX

News from the El
Tejon Unified School
District (ETUSD)

Free Summer Lunch Program from teens and
children under 18 from June 9 to August 1, 2014 to be
served at the Frazier Park School


Frazier Mountain High School (FMHS)
Frazier Mountain High Schools Career and College
Fair on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 a successful and
informative event. More in the upcoming issue of the
GBU Mountain News

El Tejon Middle School
Help needed to build Softball Fields
Info & photos provided by Charles Stewart, Athletic
Director El Tejon School
El Tejon School is looking to have their own softball
facility/backstop field as they now have (3) school
softball teams but no real field per se to practice or host
games on; and are in need of some donations or items at
a greatly reduced rate. The items being:
o concrete mix,
o chain link fencing which can be in various
heights from 4 foot,
o 8 foot-10 foot,
o poles for chain link fences,
o brackets for fences, tension bars for fences,
o top rails,
o top rail sleeves,
o infield dirt, and
o other various misc. parts for the fencing.
We could put up a sign on the field if a business donated
items or whatever they felt would be worthy, but any
help of even Labor offered to help INSTALL the fencing
would be greatly appreciated. If interested or can help in
any way possible, please contact Charles Stewart at 661248-6680 which is the El Tejon School phone number.

Current field is in the middle of repair; but we need
volunteers to sift dirt and we need fencing for foul line
poles as we only have the backstop itself.


Frazier Park Elementary School

Gorman School
I am looking for a clean room or guesthouse to
rent throughout the Mountain Communities:
In return for reduced rent I am able and willing
# guard house & property
# watch and take care of pets
# run errands as far as Santa Clarita or
# assist in cleaning and maintenance of your
house and property
# help you with computer problems
Please contact me, if you want an absolute
reliable, non-smoking, non-drinking, quiet
individual renting a room or guesthouse.
Tel. 661-487-1655