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Why Ride a Camel When You Can Ride a Harley-Davidson?
Gail D. Goodman, EdD.
Copyright Gail D. Goodman 2013

The Saluki has occupied much of my life and thoughts from the early 1970s
when I met the breed in the Middle East to the present. The internet has opened for
all of us the entire world where sighthounds are bred, hunt, and are shown. And
with the shrinking world comes expanding opportunities to acquire hounds
purported to represent an unbroken genetic chain back to the breed
beginnings....any and all ancient breeds.
Western Saluki lovers have no "bad memories" of the past in the eastern
regions of the breed. As a matter of fact, what we do is imagine the past, live it
through romantic travelogues, books, movies, we live it effortlessly and painlessly.
So, of course, we can cling to it with nostalgia and to the Salukis that link us with
it. This nostalgia inclines many people to
believe that time actually stands still in the
Most Saluki lovers, however, believe
the past is past....life is now, showing is
now, winning is now....enjoy the spotlight
now. Who cares about ragged nomads and
camels? The past is dusty old books and
blurry old pictures. An apt metaphor for
"the now" fancier, why ride a camel when
you can ride a Harley-Davidson? Why be
an anachronism when you can be a fashion

Yet the fascinating question remains,
Oman, 1960s, photo: W. Overstreet
how is it that some families of Salukis
today still look like they stepped off of a
4000 year old Tepe Gawra seal or out of a wall mural in an Egyptian Pharaoh's